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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! BPDBJOBS_COLDEFS and the bpdbjobs command line application

Hi there,Can anyone help me here?I am running Netbackup Enterprise Server 5.0 MP2 and wish to get some meaningful information out of the bpdbjobs command without resorting to the -all_columns options.I have read in the manual that I can specify which...

Multiple Virtual Interfaces (Clusterconfig)

Hi,we have NBU 4.5 FP6 on HP-UX Server with in this case Solaris9 Client with Oracle9/RMAN on it.On the Solaris Client there are running multiple Oracle instances, each of them with different clusteradresses.Because of accounting-reasons, we have to ...

clinden by Level 2
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NB Assigned Media ID

Hi, Understand that NB will assign media ID or we can specify prefix if there is no barcode label. My question is: If the medias without barcode label were offsited and now I want to put it back to the library. How does NB detect the previ...

No Subject

Has anyone heard any of the new features in NBU 6 or have a link to an external party that discusses the software?

StorageTek L40 tape robot not seen .

I installed a new netbackup Ent. Server (5.1) at IBM rs6000 p520 series (AIX 5.2), attached to STK L40 tape robot with 2 Quantum SDLT drivers.The drives are seen, but the robot is not!, the wizard only detect "stand alone" drivers and never see the l...

kmorras by Not applicable
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Agent for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 coming?

HiI have heard from a very large customer of mine, that you are currently working on an agent for SharePoint Portal Server 2003, that will be able to provide document level restores of documents from the SQL Server database of SharePoint Portal Serve...

KluksDK by Level 2
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vmd and oprd processes loops

Hi All,I'm using NBU 4.5 on a AIX Server.Each time a administrator computer call the Veritas NetBackup Administration Console, NBU open a vmd port and make a connection (tcpip) to that computer.We can see this process with the command bpps -aroot 56...

Lotus/Domino Backups on Domino 6.5.3

Can NetBackup be configured with error handlers to deallocate resources within an abnormal termination routine before the process finally terminates?

Viper by Not applicable
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nbsupport for AIX

I've been hunting around for the AIX equivalent of this utility: anyone know of one?

Restore after bpimport shows no backups available

This or related issues seem to have shown up in the list before but I have not found a working solution yet.I need to restore files from a backup that was interrupted before it completed its run. However this cannot be done on the original backup ser...

Disk Staging

I configured a disk that is attached to the master/media server as a disk staging device on a new storage unit.The storage unit was then added to the policy. When the job kicks off I get a message in the error log "didn't find valid storage unit vnbu...


I have this problem with netbackup 5.0 MP3 (win 2000 server sp4).I have installed a pc in a parallel forest. With my master server (my backup server) I can ping the machine in the parallel forest.I have put in file lmhost the match between ip adress ...

Mark_M by Level 4
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Vault auto-eject & reporting fail occassionally

I'm running NB DataCenter 4.5 mp2 on a Solaris 8 master server and a variety of media servers.I use Vault Profiles to send tapes offsite. The Profiles are configured for "Auto-eject"no "Skip the Eject Step"report "Picking List for Robot"and report "...

Netbackup v5.1 with OS2 Warp v4 client?

I have a NBU v5.1 environment and have been asked to add an OS2 Warp client to it. Since it appears there is no support for OS2, does anyone have any ideas how this can be achieved?For example, could I load a v3.4 client on the OS2 server, and have i...

Can not duplicate copy3 ?

Background: Solaris NetBackup Server with following device- tape library with one DLT8000 dirve- standalone DLT8000 tape drive (configure for NDMP)I can duplicate backup copy2 without any problem. However, when I try to duplicate additional copy (cop...

Backup NetApp by Remote-NDMP or Follow-NFS

- Tape library on Solaris's NetBackup Server with 2 tape drivesI start to study the method to backup NetApp, a NAS device.Method 1> Configure Remote-NDMP on Solaris host to backupMethod 2> Mount Netapp volume on Solaris host and backup as ...

Tape Drive

Hi All,I'm trying to connect a drive to server, but in JNI it picked up target 7 which NetBackup does not recognize in st.conf file, I would like to change the target 7 in JNI to another one. Does any body knows how to change targets in JNI side?Than...