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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Media Server license question

Hi everyone,I have a license question regarding Media Server / SSO: We have an old NetBackup Media SSO server that I want to decommission, and use the license to build a new Media SSO server. The new one will have the same hardware platform and OS ...

C_W_2 by Level 3
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NBU testign

Greetings I have setup a server in our lab and i am trying to test the upgrade from 5.1 to 6. Here is where i am atI have the catalog coppied over to the new box ( fyi different hostname the current master) When i try and do the bprecover it no worky...

Server prefrence Solaris Linux AIX ?

Hello:I am planning on upgrading our backup software to 6, AFTER changing servers. Currently its on an old Solaris box, which I originally planned on moving to better hardware and use Solaris 10. However I just wanted to ask if any of you have a pr...

vault manger down

Hi,we updated from Veritas 5.0 to 6.0 this weekend.Now I can`t start the "Netbackup Vault Manager" Service! This is the failuer what i can see in the eventlog:The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( NetBackup Vault Manager ) cannot be found. T...

Should I Upgrade to NB 6 Yet?

I am running 5.1MP4 and I am seriously considering upgrading to the latest flavor of NB 6. I saw a previous thread talking about issues but I am a 100% Windows shop so I didn't want to steal his thunder. Talk to me Windows folks out there; is NB 6 ...

Resolved! EMM interface initialization failed, status = 334

Hello,NetBackup 6.0, Windows 2k3 Master, Windows&UNIX Media Servers.I receive error "EMM interface initialization failed, status = 334" in Event Viewer on Windows Media Servers and in Messages file on UNIX media server (each 2 minutes).Consequence is...

Issues upgrading to 6.0

I had many issues since upgrading from 5.1 MP1 to 6.0MP1. Talked to Support for last 4 days... and nothing has changed.The environment:Master Server HPUX 11.11Media Servers W2k3Master is NB6.0MP11 Media Server is NB6.0MP1Other Media Server is 5.11) ...

Global exclude list for NT

All,Our NT Admin would like to know if there is a GLOBAL setting for "excluding files" that should not be backed up, he is to lazy to log into 8 servers and set it at the client.Master Server HPUX 5.1 MP2One Policy - 8 2003 Clients reside in the same...

zippy by Level 6
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sybase schedule job fails

Hi ,i am getting a strange error on this machine. When ever the script on the client machine had been modified or any kind of network issue happens the schedule job fails, however when i kick off manually it works fine. But the schedule jobs never ru...

NB6 Upgrade: nbpushdata GlobDB errors

When I run "nbpushdata -add" after upgrading my NBU 5.0 MP6 master server to NBU 6.0 MP1, I get these errors:****Processing: D:\Program Files\VERITAS\Volmgr\database\globDBEstimated time remaining will be displayed every 5 minutes.ERROR: globDB_push ...

Solaris 10 client

According to NetBackup 5.1 supports Solaris 10 starting with MP2. Media Kit contains no client for this platform, so where i can get them?

Good resources for CCService?

Anyone know of any good mailing lists or resources for CCService? I've had it for a couple months now and it's far easier to write shell scripts to get the info I need than to use CCS. However, we bought it and it has the potential to be a great to...

LTO-3 drive cleaning and NBU 5.1MP3

I have a ADIC i2k with LTO-3 (IBM) drives in it and NBU 5.1 MP3 running on RH Linux AS3 but I seem to be having some issues with drive cleaning. Some of the drives have the red 'C' indicator on the front of the drive with the amber light flashing sig...

Has anyone...............

Has anyone created Solaris Client software packages?So all that is needed is to do a pkgadd -d I would like to learn how to create these packages....Thanks....

SAN Media server demoted to client

I'm planning to take a machine that is currently a SAN media server and make him just a regular client. Is there anyway to migrate his mediadb into the master?