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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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New Install on Master Server

We're getting a new backup tape library and server. I wanted to know if I can make the new server a "Parent" Master Server. Then make the current master server a "child" master server. I don't know if that can be done.Or do I have to just create a...

What command will show clients and ip address

I'm thinking this is an easy one, but I'm not able to find the answer. I'm trying to find a NBU command that will show me all my clients and their respective IP addresses. So, who's first? My guess is either Dave Parker or Chia Tan Beng will trium...

Push client install

Hi,I have NB6.0 MP3 as a NB server win2003.If I do a remote (push) from that server to a windows client, what happends?Is it ok to do a remote install at all?If it is, will the client also be at MP3?/joe

NBU 5.x to NBU 6.0 non failover cluster upgrade

When performing an upgrade of two non failover cluster nodes from NBU 5.x to NBU 6.0 MP3, which have an app_cluster virtual name configred within EMM, is it necessary to run the "nbpushdata -add" from the node hosting the application, and then failov...

h_m by Level 6
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HI@ll,sometimes one or more streams of our sql-backups fails with NB-error-code 6.A few minutes later the same job runs again without error.Here�s the dbclient-Log:18:56:16.515 <16> readCommFile: ERR - timed out after 900 seconds while reading from ...

Backup speed/throughput question (these are fun!)

G'day all,we're having some fun trying to figure out where our bottleneck is in our backup environment; in particular backing up our NetApp NAS box.Our master server is 5.1MP5 on 2K3 Ent Ed SP1 with 8GB RAM, dual 3.0GHz single core CPU's (HP DL580 G2...

6.0 mp4

It is now listed as a download but there are not any files. Getting closer.

Email Notification

I had Netbackup 5.1 running on Solaris 8, but have recently upgraded to Netbackup 6.0 MP3 running on Solaris 10. When I was using 5.1, I received email notifications every time a catalog or data backup finished. With 6.0, I receive email notificati...

RMAN restore failure

According to NetBackup the restore completed successfully. But i noticed the size of the restore stuck at a certain point then finished about an hour later. This was the error we got in Oracle...ORACLE error from target database:ORA-00600: internal e...

how to denied to restore on master server

Hi All,I have question, how could I denied to restore on netbackup master server (/) because I had a problem in last night, they (help desk) restored some file on netbackup master server (/), that cause root filesystem goes up to 100%.I check in mast...

T_N by Level 6
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Status 120 on catalog backups after server migration

I 'migrated' master servers and everything is working great (finally). The only issue is not being able to backup the catalogs using the normal methods.I think I need the command line to reconfigure the backups of the catalog, but I can't seem to fin...

Help: Expired images remaining on disk

I have backups that expire out of the catalog; however, the images are still left on disk. Has anybody seen this before? Can somebody also point me to which logs I should be looking at for troubleshooting?When I run bpexpdate -deassignempty I'm get...

how to reuse catalog backup tape expired

Hi All,Anyone knows how to reuse catalog backup tape, because I want to reuse catalog backup tape expired to backup another backup (like filesystem), thanks.Tom

T_N by Level 6
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Catalogue broken, tapes expired, how to restore?

Hi!If someone has accidentally removed the following folders, as an example :D:\VERITAS\NetBackup\db\images\\1156000000\... etcThis would then expire a load of media suddenly from the database?This appears to have happened, it also appears to have ha...

Jam_Z_3 by Level 4
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Restoring from an expired tape

Hi,I need to restore 20 days old backup media which is expired. I have imported the images from the tape as per phase 1 and 2. I also placed the proper tape in the proper slot in the robotic library. This backup is executed from the client running Wi...

the drive is not active r not operable

hi everyoneim venkatesh im very much new to veritas,im remotely assisting backup for clients from india. i dont physicaly involve with servers n tape drives etc (im working remotely from india) im handling few servers n when i check with device monit...

Activity Monitor

This sounds like a real stupid question but I can not increase the period of the jobs kept in the Activity Monitor.I have looked everywhere but the only thing I found was Keep Logs but that is not it. Any job that is older than 3 days gets deleted bu...

Remote Administration Console Setup hangs

Installing the Remote Administration Console on Windows XP. for Veritas Netbackup V 6.0. The manual suggests to use the "install server software" prompt from the Netbackup server software for windows CD. On selecting this option, the software hangs a...

T_Ballard by Not applicable
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Disk Storage Unit - Maximum Concurrent Jobs

I have 2 10TB sata arrays configured as storage units. What is everyone else doing in this situation? or in any similar situations regarding maximum concurrent jobs? Is there a formula to figure out the best possible config.?

Is anyone here VCP/unix?

I have taken one Windoze exam and one unix exam. I think I will get the VCP/windoze and I am thinking of getting the VCP/unix just to do it.I was wondering if anyone bothered with the VCP/unix since it takes an additional exam?