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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

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Netbackup 5.1 upgrade Oracle and informix clients

I am looking for documentation on upgrading to 5.1 the Informix and Oracle client.The agent documentation talks about the initial install but not really how to do an upgrade. Is it possible to upgrade agents(oracle & Informix) from 4.5 to 5.1 or is i...


Hi,I'm getting the following messages "inetd: bpcd from" constantly in /var/adm/messages on a media server, does any body know how to stop them and why this is happening.Thanks!Maria

restore - fails with 92

Hi I'm trying to do a restore from a backup that was done on a media server where I have set SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS is set to 262144 and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS is set to 16, but restore fails with - NO TAR header found. Any help would be very appreciated...T...

Upgrade to 5.1 in an SSO environement

We are planning an upgrade from 4.5 to 5.1 on an SSO environment with 1 master and 4 SAN media servers. The new 5.1 release supports upgrading only the master at first and then when the timing is right, upgrade the remaining Slave servers. Does anybo...

Oracle agent

Has anybody had any experience with the oracle agent? We have about 20 databases and are looking for a better way to back up the data than what we are currently doing. Mainly because there is no solid hand off between the RMan process, Netbackup, ...

Is the Media Server install on the 'Client Platforms' CD

I have a 5.1 Media Kit and looking through it I have CD's for several flavours of UNIX but the label on each of the CD's and our Unix flavour says 'Client Platforms' 'all UNIX clients'Will these CD's include installations for a Master and Media Serve...

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SSO NetWare

Can multiple Netware media servers use the same drive in an SSO configuration?

FlashBakup fails on NB 3.4

The log file is:17:27:52 <8> bpbkar process_file: WRN - /dev/vx/rdsk/rootvol is a character special file. Backing up the raw partition.17:27:52 <4> bpfsmap: INF - init_msgs: lc_messages = C, lc_ctype = C17:27:52 <4> bpfsmap: INF - lc_time = init_m...

Inline tape copy : Kill job copy 2

Hi, I have a problem with inline tape copy on NetBackup 5.0 MP3 for Solaris (2.8)When you start a inlinte tape copy job, you have a 3 jobs (1 master jobs, 1 job for copy 1 and 1 job for copy 2).I want to kill only the job copy 2.Here things already t...

Tape Compression

Hi, I have many used tapes with uncompressed format. I believed if the tape media was initialize , there are some header information being written to it. Now I want to use these tapes in compressed format but I was not able to do it. I enabled h...

Help me understand Multplexing

OK. I have 4 servers 1 MSSQL server1 webserver1 appserver1 testserverI am wondering what I need to do to mulplex the back operation. on my MSSQL server my DB is about 5 gigs, this database points to a RAID that is connected to the server that has a...

question regarding Netbackup legalities

I do not know where to post... I am looking for docs, papers anything regarding to use of the netbackup (Veritas client)Would it be possible to have a server running the veritas client collect data from another server and port all its data to the ver...


Can Any One Suggest some DUPMS for Clearing DP-023X Exam (NetBackup 5.0 for Unix). There are sample dump available on site that i have already conidered. Any valuable Input from your side will help me clearing Exam.-Vivek.

NDMP backup error 99

Here's a brief summary of the situation. We are getting '99' errors, ie NDMP problem, while backing up '/' from a NetApp filer. It goes for about 20-30mins before erroring out I checked filesystems, all OKI reduced the amount used by snapshotsI backe...

Command line to display same as in Backup/Restore/Archive GUI

Can someone provide an example command line that will display the same content as seen when browsing backups. For instance I would like to see schedule and policy used and all columns that this GUI can see,I have tried bplist with the qualifier ' -Li...

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Catalog Archive using bpcatarc

Anyone had any luck with this? I have tried it on one of my server and that took a long time to process. I t evetually finish after 10+ hours i think, and the file is only 2 gb in size. I then try it on my production box and again it took a very long...

copy old tape to new tape

Has anyone found a good way to copy an old tape to a new tape and still have the netbackup catalog become aware of the new tape? We have several old tapes that we would like to rotate onto new media.Josh