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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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IBM 3585 + Netbackup 5.1 MP!

Hi,Has any one faced problem with the IBM 3585 + Netbackup 5.1 MP1combination.With the delay in retreaving the tape from the CAP portand other issues ??

MayurS by Level 6
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restore AD

I' would try to make a disaster recovery of my Domain Controller.I make a full backup in the week-end and each day a differential incremental backup of my DC.If I want restored the active directory, I must use differential incremental backup or the f...

NetBackup Java Console port

Hi, I have NetBackup Ent. Server on RedHat Linux and I have tried to connect to this by remote Java Console. On my firewall I have open 13722 port, but during connection java console want to open additional randomized port (sometimes 3071, 1141, etc....

Moving Master Server to Different Server

We are wanting to move our master from a server that is non-san attached to a server that is san attached and we would like to know what all considerations are there when moving your master? what all has to be changed?This other server will have a d...

Rman and Oracle templates

How do I modify an Oracle template after creating it using the Wizard. When I tried to edit the TPL file and add a few words Instead of BACKUP FORMAT 'arch-s%s-p%p-t%t' ARCHIVELOG ALL;I addedBACKUP FORMAT 'arch-s%s-p%p-t%t' ARCHIVE...


I was just speaking to a Veritas guy and he told me that MP3 has been taken off the veritas website as it has a load of problems. I just installed it & on a load of clients! He said a new version some time this/next week will be avail....!

Tim_D by Not applicable
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Excludinf *.dbf files

In NB 5.1 Windows server there is no way of excluding files from a Unix client. If i want to exclude all the *.dbf and *.ctl files from my UNIX client what should i do.In the exlude.lst file on the unix client i have specified *.dbf and *.ctl but th...

MayurS by Level 6
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efficient Volume Pools for vaulting

I'm working on trimming down the number of Volume Pools in my NBDC4.5 environment. The goal is to speed up jobs by writing multilple Policies to a tape simultaneously and by cutting down tape load-and-unload times.Most of my polices have their own se...

Backupproblem of NDMP Server. NDMP tape drive goes down

Hi,got a problem with the backup of a NDMP server, if the backup starts it is suspending and the tape drive for ndmp is going down.Than I can up the drive but the backup doesn't continue.I checked the configuration so far but I don't found a fault.He...

Igor_B_ by Level 3
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File size changed after restore

Dear all I got a serious problem with my restored files. I backed up files on Windows 2003 Server. When I restored the file that size are around 2 GB, the actual size that was restored to my harddisk is 400 MB and unusable. Anybody who use...

LDM and error 13

When running a backup of a client an error 13 occurs. VSP is disabled on theclient but I can see in the system event log that LDM has issues:-event ID 1500 - cannot open \Device\DmControl\DmConfig: Device is alreadyopenevent ID 1503 - The Logical Dis...

h_m by Level 6
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NBU Monitoring

Hi everyone,Actually, I'm using the "Activity Monitor" to monitoring my all backups! But I don't find it complete enough! I'd like to see more informations, like the overview of all drives with backup and so on...I've tried to make my own scripts to...

Cannot Backup

In my lab i have 1 windows master server (not connect to tape backup), 1 hpux media server connect to tape autoloader. when i try to backup, error message bpsched error. anybody can help me ? whether my configuration is wrong ?

Resolved! Veritas Netbackup Datacenter how to change Media Type?

Hi,Veritas Netbackup Datacenter ver. 4.5GAI got a problem with a library and the media types of the tapes.First look at the screenshot please.So my question is how I can change the media typ from DLT3_CLN to DLT3?Please notice that I only know the b...

Igor_B_ by Level 3
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Restoring Data with Tar on Windows 2003?

Hi - I have a netbackup 4.5 FP8 master / media server running on windows 2003 std server sp 1. The 2 drives are both Ultirum 1 LTO. The media and drives are in a ADIC Scalar 100 robot. I am trying to restore data from older expired media that will...

NBU 5.1 MP3 Lotus Notes Agent Problem

Hello,we have installed the Lotus Notes Agent on RedHat 2.4. The Installation was made by the helpg from the Document Veritas Netback 5.1 for Lotus Notes (System Admin Guide).Now we have the following Error by backing up Lotus Notes.27.06.2005 14:31:...

NBAR 5.1 upgrade problem

While upgrading Advanced Reporter from 4.5x I am getting this error;=============================================This machine appears to be an inactive node of a cluster yet file VERITASnbar-db.tar.Z was found. Databases will not be restored on an i...