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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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NBU 6? Should I Upgrade?

I've read some of the posts from the past and I'd like to hear some up-to-date opinions. I run exclusively Windows servers and I just implemented one VMS client but other than that one client, the other 600+ clients are Windows. I'm getting close t...

LTO2 Tapes in a LTO3 System

I'm setting up a new media server for one of our companies, and they have a bunch of old LTO2 tapes they'd like to use in our LTO3 library. I had hoped I'd be able to configure a special Storage Unit just for the LTO2 tapes, but it appears I cannot....

Missing backups and images

I did some backups with a two year retention. I happened to be in the Restore tool and noticed that some of the backup jobs were not showing (green dots) but others were. I looked in Activity Monitor to verify that the jobs had run and they did (st...

Moving images from one master server to another - Advice

I am planning to move all my backup images from one master server to another master. I will keep all my images and media information on my current master server but turn off the entire backup polices and keep all the drives down.When I move an image...

nbsl daemon

Hi all,We are having nbsl daemon problem on Veritas Netbackup 6.0. It stopped automatically every 5 mins after we manually started it.Having this nbsl stopped, we are unable to view contents under media category (eg. volume pool, volume groups...etc)...

Symantec Moderation for Netbackup Forum

All,I don't know if this will help, but maybe if a bunch of people put there thoughts in this posting, Symantec might take notice and actually moderate this forum.

AKopel by Level 6
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Resolved! media problems

I have some old media that have gotten lost in some sort of purgatory. My media manager has them listed in my robot. However I can't seem to get any reports on them. I did a vmquery -deassignbyid after bpexpidate wouldn't work. That put it int...

Expiring Catalog Tapes

NBU Version: 6.0 MP2Platform: Solaris 9I need to expire some vault catalog tapes but bpexpdate doesn't do the trick. Any ideas?Troy

Backup Sizes // Informational 4.5 Maximum Sizes per backup Backup size: 1 Tera Byte File Size: 1 Tera Byte File System Size: 1 Tera Byte (per backup)Number of Files: 2 billion NetBackup(tm) 5.0 Maximum Sizes ...

about informix backup,backup is fail,help me

about informix backup,backup is fail,help meif i set the LTAPEDEV to /dev/null,backup is fail .Logical Logs will not be backed up / salvaged becauseLTAPEDEV value is /dev/null how i set this env?Message was edited by: ekin ge

ekin_ge by Level 3
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Ejecting tapes from IBM 3584

I'm trying to run a script to eject tapes from IBM 3584. It loops thru an array ejecting one tape at a time but the process is hanging after each tape. The syntax I'm using came from another system:vmchange -res -m n00385 -mt hcart2 -rn 0 rc1 424 -...

Odd error is messing up whole NBU system

We've placed a call with support, but they are being rather slow at getting back to us. For the last several days our whole system has been acting slow, and at night the queue seems to be overwhelming our system We are running 5.1MP5 on our master ...

Windows x64 bit clients

Hello,I am experiencing difficulty installing the 64bit client for Netbackup. Just to be sure I am doing it correctly, I am installing the base 5.1 client software, and then patching it with a 64bit edition of the Patch MP4. I got this to work on o...

Restore of Cumulative Incremental Backup Hangs

I posted a query 2 months ago regarding issues restoring data from flashbackup cumulative incremental backups. I am still having serious problems restoring data from these backups, I have logged a call with Veritas support but as yet no resolution. ...

Trying to find NBU 5.1 install files

Hey there,I'm trying to locate the netbackup 5.1 installation files and the mp3a update for Linux. Anyone know where I can get those files? Any help is appreciated.

MASTER/MEDIA Servers Scenario

Has anyone heard of a GrandMaster Server to Master/Media server scenario in NetBackup? If so, can you direct me to the correct source. Basically, we have 2 sites, and on each site, we have a Master/Media server scenario. We're thinking of eliminating...

Encryption in Backup Exec

Can anyone at Veritas speak about this published statement made by Mike Adams of symantec? "Symantec has encryption on its roadmap for Veritas Backup Exec for the second half of 2006"reference:

Volume Groups in NB 5.1 MP4

Hello to u all,Does anyone knows why NB 5.1 (MP) for Windows makes a extra Storage Group. We use Vault and it looks like that Vault creates an extra Volume Group.Our configuration contains two ADIC 2000i scalar robots and one of them is used by Vault...