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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Restoring to a Different Server

Hi. We are trying to put together a disaster recovery plan using Veritas 5.1 NBU. We cannot go live with our veritas implementation, until this plan is on paper.I would like to know if the following plan is possible:In an emergency, we would like to...

brian_s by Level 3
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Clustered Media Server

Can someone explain to me the advantage of installing a clustered (MSCS) media server as in the NB 5.0 install documentation, with the shared disk, backing up the local drives/system state using the cluster node names and shared cluster disks with th...

NB5.1 @ Linux - AMD

According the documentation NB5.1 is not officially supported on Linux RH 3.0.somebody tried it ?does it supppose to work ?

Check flow rate of a multistreaming backup to lto2-drive

My next question is, how can I check the flow rate (troughput) to a lto2 drive witch was written by a multstreaming backuppolicy (6 clients concurrently). At backupexec I have a logfile witch tell me the troughput for each save diskdrive, but at netb...

Remote NAS

I am backing up a remote NAS that does not have the NB Client installed. I am using a UNC pathname to specify what directory should be backed up. Is there a way to get a diferential incremental backup of this directory? Right now every backup I ma...

network connection timed out(41)

I have a problem with backup of my exchange 2000 server. The backup failed often with this error:network connection timed out(41)This server is be upgrade by exchange 5.5 and in this machine run Norton antivirus.Have we idea for my problem?I have:net...

restored sql database from Host A to Host B

I have restored a database sql with script command from HOST a to HOST B (create a move template).The restore is ok and veritas put the file .mdf and .ldf in the position that I have choosed (E:\DATA\MSSQL\DATA where there are already some database s...

Mark_M by Level 4
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CommandCentral Service emailed reports

Has anyone got these working for more than a few days yet ? We've got a large environment and can manage to hang the CC server within about 3 days by turning on emailed reports. Backline is looking into it but we've already applied several hotfixes w...

Red Hat Ent. 4.0(2.6 kernel) and NBU

Has VERITAS made any announcements regarding support of the new Linux Red Hat 2.6 kernel that is being introduced with RHEL 4.0? This will be rolled out very soon, and VERITAS' support is unknown. I am currently at NBU 5.1 MP2. Thanks.

JJ_James by Not applicable
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SQL Full and Incremental in the same script?

With the NetBackup SQL client, is it possible to have a full backup of DB "master" and an incremental of all the other DBs in the same script? I tried the following script. The first "BACKUP OPERATION" alone works fine, the second also works fine if ...


Hello.I recibe the error "INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" when i try to boot from the restored image. This error only occurs when restoring a Windows 2000 image.NB version is 5.0 MP3 on AIX 5.3 and the BMR version is 4.7 MP1on AIX 5.3 too.I'm sure that the ...

vxss bpnbat -login -info file_1

VxSS user logonDoes any one know what details should be in file_1 when trying to authenticate users via vxss command line by reading in the details from file_1?I have tried constructing the file with: broker:port:auth type:domain:name:password but ...

h_m by Level 6
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cleaning media

In netbackup enterprise server 5.0 MP2 (modality GUI), when i click on the tape for the scheduling a manaul cleaning (drive cleaning --> clean now), i look this message:'the following error occured while attempting clean drive compaqsdlt320 on server...

Mark_M by Level 4
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slow netbackup on solaris using fibre

Hardware -V240. I'm using Solaris 9 netbackup client 5.1.Some Solaris9 servers have Gig ethernet others Gig fibre. Gig ethernet is fast, 9mb per second. The Gig fibre backup session is really slow, under 1mb per second.Gig fibre is set at 1000full du...

539601554 by Not applicable
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the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)

I have this problem.When I Try to restore a file with netbackup 5.0 MP2 not in a original location but in a different location, I look this error:2/10/2005 9:31:57 AM - positioning DP506S to file 602/10/2005 9:33:14 AM - positioned DP506S; position t...

Mark_M by Level 4
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Backing up NTFS file system contianing 130 million files

I'm looking at a solution that will involve a windows 2003 server acting as a file store for an document scanning solution with up to 130 million files in total - approx 400,000 per directory, approx 320 directories totaling about 1.5TB. Would like t...

560402016 by Not applicable
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Re-use of tapes

We have the following situation in our site:A fileserver that is backuped daily to disk and then duplicated to tape in a tape robot.We rotate tapes in a timespan of 4 weeks.... so if you use a tape today you would use the same tape 4 weeks later...Th...

Sven_W_ by Not applicable
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media servers

I need to install environment of NB5.1 enterprise master and media servers.In the past I installed master + media N.B 4.5 on Solaris and during the installation script I choose one of the server to be media agent.Now I can not choose this option in ...

Disaster Recovery SIte

Anyone ever assisted in building a disaster recovery site?? Still not sure of what my objectives are since we have just started discussions. Anyone had any problems that I should be aware of???ThanksS.