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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

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Resolved! Translating Backup ID & SQL job

What command can I run to translate the job in the SQL list in the backupjob> /TESTDB.MSSQL7.TEST.db.Test_CRM.~.7.001of001.20070205050621..C----to what would be displayed in the Catalog>verify>media id (ex. TESTDB_1170694901)Mike

Trying to import copy 2

If I sent tapes to another site to be imported, and I sent copy 2 instead of the primary copy can I do a phase 1 import and then run:.../admincmd/bpduplicate -npc 2 -backupid to change it to the primary copy and continue with phase 2 of the import?Th...

Tape not ejecting from the Drive

HiWe are usnig Netbackup 6.0 with master and media servers running on RHEL 4.0.The drive model is HP C5683AA. Yesterday's cartridge (MONDAY) got stuck in the drive and not ejectng out. The STATUS CODE DISPLAY on the ULTRIUM drive is 6. I tried to res...

vmquery -a

Hi all,our setup is netbackup 5.1 and using an stk9310 silo(silo divided logicall and controled by acs). And am writing an script to know number of tapes in the silo by using the command vmquery -a -j > /tmp/pcallmedianumber.txtnow to further expand ...

bpimport procedure, is this correct

have a large backup I need to import from a seperate another location. I will be using the bpimport to read the tapes and update the catalog.the data is spread accross 4 tapes, so my 1st step will be completing phase 1 on each individual tape/usr/ope...

Netback ndmp backup failing

I have netbackup 5.0 mp5A neo 2000 tape robot with 1 tape drive connected to the W2K server running Netbackup, and 1 tape drive connected to a Net App filer.Backups across the LAN from various servers to the robot work OKThe NDMP backup from the Net ...

Netbackup 5.1 issue with win2k3

We have problem with Netbackup 5.1 with windows 2003 server clients.Netbackup processes bpbkar32.exe and bpfis.exe are taking 100% cpu utilization in all of our Windows 2003 Servers and these process are running multiple times. Windows Event log has ...

Error : Medium indentifier do not match

Hi !On Friday, last week, i put 4 new DLT S4 Tapes in the Quantum PX 502 library andconfigure them to the correct volume-pool and so on.At this morning (monday) on some sheduled backups i have statuscode 96.I take a look at the non.succesfull backup ...

NBU 6.0 Upgrade Question

Hi,I am upgrading an HP-UX Master & Media server from 5.0 MP5 to 6.0 MP4 and would like to start with a clean install on the master server. I am planning on completely removing 5.0 form the master, installing 6.0 MP6 and running bprecover to import ...

need help!- Please answer the exercise, it's urgent

Environment:3 UNIX Master Servers in 3 locations running Netbackup v5.1 mp51500 UNIX & Windows clients running Netbackup client v4.5 mp6 - v5.1 mp51 Storagetek L700 tape robot - 6 fibre tape drives2 IBM 3584 tape robots - 1 has 13 fibre tape drives, ...

HP-UX Itanium Master Server

I have installed NBU Master on Itanium HP-UX 11.23 server with MP4. Installation all went fine, however in the client selection list I dont see options for:1. HP9000-800,HP_UX11.232. HP9000-800,HP_UX11.11I have so many pa-risc servers as clients, the...

ACSLS control

Dear friends, We have ACSLS lib... once i logged inside the lib .then,,cmd_proc -l , After that it prompt ACSLS> , i know few commands like q drive all, q lmu .., Can anybody provide me the command troubleshoot the ACSLS lib. Thanks...

Upgrading our Exchange Cluster from Win 2000 to Win2003

The exchange team are upgrading there servers from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003.During the upgrade process they are planning to have one node 1 at Windows 2000 and the other node at Windows 2003.Netbackup is installed on the X:\ drive which is shared...

user backup fails

has anyone seen this error?when you initiate a user backup on SAP, it fails. I got this log from /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/backint/log.020307************************************************************************************************oracle/DEV/sa...

891074300 by Level 3
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Script to trigger Vault profile!

Not to good with using the scripts provided by Netbackup. After a backup completes successfully, I would like backup_exit_notify.cmd to start a vault session automatically on a vault profile. Since the backup end times can vary, don't want the duplic...

Tape Drive are showing mixed mode

Hi, We have ACS Tape lib and drives are configured in SSO. From GUI Device monitor ,one of the Tape drive is showing control, instead of ACS.. Can anyone faced same problem ...pls advice me how to proceed this issue...Thanks in advanceRockey

installing MP4 on NBU6.0 error

I have installed MP4 on hundreds of boxes and this is the first I have seen this message:"Ths VERITAS Maintenance Pack install was interrupted before it could be completed.""Ths" is not a typo....that is truely what comes up.I have uninstalled the cl...