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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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best way to remove tapes from a full library

This is a bad week.My library is now full. While I have vault, it isn't configured. What isthe best method to free space in a full library?I'm looking for a complete step by step procedure here, since I'm stilltoo new to netbackup to understand well...

bperror Output

Hi,Anybody have this problem before ?while I run bperror -S -routputwill only display first four characters of the recommendation ??This setup is Windows 2003 Master server 5.1 MP1 and run under Microsoft Cluster.Thanks.

Liew_WK by Level 4
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System unreachable in policoes

Hi! When some nodes are unreachanble, it seems that NetBackup 5.1 (MP3A, Windows 2003) is attempting to connect to various ports on theses servers during about 45 minutes (per node unreachable). The consequence is that the policy in which these nodes...

Merge DB Catalog

how to merge DB Catalog in master server Veritas NBU Enterprise 5.1 to DB Catalog master server Datacenter 4.5 ?please give me simple it needed to use cat_convert after merge them ? how can i do that if needed.

vmcheckxxx command.

Hi,I am trying to call NB commands from my code. There is a delay when I execute the following commands:a) vmcheckxxx b) vmphyinvCan you please specify when I could safely time out for these commands assuming that they have gone into an exception sta...

migrating solaris 8.0 to 9.0

We would like to migrate solaris 8.0 to 9.0 veritas volume manager is running on it.We have downtime to migrate.Can some one help how to do this migration.Anji

disappearing restores?

I'm still confused about my "disappearing restores".I have a policy that has been deactivated. The tapes in the pool for this policy seem to be expiring, which would normally bea good thing, but since no more backups are being made I don't want these...

_vxfivspache.tmp file

The <_vxfivspache.tmp> file is causing us a lot of problems. Several times, machines have run out of drive space. On one system currently, one of these files is 110 gigabytes.What can we do about this file?

Which ports need to be opened for client and Master/Media

I currently a client that resides on a separate network and on other networks can communicate with it. The problem with this is that we can't back up this client. I've been working with our network security people to get the firewall rules changed....

Linux NB Master server

Hi,Does NB support master server on Linux? Going by the support matrix, it does!But I installed NB50 ES on Linux 2.4 AS and have the following observations:a) The installation was very very slow (more than 1 hour)b) When I run ./jnbSA, only the Backu...

Pagefile and VSP

Our pagefile.sys is rather large and we plan to exclude it from backup. Is this a bad idea? What would be the drawback doing this?WIll turning off VSP comprise our data consistency during recovery? What can be other drawback? If someone can provide s...

634807415 by Not applicable
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Solaris 10 error 14 - file write failed

We are backing up two Solaris 10 boxes using the all_local_drives command, when we do this we receive the error 14 - file write failed on two of the mount points/system/contract - ctfs filesystem/system/object - objfs filesystemWe are running Netback...

Client Backup Failing

Master Server: Windows 2000/Veritas NetBackup5.0Client-Solaris 9.0 and NetBackup client software installed.Backup failing as backups are running with very low speed. It's 10KBPS. The library is connected to the master server is Storagetek L180. We tr...

Maintence Pack

I have installed MP5 on my server and my client.I have look that MP5 has delete last Mantence pack (2 and 3).Is it Normally? Maintence pack more recent replace the MP more old?thank'sMark

Mark_M by Level 4
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Return code 163

Hi,I am executing vmphyinv command to get the physical inventory of my library. I get a return code of 163. What does this mean?Can you also give me a reference containg all the return codes of Veritas commands?If I am executing the command on Window...

Oracle agent archivelog question

Is the NBU Agent for Oracle supposed to delete the archivelog files after a successful backup? If so, why isn't mine?..... Any answers greatly appreciated.David