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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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W2003SP1 Exchange 2003 now failing

Veritas 10 now receiving error of 'Unable to attach to a resource. Make sure that all selected resources exist and are online, and then try again.'Just started receiving this error after installing SP1 on the Exchange Cluster Server(s). One Informat...

performance tuning for NBU6.0 on a windows host

Hi all,I have installed Netbackup.60 on a windows host(master server). I don't have any media servers or clients. But here I have configured windows host as NB server and another solaris host as EMM server. I am getting very less throughput comparing...

VSP cache file-Any logs to show?

Dear all,My Windows Clients are making use of VSP during backup. VSP cache files are created during backup to cache the open/active files.There are a few cases whereby the back up failed with error 156. Likely suspect is the VSP cache file was full. ...

error while loading shared libraries:

Hi,I am trying to use the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bp command to initiate a restore on the Linux client (RedHat 3.0), and running into a missing library."./bp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared ...

Error during install

Hi,I'm trying to install the Netbackup 5.1 client on a windows 2003 server and I'm getting the following problemA pop up window appears when I hit next on the install window headed MSI11. It says NBInstDlg.DLL cannot load resdll.dll.Has anyone seen t...

Backup Exchange with NetApp SnapManager

Hi I am going to implement the NetApp SnapManager in our Exchange system.The Exchange install on Win2003 server and the storage is on NetApp filer, I am using NetBackup 4.5.The SnapManager software provides near-instantaneous hot backups - 4 snap a d...

problems reported in the reports

Hi I have a few messages constantly being produced in the logs Job ID 0 - Media Manager could not deassign media id 000008, retaining it in Netbackup databaseJob ID 0 - Media Manager error 94, volume is not in specified pool, host = jaguarthese mean ...

Exchange backup

HiIn Document ID 271858 is written, that one should create two Exchange policies to backup a Exchange instance. Example:1. Policy: Microsoft Information Store:\2. Policy: Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes:\ Microsoft Exchange Public Fo...

Java console fails after Windows 2003 sp1

Last weekend we applied Windows 2003 SP1 to our master server. We have the Java console installed on a workstation in our NOC. Since the update the Java console fails with the following error:Unable to login: status 507Socket connection to the NB-j...


Sorry if this is a repost, unable to find it.I have a Sun SL8500 with LTO2 drives and a mix of HCART2 and older HCART Tapes, The Robot is controlled using ACSLS. I am unable to Restore Data from the HCART Tapes in the LTO2 drives since they are set...

Attaching addtional Tape Device to existing server

Hi,I am having a existing master server having STK l40 connected through the scsi card.Recently i had got a standalone LTO drive which i wanted to configure to the same server. SO i connected the Standalone to the spare LVD port of my backup server. ...

MayurS by Level 6
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Anyone deploying Netbackup 6?

Is anyone deploying Netbackup 6 currently? How comfortable are people feeling about it? Are people waiting for MP1? Thoughts? I'm not seeing many postings on it yet.

AKopel by Level 6
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Manual deassign?

Hello all,Just now I got a "media id XXXXXX removed from media manager (manual deassign)" message in the Media Logs.What does it mean?No one issued a manual deassign command or anything...I am used to the "media id XXXXXX removed from media manager (...

Cancelling a Duplicate backup

Hey there! This, I hope, should be a quick question.I initiated a manual backup and on that policy I also indicated a duplicate backup to fire off as well. However, I think that this is impacting the performance of the backup. I'd like to stop the ...

Disaster Recovery Solution for Netbackup

Hello...soliciting feedback on the proposed DR configuration for netbackup....existing environment: 1 storage domain 1. Netbackup Master (Intel) and Media Servers (Intel and Unix) 2. IBM LTO 3584 Tape Library (connected via fiber)pro...

Ken_Yu by Level 2
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Alternative to SAMBA

Hello...As SAMBA is a shareware (restriction within the organization to use shareware), is there any alternative to using SAMBA (something licensed) if I were to have an HP-UX Fileserver serving windows clients.many thanks in advance!Best regards

Ken_Yu by Level 2
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