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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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trying to script some stuff with bpmedialist, to show all media with retention level of x, it shows all media, even tapes that have been removed from the library, have tried using -rn (robot number) to try and display only tapes in the library, but i...

Hints for DP-022W

Hi, I am going to take exam on DP-022W next month , i gone through the System admin guide and troubleshooting procedure guide..., can anyone give me the hint or idea about the books which needs to refer for DP-022W exam and if it is in pdf format ...

Mathews by Level 4
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Frequently occuring error codes

Hi , I gone through all the 254 error codes with explanations and solutions....... Will anyone please tell what are all the error codes will frequently occurs in real time environment(veritas) and what are they..... because i will concentrate more o...

Mathews by Level 4
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DSSU problems after migrating to MP4

After migrating Netbackup Ent server 5.1 MP3a to MP4 on W2k3 servers, we have some problems with DSSU. We get errors like 191 and 134 with server recources busy. So the diskstaging is not completed correctly. We tried to tune this behavior with MAX_S...

IBM 3584 Library - Excessive Cleaning

Has anyone encountered issues where they saw excessive cleaning of their LTO3 drives? We've got an IBM 3584 with twelve ULT3580-TD3 (Ultrium-TD3) drives that is SAN-attached and we use Imation media. We're burning through cleaning media like there'...

Tuning Network Data Buffers

Hi,I've got one client server that on some mornings is still running its backup, so I have to cancel it. I've checked the BPTM log on my Master Server for "waited for full buffer" entries for this client. One of these entries shows "write_backup_comp...

netbackup command line & date format

have been attempting to script some stuff with bpimmedia scripts, unfortunately, it uses the american time format of mm/dd/yyyy, instead of european format, is it possible to use european dates? (server regional settings configured as english UK)

system state backups

Hi,I'm pretty new to Netbackup so please have a bit of patience (initially, anyway) :)I've got a few questions about System_State backups:- Does system_state include DHCP and DNS information? For Active Directory environment, the DNS will probably be...

upgrade old client

I have a new server that test ok with old client that both are unix. Do I install new software on client? Do I need to save parts of old client before being new client?

Resolved! Using the BPPLCLIENTS command

Hi,I am running Netbackup 5.0 MP4 with Windows 2000. I have used the bpplclients command from my master server to create a list of clients. What I would like to do is create a list of ACTIVE clients along with the POLICIES that each client belongs to...

OpenVMS Client

We have 550 Windows clients and 8 Windows Engineers and 1 OpenVMS server and 2 VMS Engineers; go figure. Anyway, my boss wants me to back up the VMS server through my Windows NetBackup server. Does anyone have any documentation on how to do this? ...

new master - old client

hello and thank you for helping in advance. I have sever with the old version being run. I have new server but want to test with client. Client has old version. How am I to set client to new server.

install netbackup client MP2

with the relase of MP2, does that mean that any client installed from the standard source CD needs to be updated? how is that done? by just running setup.exe from the extracted MP2 files?

frequency or scheduled backups

hellohad a strange problem where none of my backups ran over the weekend (still testing netbackup, so no major issues), i suspect it was because thered been a manual run of a weekly and daily backups, which stopped the scheduled jobs runninghowever, ...

Question about expired tapes

We are currently vaulting amongst other things and I had a quick question. On certain tapes we have them suspended for 3 months after having been written to. However after these images have expired and the tapes have been unsuspended that remain in...

Policies Missing from Activity Monitor

Hi,Problem I have is with scheduled policies all of a sudden disappeared from the Activity Monitor (GUI).All policies have been running fine for quite some time now and appeared last on Thursday last week, and today they are not.Ran bppllist to check...