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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Lotus/Domino Backups on Domino 6.5.3

Can NetBackup be configured with error handlers to deallocate resources within an abnormal termination routine before the process finally terminates?

Viper by Not applicable
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nbsupport for AIX

I've been hunting around for the AIX equivalent of this utility: anyone know of one?

Restore after bpimport shows no backups available

This or related issues seem to have shown up in the list before but I have not found a working solution yet.I need to restore files from a backup that was interrupted before it completed its run. However this cannot be done on the original backup ser...

Disk Staging

I configured a disk that is attached to the master/media server as a disk staging device on a new storage unit.The storage unit was then added to the policy. When the job kicks off I get a message in the error log "didn't find valid storage unit vnbu...


I have this problem with netbackup 5.0 MP3 (win 2000 server sp4).I have installed a pc in a parallel forest. With my master server (my backup server) I can ping the machine in the parallel forest.I have put in file lmhost the match between ip adress ...

Mark_M by Level 4
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Vault auto-eject & reporting fail occassionally

I'm running NB DataCenter 4.5 mp2 on a Solaris 8 master server and a variety of media servers.I use Vault Profiles to send tapes offsite. The Profiles are configured for "Auto-eject"no "Skip the Eject Step"report "Picking List for Robot"and report "...

Netbackup v5.1 with OS2 Warp v4 client?

I have a NBU v5.1 environment and have been asked to add an OS2 Warp client to it. Since it appears there is no support for OS2, does anyone have any ideas how this can be achieved?For example, could I load a v3.4 client on the OS2 server, and have i...

Can not duplicate copy3 ?

Background: Solaris NetBackup Server with following device- tape library with one DLT8000 dirve- standalone DLT8000 tape drive (configure for NDMP)I can duplicate backup copy2 without any problem. However, when I try to duplicate additional copy (cop...

Backup NetApp by Remote-NDMP or Follow-NFS

- Tape library on Solaris's NetBackup Server with 2 tape drivesI start to study the method to backup NetApp, a NAS device.Method 1> Configure Remote-NDMP on Solaris host to backupMethod 2> Mount Netapp volume on Solaris host and backup as ...

Tape Drive

Hi All,I'm trying to connect a drive to server, but in JNI it picked up target 7 which NetBackup does not recognize in st.conf file, I would like to change the target 7 in JNI to another one. Does any body knows how to change targets in JNI side?Than...

RMAN and Disk Staging

Has anyone successfully used Disk Staging with RMAN?If so, how?does the RMAN script need to specify disk or sbt_tape?thanks,Mike Bauldree

Upgrading NB4.5GA to NB5.1 questions

Good day,I am interested in upgrading my Netbackup environment to NB5.1. Here is my environment as it stands today;Master ServerE450Solaris 8NB 4.5GAVault 4.5GAAdvanced Reporter 4.5GAAnd here is the future configuration;Replacement Master ServerE45...

CommandCentral Service Reports

Has anyone been able to run a tabular report that shows when the last good full backup was done?We do not want any of the earlier successfull backups to show - only the last good full for each client.

158506854 by Not applicable
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end job gracefully

When running a backup job in NetBackup 5.1, is there a way to end a job gracefully ? Rather than use the cancel job command. I have some backups that have been running a long time and I would like to have the backup job finish backing up the files it...

Cannot apply patch 4.5FP8

Hi All,Procedure to apply FP_8: - On master server - install NB_45_8_F_273937.solaris - install NB_CLT_45_8_F_273940 - install NB_JAV_45_8_F_273955 - install NB_DMP_45_8_F_273944.solaris - install Mappings_4.5_272844 - run update_clients However, ...

Down Drive

Hi All,I just add a drive to a media server that already has another drive attached, the drives are in LTO 180. My problem is I'm trying to test this drive by running a backup, however when I do that the drive does in DOWN status. The first drive tha...

Drive Down

Hi all,I just attached a drive to a server which already has a drive attached this make 2 drives but the reboot is controlled from another server. My problem is with second drive, I'm trying to test it but when I try to run a backup to the second dri...

Concord + NetBackup 4.5

I want to install Concord on my Backup Server and from there can read information from Netbackup and if needed create some tickets.OS: Solaris 9NetBackup 4.5But for that I need to have information on \var\admin\ and netbackup looks doesn’t create o...