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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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ADD New Media server to existing master server

Hi,I am trying to add a new media server to my master server.i was having two master server sepratly .i change one of this as media server by changing the server property and select the master server in media server and added the media server in mase...

80.000.000 small files: How to backup?

Hi,We have a SAN attached server which has a LUN with well over 80.000.000 very small files.I'm wondering how to backup this one, and would like your input on this.The SAN is a Dell/EMC Clariion CX380 (4Gbps) and the LUN is on a Windows 20003 server ...

Immediate Expiration of DSSU Images

Is it possible to configure a certain DSSU to remove images from the disk drive as soon as they are destaged to tape? I'm planning backups and capacities and in many cases, there is little or no benefit to having data sit on DSSUs for potential rest...

Advanced client install help

On which of the 18 CDs that I have as part of NetBackup 6.0 is the install directory for Advanced client for windows? I just can't seem to find it.

Hot or Cold catalog backup?

We recently upgraded our backup software to NetBackup 6.0MP4.I have been thinking about moving to Hot catalog backups. Is this recommended or should I stick with cold catalog backups?If you lose the DR recovery file can you still recover a hot catalo...

SERVER entries limitiation?

Hello,Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of SERVER entries that can be specified (or rather are read) in a unix client's bp.conf or Windows registry?Thanks.

Solaris 10 tuning

In Solaris 10 the facilities are either automatically configured or can be controlled by resource controls. Facilities that can be shared are memory, message queues, and semaphores. I checked the Backup Planning and Performance TuningGuidethis is whe...

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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6.0 MP4 Windows Java Timezone Update (US)

Workin on updating NBU to the new Timezone change in the US and following the documentation below...For Solaris, Linux, and Windows systems go to: a. Under the Installation section, select the link ...

Import + duplicate problem

I am trying to duplicate images from an imported media but bpduplicate is ignoring all the images with the message below. 11:48:52 INF - Skipping copy 2 of backup id serverA_0963493568, is not required copy 1.11:48:53 INF - Skipping copy 2 of backup ...

Netbackup and DR

helloputting together the plans for our DR site.Was planning on doing the following for recovering our Netbackup backups.Install Netbackup on a DR server (attached to a standalone LTO3 drive)use the DR generated with the catalog backup to restore the...

how to config tape drives on NDMP media server

Hi All,How could I add 1 tape drive in NDMP media server (this media has 5 tape drives (one dedicated for NDMP and rest for Non-NDMP), this netbackup system is 5.1, running on SSO and attachs with ACS robot. Anyone know how could I reconfigure ACS ro...

No connection try, since last night

Hi !Since last night i have a problem, like a sharp knife that cuts the network cable.All network connections are Ok, the nic is OK, telnet ping and so on works good from server to client and from client to server.Here is the log from monday :22.01.2...

Issues with SAP, NB and tru64

hi,I am having an issue with SAP agents..I have NB enterprise server MP4 n windows and a cluster of alphas running SAP on TRU64...I have installed the agents, the licences and all but everytime I try a backup with the SAP policy, it returns an error....

891074300 by Level 3
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STATUS 6 error when backing up an SQL Database

Hi Guys,My set up is: Master Server - Windows 2000 Server + NBU 5.0 mp4 + Media Server of the same set up, with all clients on NBU 5.0 mp4.For the last few evenings I have been having a problem backing up one database on an SQL 2000 Server. The SQL s...

bperror command Segmentation Fault

HI,When i run the following command it gives me Segmentation Fault./opt/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bperror -U -backstat -columns 50 -hoursago 24STATUS CLIENT POLICY SCHED SERVER TIME COMPLETEDSegmentation Fault - core d...

Importing Backup Exec tapes into Netbackup?

Current environment:Windows 2003 SP1; Netbackup 6.0 MP3; ADIC i500 library with (4) LTO3 drives connected via SAN.Legacy environment:Windows 2000 SP4; Backup Exec 9.1; HP MSL5000 with (2) SDLT320 drives connected via SAN.I'm trying to import tapes fr...