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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Error while logging in to Java Console

Hi When i try to login to the windows java console to my master server i am getting an error likeUnable to login Status: 511NB-Java application server interface errorException :Java.lang.Number FormatException2589216573170312231Exception Message :258...

Catalog Backup of both Unix & Windows [5.1]

I have a NBU 5.1  environment made up of 4 Solaris servers...  1  master and 3 media servers.I just added 1 windows san media server.  And will be adding 19 more...I'm confused.....  How do I add the windows san media server to the catalog backups......

Drive Path repeated in Windows 2003 server

Hi I have a windows 2003, with NBU 5.1 is a media server,Master server is a Sun 9 when I ran the next command I get the same path in 4 drives vmoprcmd -h WinServer -devconfig -l | grep Tape4                                                            ...

duplicating media by using barcode label

I have several tapes that I need to duplicate.  I know the volume barcode id's, can anyone be so kind as to give me the exact syntax to use with bpduplicate to duplicate the tapes.  I'm going from a virtual tape to aphysical tape.  This is 5.1mp6.Mes...

Vaulting a Catalog NB6MP4

Hello, We have just moved to NBU 6.0 MP4 from 5.1 MP4 and I am running in to some problems when attempting a vault job with a catalog backup. In NB 5.1 the vault job would eject the proper data tapes AND the catalog tape to go offsite after it had fi...

The backup speed in SAN Env related to backup size.

Hi allI have one more query regarding the veritas backup. In the SAN environment I have 8 SAN media servers and 10 clients’servers.SAN setup: HDS 9570 is connected to NSC55, and from NSC55 the luns have been published to servers. NSC55 is used asvirt...

SUdhir by Level 3
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Renaming a Netbackup Master server (Windows 2003)

OK,I know this isn't supported but there must be a way to do it.... When our domain was first put into action, the powers that be, in their wisdom, decided to use a DC as the Netbackup Master server. This is inconvenient for any number of reasons. Th...

Tru64 Cluster Netbackup Media Server

Hi All, We have Tru64 Cluster v5.1. We want to install Netbackup 6.0 Media Server on these servers.As per the Install Guide, netbackup can be installed as a failover or non failover mode. In our case, we have Oracle RAC running on both the nodes. So ...

Restore from Vault duplicate copy

hi, Please let me know the steps to restore from a vault duplicated media. I have all master/media servers intact in this case.Second case i have to restore from media from master server A in location A to master server B in location B. Both have sam...

GlobalDB hostname has not been set ( MM status 4 )

Im configuring a windows media server with a Unix master server. already added media server to emm database. In media server´s device manager robot and drives are seen ( robot is in same SAN zone as Master server ). but when trying to run Device Conf...

Archive from the Server

Hi, simple question hopefully. Is there anyway to start a backup threw a policy and have it archive the data instead of the client initiating the backup?  In other words the only way i see to start an Archived backup is from the client via a manual b...

MattS by Level 6
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Restoring from cumulative incremental backups

Hi allThis is a general query about restoring cumulative incremental backups. We are using NetBackup 6.0 MP4 and are planning to switch from doing full backups every night to running daily cumulative incrementals with a weekly full backup.My understa...

Rhyno by Not applicable
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Auto retry for oracle rman backups

We are testing rman backups when scheduled thru netbackup.  I need to be able to verify thatif an rman backup fails for any reason, that netbackup will automatically retry the backup.  If duringmy test, I cancel the job, will netbackup retry the job ...

dynamic drive sharing

Hello All,I am looking at backing up my NetApp filer via NDMP and was wondering if NetBackup V5 or V6 supported NDMP DDS (dynamic drive sharing)?If so what version and what patch level do I need? Also any links to the support notes would be appreciat...

Using Scripts with Netbackup 6.0

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forums and would like to know if anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice on my current situation. Here goes, our plan is to have 2 SAN media servers that are used to host snapshotted volume mount points of our dat...

Boot Servers and SRT

Hello,Can anyone tell me if they've got a Windows NT shared resource running? Is it under a Boot Server with NT or a newer Microsoft operating system?Since we're having trouble killing off these old servers, it would help to move them to a virtual sp...

Pierce by Level 2
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