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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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changing robot control from one host to another

I have a host nbu820 that currently is the local control host for my TLD0 tape library. I want to switch contol of this library to be locally controlled by host nbu001.My thought are1) delete all of the shared drives2) delete all of the TLD0 robots t...

Ms-exchange client

We have 2 Ms-exchange 2003 SP2 on W2K3 SP1 servers with NetBackup 6 MP4 client installed.Our NetBackup Server is a UNIX version.We try to make Online backup....The administartor'guide is not very good.In the log we have somme errors11:52:52.988: <2>...

Multiplexing-Performance settings

I am looking for tuning or best practices info. regarding Multiplexing settings.Looked through most .pdf's but not understanding the best way to use Multiplexing. These are the present settings in our environment for one policythat contains 4 clients...

abundant amount of status 50 after MP4 install

Since we have installed MP4 on our master and 44 media servers, I see a large amount of status 50's popping. when searching the system event logs on the master server i see the followingThe NetBackup Job Manager service terminated unexpectedly. It h...

NetBackup Master server / Console very slow

Hello all,Suddenly my Master server became very slow, console window freezes for 5-10 minutes after any click..I tried to restart server, it didn't help. What else I could check?Netbackup 6MP4, Windows 2003.Thanks

Status code 800

I am attempting to run a phase 1 import on NB6.0, however with certain mediain my robotic library I receive the following status code 800 string:3/19/2007 12:16:37 PM - Error nbjm(pid=2344) NBU status: 800, EMM status: Media is assigned to another se...

Reservation Conflict

I encountered a Reservaton Conflict recently. I used tpconfig -l and vmoprocd to display it. I checked the manual for the correct course of action which suggested tht I use vmoprcmd -crawlreleasebyname my_drive_1 to release the reservation. It didn'...

Vaulting offsite catalog tape

Hi,We used to perform an Onsite Vault job and also an Offsite Vault job over the weekend, but due to the size of the backup the jobs started to overlap and fail and take took long etc; so we've changed the Onsite Vault job to actually do Multiple Cop...

Jam_Z_3 by Level 4
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netbackup 6 mp4 clients

Hi folks,I have just upgraded to MP4 for NB 6.0, i have successfully pushed the new MP4 client out to the solaris boxes, Im having problems pushing the linux clients out and so need the local install, more importantly i also need the local install fo...

How Configure Sotrage Media?

Hi,I am trying to configure Media on the Linux box.Linux RHEL 4.0 AS with update 4 - Kernel 2.6.9-42.ELsmp.Veritas 5.1 MPSteps followed to configure the Storage Media.# lsmod | grep sg# lsmod | grep st1) # modprobe sg2) # modprobe st3) # mknod /dev/s...

Must use local drive question

Netbackup 5.1mp6I have a storage unit group with:one Unix media server2 member Windows2003 cluster as 2 media servers.I have one policy with the real nodenames of the Windows cluster, using the storage unit group and they backup on the local drive.I ...

Peter_Jakobs by Level 5
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Simple questions on NetBackup

Hi Everyone,First of all, Please forgive me for those questions that I going to ask. I know there're too simple, but I'm from BackExec environemt and NetBackup is totally an allien to me.The story goes in this way. My company have an office in Mumbai...

SQL restore

Hello. I need help with this error. Opened up a case with Veritas and the Tech says it is beyond netbackup and is an OS issue, could be virtual memory or some tuning with SQL.I thought may be some one in the forum has experienced this error.We are ...

Too Many Jobs Active = Status 84's

Has anyone had any experience with this. It just started happening the past couple of days and tonight's Fulls should be an adventure. I have about 600 jobs that begin at 6:00 PM. I have a 20 drive library and multiplexing set to 3 per drive. Eve...

Help with bplist

root@myclient # bplist -C myclient -b -l -unix_files -s 03/01/2007 -I -PI test EXIT STATUS 227: no entity was foundroot@myclient # find / -name 'test'/usr/bin/test/var/opt/mysql/testI don't get it. Why does 'test' not come up in my bplist search, bu...

Help on selecting new server

I'm going to be purchasing a new NetBackup server soon, it'll probably be a Dell box running Windows. Does anyone have advice on what model(s) I should look at? Would a typical 2950 unit with a couple of quad core CPUs and 8GB of RAM do the trick? ...

NDMP backups of snapvault secondary volumes

I've been trying to find a way to make incremental backups of snapvault secondary volumes. Currently when we back them up it always runs as a full backup regardless of whether the schedule is a full or an incremental. I've had this explained to me ...

Restoration on NDMP fails or is slow

Hi all,When I am doing a restoration on NDMP. The process seems to hang up and the following messages appear in the NAS box logs.03/14/07 18:49:42 I aic0: Missing case in ahd_handle_scsiint. status = 0 03/14/07 18:49:42 I LQICRC_NLQ 03/14/07 18:49:42...