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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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change of device host name

Hello. We are currently standardising our NetBackup naming conventions. Here's what I've done for one of our media servers: created an alias in DNS to the new name, added this to the master's bp.conf, created a REQUIRED_INTERFACE entry in the media s...

Discussion on NOM

I saw a new posting on the Netbackup digest NetBackup (tm) Operations Manager (NOM) 6.0 Maintenance Pack 4 (MP4) Getting Started Guide Revision 1 for Windows and Solaris (last updated N...

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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Adding A New Library

Here's one for the gang. I think I have it all straight in my head but I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. I have an installation of NBU 5.1, MP5, Windows. Currently there is a 4 LTO3 drive library configured. That library cannot ...

Advanced Client on x64 Windows 2003 Server - Supported?

I've been told by our Support organisation that Symantec will not support the Advanced Client on x64 Windows 2003 Server. Is anyone else using the Avanced Client on this OS in their live environment?If so, did you purchase the Advanced Client license...

Problems restoring mailfolders in exchange

Hi,I have Netbackup 6 MP3 and I�m taking mailbox backups on an Exchange 2003 server.But when Im trying to do a restore on a folder in one mailbox I get the following error:--------------------------09:44:32 (4675.002) TAR - Microsoft Exchange Mailbox...

policy-calender command

hi all,i need to find out wether a frequency or calender date is defined for a policy in command line. and store the name of the policy to a txt file. how do i use bppllist or bpplsched or any combinations to get the same.thanks all..

wigged out display

If you are using IE for viewing this forum and are getting a wigged out display then try viewing in either:Opera

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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Catalog backup

We are using Veritas 5.0. We currently are not running the Vaulting software. We do full backups daily and send them offsite daily as well. Is there a way I can send a catalog tape copy offsite each day. I would like to be able to do a manual back...

Resolved! Translating Backup ID & SQL job

What command can I run to translate the job in the SQL list in the backupjob> /TESTDB.MSSQL7.TEST.db.Test_CRM.~.7.001of001.20070205050621..C----to what would be displayed in the Catalog>verify>media id (ex. TESTDB_1170694901)Mike

Trying to import copy 2

If I sent tapes to another site to be imported, and I sent copy 2 instead of the primary copy can I do a phase 1 import and then run:.../admincmd/bpduplicate -npc 2 -backupid to change it to the primary copy and continue with phase 2 of the import?Th...

Tape not ejecting from the Drive

HiWe are usnig Netbackup 6.0 with master and media servers running on RHEL 4.0.The drive model is HP C5683AA. Yesterday's cartridge (MONDAY) got stuck in the drive and not ejectng out. The STATUS CODE DISPLAY on the ULTRIUM drive is 6. I tried to res...

vmquery -a

Hi all,our setup is netbackup 5.1 and using an stk9310 silo(silo divided logicall and controled by acs). And am writing an script to know number of tapes in the silo by using the command vmquery -a -j > /tmp/pcallmedianumber.txtnow to further expand ...

bpimport procedure, is this correct

have a large backup I need to import from a seperate another location. I will be using the bpimport to read the tapes and update the catalog.the data is spread accross 4 tapes, so my 1st step will be completing phase 1 on each individual tape/usr/ope...

Netback ndmp backup failing

I have netbackup 5.0 mp5A neo 2000 tape robot with 1 tape drive connected to the W2K server running Netbackup, and 1 tape drive connected to a Net App filer.Backups across the LAN from various servers to the robot work OKThe NDMP backup from the Net ...

Netbackup 5.1 issue with win2k3

We have problem with Netbackup 5.1 with windows 2003 server clients.Netbackup processes bpbkar32.exe and bpfis.exe are taking 100% cpu utilization in all of our Windows 2003 Servers and these process are running multiple times. Windows Event log has ...