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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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EMM database error (196

Hope anyone can help me with this problem.I get the following error when I try to add new media or to inventory the robot: EMM database error (196). It does not affect storage unit, policies and I can run daily backup on disk. Problem is that I take ...

Available_media Script Problems

Hi All,I normally use the available_media to change media in the library. Recently, one of my media server was offline and I tried running the script. It hanged and I canceled the process by pressing cltr + C. Since then, every time I try to run the ...

Mysterious crashes of W2K3 clients

Good afternoon,We're seeing some sporadic crashes of some of our Windows 2003 clients (all on NBU 5.1 MP5; Master server is also 5.1 MP5) lately. It appears that the backup job kicks off, starts the Volume Shadow Copy Service on the client and then ...


Has anyone, who is running nbu 6.0 on windows, ran into an issue with multiple (45 to be precise) instances of the bpstsinfo.exe process running? I'm thinking this is not normal. I'm running mp3 of 6.0. Any ideas? They are appreciated.

Netapp backup performance

Just took a new jon where folks before me use Netapp's for EVERTHING.Doing B/U's over NFS version 3 mounted to the Media Server.Getting horrible performance (less that 1 MB/sec) on really small files; getting OK performance for a Netapp (13 MB/sec) w...

Process Flow during Backup under Windows

Hi, Does anyone have a tech document which describes the full process flow for a backup under NetBackup in a Windows Server 2003 environment ? I'd like a document which describes the services/processes which run on the Client, the Media Server ...

Problems after upgrade to NBU6.0

Hello everyone,I have recently upgraded our backup solution from NBU5.1 MP4 for Solaris to NBU6.0. Since then i'm having some problems that were never present in the previous version. I'm having random 41 status codes on Windows Clients running Windo...

Problem repalce a drive

Hi, I seem to end up in a real mess every time I have to replace a serialized/sso 9840 drive, in NB4.5 this was no problem at all, just run the wizard and all was ok, now I have 1 master at NB6MP3 and 1 mediaserver with NB6MP3 and 1 mediaserver at NB...


I need some help on Command Central Service.My cleint is running Command Central 4.2 and they want to upgrade to Command Cetral 4.2 FP1.Please could you tell me where could I find the media for 4.2 FP1 because I see you cant download it from the webs...

Louis_van_der1 by Level 3
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NBU 6 logs

NetBackup 6 creates logs at /user/openv/logs ( in addition to /usr/openv/netbackup/logs . . .)This behavior cause my server to stop working; df -k show 100% utilization of /.As far as I know this is new behavior of NBU6.How can I disable logs on /us...

Backup notification emails

I have setup the backup_notify.cmd script to email me the status of backups, but they are next to useless.Is there any way to get more information out of NetBackup via this email functionality.If a backup was partially sucessful I want to know why. W...

SQL Server File Backup

Does it matter that the following files are not being backed up during the 'file' backup on our SQL server.We run a successful MSSQL backup every night with the MSSQL add-in.Do you recommend excluding them from 'file' backup altogether, or leave them...

Old Policies

Is it best to keep old retired policies or do people generally delete them. I am trying to clean things up and am wondering if there is any reason to keep the old policies. I cannot think of anything but I figured I would throw this out there.Thank...

Netbackup Licensing

What is the exact purpose of the SSO licence?Would you have one SSO licence per drive thats shared between your Media Servers? Or one SSO licence per Media server sharing a driveWere planning on upgrading our Netbackup infrastructure, by adding an ad...

Help with error 156

I'm getting the following in my job detail...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....08:57:12 - Warning bpbrm (pid=20479) from client joe-exchange: WRN - Content Indexing Server: unable to ...

Disk Storage Unit Full Error

Hi,We have Netbackup 6.0 with MP3. We have setup Disk Staging Storage Unit and staging schdule is also configured. We have 3 DSSU like this and one of the DSSU fails with the error code 129, disk storage unit full.The only difference btn the DSSU is,...