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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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restore a databse with different name

hey guys,Is it possible restore a database sql 2000 with netbackup 5.0 mp5 with another name?I must restore a database "test" for example in same machine but in two date.For exaple test1 at the 11 novemeber and test2 at the 12 novemeber.Is possible?T...

Mark_M by Level 4
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rman netbackup failed

Rman netbackup failed without any error in the rman log file and the netbackup gui shows it as failed backup....anyone have a better idea to resolve it.

netbackup client

Can I manage the netbckup installed on a solaris 880 box through itswindows client installed on my desktop? I am running windws XP.Thanks in advance

Intermittent down drive issues

Our environment is on NBU 4.5 with 20+ SAN media servers (Solaris) sharing 8 LTO2 drives via SSO.Certain SAN media servers regularly experience drives going up and down repeatedly. Examining the server messages file shows that there is a Reservation ...

Promoting media server to master

Can anyone advise on the procedure to do this? Our master server is being decommissioned and the media server will become the new master/media server.- Do any extra components need to installed from the binaries?- What are the catalogs/dbs that need ...

Errors using Disk Staging Feature

Hello all,I'm using netbackup 5.1 on windows server 2003. I'm trying to make use of the disk staging feature in netbackup. The backup to disk portion works fine, but when writing the data to my tape device (the destination unit for the data) it err...

NetBackup 6.0 Feature Pack 1

I heard from our Veritas rep today that Feature Pack 1 for NetBackup was released today. As expected, he can't find any documentation or technotes relating to this. Anyone else out there know of Veritas releasing anything like this or is he full of...

NetWare Backup open file issue.

I'm currently running a target backup on a NetWare 6.0 box using NetBackup 5.1mp4 for the client and master server. When it runs the backup, it give the the following:12/14/2005 9:22:12 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=5428) from client server: ERR - failure re...

NetBackup 6.0 on RedHat 4.0 with 2.6 kernel

Is it supported to install VNB Server on RedHat 4.0 with kernel 2.6, platform - AMD64/Linux64In Release Notes I saw that "Client Selection" is Linux, Red Hat2.4. Is it require to have kernel module in wersion 2.4?Thanks. Darek

Missing policy

Hi,Does anyone know if NetBackup logs activities such as creation and deletion of polices If so, which log should I be looking at? A Netbackup policy has mysteriously disappeared at my company and I'd like to find out when and if possible, how it g...

heyash by Level 3
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Robot redundancy

Does any one know solution for Robot redundancy?1. If I present the robot to Netbackup thru 2 different HBA (and different path . . .), can NBU use both of the paths ?2. can I use any other driver/software that will enable Robot redundancy?3. Can I a...

Number of Media Servers

Hello, Exist a documment to defined the number of Media Servers exist on enviropment ? I have 700 clients but one SunFire 6800 to Master and Media Server.thanks,Italo.

vault question

I'm trying to figure out vault. In doing that, I'm looking for any informationon how to plan the number of tapes I need and so on. Does the vltrun -preview tell me how many tapes I'll need, or do I haveto get out my calculator?Are there any good tech...

Server on Fedora Core 4 possible?

Hi All,I'm trying to get a Netbackup Server (5.0) up and running on a Fedora Core 4 system (kernel 2.6.14). I know it's not supported, but what the heck it's for testing purposes only.All installation went fine, but when I start jnbSA and access the ...

IBM 3580 TD2 Perfomance Issue

Hello collegaues, can anybody help?In our backup system we have 3 media servers (2 Solaris 9 and 1 HP-UX 11.11), connected through 2GB SAN with IBM 3584 L32 (5 3580 LTO2 drives). Performance of backup on all media servers only 35MB/s per drive. Seems...

Backup amount reported...

Have a real winner of a question:Should the amount backed up as shown by the bpimagelist command match that as reported by the bpdbjobs be the same amount?

Client Port Window

Hello Guys,Hope you can help me with this. Here in our environment we have Client Reserved Ports (ports between 512 and 1023) blocked on our firewalls, but we have Client Non Reserved Ports (ports between 3001 and 4000) opened. The client we want ...

why backup retry automatically?

When one backup got failed why it retries automatically? I am using netbackup 5.1 wtih RMAN.Secondly is there a way that i can start the failed backup to backup only the failed objects?Please advice ...thanks in advance.atif