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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Crossing Mount Points in Windows 2003 ???

Sorry, I originally posted this in the wrong spot. I took over the NetBackup environment.Currently, one of our policies for a single 2003 server does NOT have cross mount points checked. The policy crosses all mount points while performing the back...

bperror command does not yield any info on some clients?

I have a script that I run every morning to send out emails to end users regarding the status of backups from the last 24 hours. I use the bperror command to pull in the info:bperror -U -hoursago 24 -columns 300 -all -clientbperror -U -hoursago 24 -...

Installing NOM

Anyone get this error when installing VxSSVRTSatSetup:Postinstall configuration failedRetry configuration using vssconfig.exe.Message was edited by: Tim Miller

NIC problems after recovering a DC

Hi,Just recovered a DC to a test server and the NIC's won't come back. Under Device Manager, Direct Parallel and WAN Miniport (IP) have yellow exclamation marks beside them, informing me that "Windows could not load the drivers for the device (Code 3...

Error 43 backing up Exchange 2003

This is a backup of exchange and I get an error "the client and server handshaking was not correct" Status Code 43...have any one of you ever seen this. I did an extensive search but I haven't come across this.I get the following:10/17/2006 9:29:2...

Cannot start rdevmi process for remote shared drive operations

Hi All,I get error messages in /var/adm/messages:Oct 17 08:48:43 wmprpt1 last message repeated 1 timeOct 17 08:53:57 wmprpt1 ltid: Cannot start rdevmi process for remote shared drive operations on host cvgedw1-0, cannot connect to vmdOct 17 08:59:12...

T_N by Level 6
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Proper Steps to Recover a Domain Controller

Hey guys,What are the appropriate steps to recover a domain controller?Here's what I think I know:- Restore SyState in full- When restoring systate, do not restore AD-Run the Directory Services Restore Mode on bootup- Start NBU services once server i...

Hopefully easy questions....

Netbackup 6.1 sp3.Question 1: I want to backup some data directly to tape and some to disk. Then I want the disk to destage as an append to the tape that was directly backed up to. I can't find where to make the directly backed up tape appendable.....

NetBackup 5.1.5 - failing to mount media.

I created a new policy using a existing volume pool, but everytime I try to run this new policy it tels me that it fails to mount media as it is in a down drive or moved.The tape is there, no drives are down, and I have already deleted and re-envento...

Dedicated drives

Hi,We are planning to assigned three drives to four Server without creating storage unit/ Media Server.Can you please guide me through this?thanks

New media servers before 6.0 upgrade

I'm about to implement a new master and 2 new media servers before I upgrade to 6.0. I have had a support call with Veritas about this upgrade and think I'm ready with the new master but I have a few questions about my media's. The 2 new media server...

NDMP Exclude behavior ...

Hi folks,We're getting ready to turn they key for NDMP for a huge portion of our data set.Just wondering what the best route is for excluding dirs/files.I've seen the SET command being used in the Backup Selection list in the docs ... but this method...

job through put lower than expected

It seems we can only get 16mb/sec on any of our jobs. I have check all our fiber connections and it seems to be a netbackup bottleneck.We are running NBU 6.0 MP3Windows master serverUnix Media ServerUnix ClientsAre there any settings In NBU that I sh...

What is "bprsh" utility for?

Hello,I came across this tool and want to know how to use it.I suppose it is some kind of undocumented tool since I can't find it's description in NetBackup Command reference.Thank you very much in advance.

Error in Robtest

Hi ,While moving a media from Slot to drive using robtest(TLD lib) utility it is giving this error,move_medium failedsense key = 0x4, asc = 0x53, ascq = 0x0, MEDIA LOAD OR EJECT FAILEDInitially drive is un DOWN mode, i made it up and moved the media....

Mathews by Level 4
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Need your help - a rather unusual duplication process?

Guys, I am new to this thread and I would be appreciative on any input I can get.What we are trying to do is move a number of media/tape to another media server (02) and do the duplication there. The understanding here was that we need to lessen the ...

How to push MP5 to Windows clients in unattended way

Hello,We have over 200 Windows clients running NB 5.1 MP 4 and would like to upgrade them to MP5. I suppose there should be some utility to porform that or it can be accomplished via group policy. How can we do it in an unattended way?Thank you ver...