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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Online Catalog Backup / upgrade NB51_MP4 -> NB60_MP1

hello,Does anybody of you has made the experience that the Online Catalog backup doesnt work after upgrading to Netbackup 6.0 MP1.In earlier releases the offline Catalog backup worker very well but we want to make online backups that�s also a reason ...

Lost media server's tapes after media server upgrade.

We have ran into a problem with the media. After the media server upgrades the tapes arent listed as assigned to the newly build media server. Only tapes assigned are ones since the rebuild.When you rebuild multiple media servers, are or aren't the ...

configure tapes and robot

Hi,I need to configure many Netbackup servers by script, i.e. by using a command line.I need to configure the robot and the drives attached to the Netbackup server, as it was configured "automatically" by the wizard.Can you advice how to do that ?

NBU 6.0 license

Hi,I'm new to Veritas NBU 6.0I'm going to have these 2 licenses:- 1 Server,v6.0,License Tier 2- 1 Library Based Tape Drive Support,v6.0,License1. Does Server license also support 1 library tape drive? So our system can support up to 2 tape drives?2....

read access over san to beat network speeds?

I am getting a Sun 890 to replace my E4500 soon. STK has declared thatmy tape drives are wearing out to soon because we are not sending enoughdata to the drives to keep them moving.With this new machine, it would conceivably be possible to use the SA...

Unable to delete VSPCache300.VSP

I am unable to delete a 31.9 GB VSP file due to a sharing violation. I have stopped the netbackup client service and all symantec AV services with no success.Exact error message:Cannot delte VSPCache300: There has been a sharing violation.The sourc...

LARGE Backups Spanning Days

I have a Microsoft Cluster that has one virtual node with 8 volumes each holding about 600GB of small image files. The folder structure is deep and combined with the size of the image files, this is NetBackup's worst nightmare. I have tried configu...

storage units

have 2 media servers, one library, 2 separate storage units for each media server, backup jobs pick for one media server will pick up media from the scratch pool, even though theres still enough space on tapes which had been used by the oter media se...

How can I do a Manual backup for Oracle with a script

Hi,I'm trying to do a backup with a Policy (type oracle) and a script. I run the script, and it is OK. It connect with Netbackup and the backup is OK. But when I indicate the script in the "Backup Selections" in may Oracle Policy, and I run the manua...

System State restore accident

Hi everyone,We have a potential nightmare, someone managed to restore a full server backup (C: + System State) from one server on to a different destination server.The destination server is now still running, but boot files have changed and we know t...

Jam_Z_3 by Level 4
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Sharepoint 2003

Anyone have try to backup sharepoint 2003 with NB6 MP1 ?If yes, can you share your experience, please ?

nbpushdata -add error message

I am upgrading to netbackup 6.0 in a test environment before proceeding with our production netbacup server. When I try to populate the emm with the nbpushdata -add command, I receive the following error message:EMM interface initialization failed, ...

Is it possible to restore from multiple tapes at once

We are backing up a DB2 EEE database across one coordinator node and three data nodes, each of which is a media server. We run multiple streams to multiple tape drives I want to perform a full database restore. Is it possible to have many tapes in ma...

GroupWise, Netbackup 5.0 MP6, & TSAFS.NLM

I am trying to setup Netbackup to start backing our GroupWise Server (6.5 SP1) on a Netware 6.0 SP3 box. Currently we have 4 post offices and 1 domain. I have not found much info on setting up targets and policies pertaining to using TSAFS.NLM rath...

Unable to connect to the Netbackup Service Layer Service

I get the error message after opening the Administration Console. All I did was click on the MEDIA. After 15 minutes this message comes up: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Scripting Maximum Job Time?

Is there an easy way of scripting the termination of a job that has hung and still in active state for over 3 days for example as opposed to manually cancelling the job within the administration console? I would like to essentially run a script whic...

Unified Logs = teh suck

Trying to troubleshoot NBU 6 with those funky new "Unified Logs" is a pain in the neck. Has anyone invented some sort of viewer for these beasts? (Other than stone-age command-line "tools" like vxlogview, that is.)

cant restore, bptm error

hiwhen attempting to restore a file, the following error is producederror bptm (pid=xxxx) found wrong backup id : client_123456 expected client_1234567error bprm (pid=xxxx) from client clientxx: UTF /filenameon windows 2003, enterprise edition

Remote NetBackup Administration Console Hangs

I have NBU 5.1 up and running fine on RHEL 3. Everything is working great except for Remotely connecting to the Administration Console. I have always been able to connect in the past without any issues. Now when I invoke the Remote Admin Console f...

emm Corba Error: (CORBA communication error(195))

hello,maybe somebody can help me.Since a few days i experience some problems when i connect to the Netbackup Administrator Console. Every time when i try to refresh or something else, i get the error: "Unable to read the Enterprise Media Manager Data...