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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Windows - Netback 7.0 Reboot issues

Currently have a server which is Windows Server 2003 running Netbackup 7.0.I have a robot with two drives - Dell PowerVault 132T.I have been having a problem readding the Robot to Netbackup, when i am running the scan it is only picking up the two dr...

liamf91 by Level 3
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How to track netbackup audit logs?

I can get audit logs by running command "nbauditreport". But it needs to run the command manually. Is it possible to get the audit logs using the Netbackup Java console or Netbackup opscenter?

Netbackup GRT restoration failed

Hi All We are using Veritas Netbackup solution for exchnage 2013 enviroment. We were able to restore mailboxes and emails unitl a exchange CU15 upgrade.Let me expalin our scenario.1. We have 3 mailbox servers (DAG) and 3 client Access servers of vers...

NDMP Backup of Isilon, and using wildcards

Hi,I have researched online and while I have found some answers, I am not getting the result I need.I am trying to create a "wildcard" selection to my NDMP policy, backing up EMC Isilon. Ultimately, I want to backup all folders in one stream that sta...

RMAN Backup ERROR 239 after Server Migration

Hi,We have deleted a client from an Rman policy (from the All Policies pane in the GUI, not by opening and saving the policy).The next night 3 jobs were started on that client which ended in Status 239, Job Schedule *NULL* and no Job Details.We've ne...

Scratch Pool

Hi,I've got interested to move our available tape to scratch pool. System was build by creating a pool and then assigning a tape. Sometimes, all my backup got failed due to no available media in the pool.Is it still safe to move our tape to scratch p...

SQL DB backups are failing with error - 2

HelloNBU vers. - DB backups were working well but got failed from last 3 days. I a policy of 8 Clients 4 are failing. Below is the error message. VM backups are working fine.Aug 2, 2017 9:11:01 AM - Info bphdb (pid=15232) Backup startedAug...

lovee by Level 5
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Join the CloudPoint Community: Protection for multi-cloud

We are excited to announce the release of a new data protection offering called Veritas CloudPoint 1.0. CloudPoint is a single, modern snapshot-based data protection solution, purposely built for the multi-cloud, at low cost — all to make it easy for...

amit_sinha by Level 2
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Resolved! new media server

Hi,We have one master server (which is also media server and client) and one Robotic (SL3000) to perform tape backups.We just bought one linux server intended to be our new media server. The idea is to have one master server and 2 media servers.What ...

Number of characters in subject line

Hi,is there a way to change (limit) number of characters in subject line using blatt and nbmail.cmd?I have simmilar name of client e.g. serverhost12 and serverhost1234  and for both i get emali notification "Backup on serverhost12 - 0"  so for second...

Vjeksa by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle Catalog

Hello All - i am using netbackup 773 on Redhat Linux 5.X master and media server .I have requirement , in my oracle environment if i have only control file without catalog file will i be able to backup only control file without catalog. Thanks!! 

Resolved! NDMP backup Cifs

Hello,I am having some weird things with a NDMP Backup. I configured a backup of a Netapp CIFS share. This has worked. Then the Netapp admin decided to change the IP-address of the V-Filer where the share was. They forgot to change the IP-address in ...

Resolved! VM backup failed with error code -20 (invalid command parameter)

HELLO :)I am not able to backup RHEL VM. It throws invalid command parameter (20) error message.My Environment isNBU 8.0Master Server : WINDOWSMASTER.NETMedia Server  : HPUXMEDIA.NETClient  : RHELVM.NET (i.e. which needs to back up.)JOB DETAILS:Aug 1...

PBY by Level 4
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Resolved! D2D2T policies using nbu 8.0

We just got a new media server and tape library and loaded it with: Netbackup 8.0 and ~1.9 TB of (Raid 5) local disk storage.  The media server is connected it to the library with fibre hba's.So far so good.  Now I need to set up policies.My daily di...