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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

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Adding Cleaning Tapes

Hey All, Ive put some new cleaning tapes into one of our robots by way of an inventory.Then I changed the volume pool to none. (Info I found on here, thx)But I cant add them as cleaning tapes using the Actions => New => Volumes dialogue and specifyin...

Vaulting job

HI all gurus!!pls if any one has a perl script for offsite vaulting process or can u all guide me how to build one for the same.or help me out with some steps for vaulting process with volume pool or media id's.Thanks

NOM Report downloads?

Hey All, Has anyone exported any NOM report jobs for others to download and use?But, Im after a report to give me the nightly throughput (in GB) of one of my media servers.So we can see the differences our network changes are making.I dont seem to be...

DR for Netbackup

All,My company is asking the I come up with a plan in the event of a total burn of our datacenter.If we had:We had an identical hardware and software setup in a state. We only want the mail and the oracle servers to be up and running in 24 hours.HPUX...

How Long to Read an LTO3 Tape

Does anyone have any experience with having to reread an LTO3 tape? I have a customer that's about to blow away some data and they want me to verify the media used in the last Full backup. I was going to run a Media Contents report on each tape to ...

List of Files Backed Up

We have two HUGE (2TB) volumes that should contain static data; supposedly it never changes. Over the past week, the Cumulative Incremental has picked up about 400MB, about 1400 files. The owner of the server wants to know what files are changing t...

Missing Windows Performance Counters

NBU 6.0 MP4 - fresh install on Windows 2003 SP1.Just got around to performance tuning my config today, but in perfmon under Netbackup Disk/Tape counters I've got "No instances." I thought I saw a technote on this at some point, possibly a registry e...

Backup speed from client

Hi,Does anybody know of a tool or way to test the maximum speed I can get of a client?Also, I would like to test the local speed of the disk channel on some clients.Environment is Windows 2003 with Netbackup 6 (MP4)Hope you can help!

Status 71 on Backups using ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive

On some backups using the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive the final status is: Status 71: none of the files in the file list exist. ▪ The error happens every time the backup runs.▪ The error is always the same policies. ▪ The error is always the same driv...

How would I set up a scheduled and scripted backup?

HiMaster Server: NBU 6.0MP3 w/ Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1Client: Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1Situation: I would like to set up a backup policy to backup the client machine. The policy would be scheduled; however the backup would not k...

Unix Global File Type Exclusion

I'm trying to exclude a certain file suffix from all backups on a particular Linux server. For example:Selection List: ALL_LOCAL_DRIVESExclude: *.mp3In windows, my exclusion list looks like *.mp3 but not so in Linux. I've tried:*.mp3/*.mp3\*

Symantec files

I get an error every day like this, why only Symantec files?can't open file: C:\Program Files\Symantec\bm_ruleset.2.intsig_rules. 1168203688\brightmail_ref.1168204085.0.1284 (WIN32 32: The process cannot access t...

Linux Client Patch for NBU 5.1MP6

I can't seem to find this patch to save my life. I can find everything else though... Murphy is laughing at me. Could someone provide a link to a technote with the patch? Thank you!

Tape jobs failing

01/08/2007 08:07:26 - requesting resource kalbackup-8mm3-robot-tld-001/08/2007 08:07:26 - requesting resource kalbackup.NBU_CLIENT_MAXJOBS.etq01/08/2007 08:07:26 - requesting resource kalbackup.NBU_POLICY_MAXJOBS.etq01/08/2007 08:07:26 - awaiting res...

NBU 6.0mp4 - Unable to allocate new media for backup....

"unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available(96)"Is the error message I have just received for my exchange backups.They have their own robot with six drives, and there are around 20+ scratch tapes in teh robot?How come fo...

NDMP Mounts take more than 30 minutes

Hi all,I have Libraries with native Fiber SDLT600 drives. Problem is that every mount takes more than 30 min, sometime more than an hour to complete. On the Library GUI you can see that the tape is already in the drive, but still NetBackup start trea...

How Does a New Policy Treat Differential Backups

Here's the scenario.PolicyA - SERVERA is the only clien, with Full backups on Friday and Cumulative Incrementals every day after that. On Friday, 12/29, the policy ran a Full backup as scheduled and backed up 9GB of data. On Thursday, 1/4, the Cumu...