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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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How to find out whether the tape is write protected ?

Hi,Does any one know how to find out whether the tape is write protected or not from netbackup admin console?Normally we can check physically for a notch but how do we find if we have 6000 slots in the library we can check all the tapes physically.Ve...

NBU 5.1 Relocate images on tapes

Hi all,I've recently been encharged of the netbackup solution on my work place, i am trying to put some order obaut the use of tapes and policies that were not usefull, while doing this i came up with several tapes eing full with images that has a re...

NBU 6 w NT4 and Exchange 5.5

Hi,Our original desgign was to have the Exchange Server (NT4, Exchange 5.5!) as a SAN media server but we'd sort of forgotten it was such an old system. Can an NT 4 box be a SAN Media server?I imganie that it won't run the 6.0 client either (both fil...

NBU 6 - Installing Media Servers

Hi,This is really basic stuff but I'm try to clear up 1 or 2 things with Windows (Server 2003 and Server 2000) installation.I have installed a Master\Media (Enterprise License) Server and applied MP2. I then install a Media Server. Should I expect th...

Maintanance pack

Hi, Can anyone please tell me where can i download the MP6 for Veritas Netbackup Version 5 for windows 2000 server?Thanks selva

Mathews by Level 4
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Creating Virtual lib

Hi, If we dint't have any physical storage units, Can we able to create Virtual Storage units( Virtual Drives, Tapes) ? I know we can locate a Storage location in part of the Hard disk , but Can we able to mention or partition those Hard disk space ...

Mathews by Level 4
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Req: Help with cleaning questions & possibly configuration.

I'm trying to setup a cron that will check the usage hours of my drives and if one drive has more than X amount of hours then I want to initiate a cleaning for that drive.Trying to figure this out has led me to a question or two...I know I can list t...

NetBackup only back up the folders but NO files

Hi, we work with Windows 2000 servers and VERITAS NetBackup Version 5.0MP2 on a special server, designed only for the backup-jobs. This "backupserver" is so configured (over policies) that all other servers will be back up automatically. All server-b...

NetBackup v6.0 Issues

Hi There,I recently upgraded a customer to v6.0 MP2 from v5.1 MP4. I had a few niggling issues with nbpushdata but I got past these and everything went according to plan.But now after the upgrade I'm finding some servers are not starting at all accor...

Tim_Rae by Level 3
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SQL Server Agent: Anyone using it?

Is anyone using the NBU SQL Server Agent to backup your SQL servers? If so, how do you like it, what features are you using with it etc. If you don't use it, what are your reasons? Currently, with our SQL 2000 environment, everything is on local atta...

AKopel by Level 6
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Finding a backup image in the Catalog

Hello all,I'm trying to find a backup image in the catalog screen. I know that I have a backup of a particular server done on Dec 31st 2005. I can run Advanced reporter reports that show that this server was backed up. What I think is that this may...

Stubborn NetBackup 4.5 Media Write Error (Status 84)

Hi,I have been stuggling with our tape backups for a while. We are using a Dell PowerVault T128 with an HP Ultrium LTO-1 drive. Lately, all my regular backups keep failing with status 84 (Media Write Error). The Netbackup logs report a CRC error a...

Regular "exclude dates"

NB 5.1 MP3Hi,Is it possible to have regular exclude dates? For example, a backup schedule (calendar based) that says backup every Friday with the exception of the first of every month? I could simply add in every individual exclude date (via a batch ...

Resolved! can't get Vault to email report(s)??

I'm currently running NBU6.0 MP2 on Windows 2003. I'm setting up Vault to eject tapes for offsite storage. I'm able to get tapes ejected but can't seem to get Vault to email the reports.I have added my email account to Vault Management Properties, G...

Archiving Catalog and Restores

I am using NB 5.1 MP4 in a Windows environment and I want to know if anyone is using Catalog Archiving. We have backups with Infinity retention which will probably never require a restore. But in case they do, I want to know what the restore proces...

nbproxy shows high CPU usage

Hi,I have NetBackup 6.0MP2 installed on the master server which also happens to be the media server (an RHEL AS 4 server). The client is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, and the requirement is to backup a directory containing several sub-directorie...

Buffer query for Windows (NT) (5.1 MP2)

Hi, I am trying to fine tune the buffer configuration for an oldish NT client being saved via a gigabit dedicated network to a W2K Media server with LTO1 SSO drives.However I cannot get client side bpbkar logs to display any "delayed" buffer messa...

Resolved! Disk Staging the Catalog Backup

I listened to the 3 minute blurb about disk staging in class and thought I knew it all but it appears I completely missed the boat. I setup my catalog backup to write to a folder called R:\NB Disk which is located on one of my Windows Media Server. ...