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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Troubleshooting EMM Error 196

I use the old version 6.0 Netbackup tool.  I encouter the problem there are some policy error code 196 , please find the screen shot 

18034123_10154803515886032_7989665243453721664_n.jpg 18010728_10154803516631032_794693755285528841_n.jpg 17904421_10154803517551032_5811482692049528919_n (1).jpg 18057817_10154803518471032_5501931264087186930_n.jpg
IT_guys by Level 4
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Backup Exec NDMP configuration

Im able to view the drives from probe output but when i try to configure from netbackup console the drives are not visiblenetbackup version 7.7.3 

Resolved! Drive Selection

How does netbakup select the driver to use? We have 2 drivers for StorageTek SL150. But log show only one driver was used for different backups.

2017-04-20_9-33-31_NB1.jpg 2017-04-20_11-58-15_NB2.jpg

NBU catalog recovery ...

HelloBackground: for years I was havign physical master/media server which was having FC based connectivity to the library and some SAN disks. Over the time I upgraded OS, NBU versions etc... Then I added to it NBU 5230 appliance to move off tape as ...

quebek by Moderator
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Resolved! Media owner of a tape from server to "UNRESTRICTED_SHARING_GROUP"

Hi everyone,I want "UNRESTRICTED_CHANGE_GROUP" as media owner of a tape.This bpimage command returns nothing:bpimage -oldserver server15 -newserver UNRESTRICTED_SHARING_GROUP -id X02197From the GUI, server15 is still the media owner of the tape.Where...

karnak by Level 3
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Disk storage server is down(2106)

Good dayPlease advise how can i troubleshoot and which logs can help to investigate below error ?1: (2106) Disk storage server is downwe having this issue every day and coming online automatically.

Netbackup client 7.6.1 binaries for z/Architecture

Hello all,I am trying to get a Netbackup client binaries for SUSE 11 sp4 in z/Architecture. Where can I download the binaries? And have anyone installed the binaries? is there any different between x86_64 and z/Architecture?Thank you

tarmizi by Level 5
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Resolved! Duplication or Replication??

I have two sites.- LOCAL site has one NBU 7.6 Master/Media a Tape Library with two LTO6 Drives- REMOTE (DR) site has one NBU Master/Media a Tape Library with two LTO6 DrivesNOTE: Local Site and Remote site are connected through WAN.Issue:How can I ma...

NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager keep crashing

HI,We have upgraded our master server from v7.7.1 to 8 which was working fine but now after few months NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager keep crashing.We havent made any changes to server which might effect this service to fail.This service "NetBac...

lalajee by Level 4
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Resolved! Increase/Add RMAN Channel

Hi,We're using OIP for our daily level0 backup which took approximately 3.5-4hrs. As per checking the log generated by the backup in the console, there was only one channel allocated. Is it possible to increase the channel used by OIP? Thank you# ---...

Resolved! how to restore a tape content, in another data center.

Hello! I want to perform a restore of a tape in a different media server, located in a data center different from the original, I dont want to create a new machine, just extract the files that are in the backup of the tape. I have done phase 1 and ...

Gadit by Level 3
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Sharepoint restore Web Application

I need some help with a sharepoint web application restore.From the SPS PortalHost Content Vergadersites i want to restore a few filesI select the files but when i start the restore i am getting the following error.07:08:32 ( Found (468,0...

1.jpg 2.jpg

Restore VM from last full up to date

Hi everyone, i am restoring a vm.  On the restore selection i have a full date 7 days ago and 6 incremental  up to today.  If a want to restore a full backup of tha vm up to the last incremental what should i select ? i ask the question because a sel...

Resolved! Replace a drive

Hello Geeks,I have an env running with 7.7.X and i would be replacing a drive in it.I am refering to this below article to replace the drive as do not want to run the device wizard post replacement.

SheltonQ by Level 4
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Resolved! Exclude one client from backup policy

Hello,I have a policy with few clients getting backed up. I want to exclude backup for one client for few days. How do you exclude one client from backup policy.Thanks and appreciate your help.Hyder

shyder by Level 2
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rman restore issue

Hi,we are having a problem to restore data using rman. First we tried to restore the backup from one server to another but it failed. Then we tried to restore on the same server, but failed also. I guess it is a problem with name resolution but DNS w...

Kai2209 by Level 4
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Resolved! Net Backup License

I am thinking of using NBU in my environment. I am good with everything. The only question I have I will be backing up to a NAS device. It DOES NOT support NDMP protocol.In this case I dont think I need any special license for backing up to NAS devic...

Netbackup Encryption using KMS

How to check KMS is enabled or not in my master server ??  I got below error ./nbkmsutil -listkgsFailed to fetch Key Group detailsEXIT error: cannot connect on socketEXIT status = 25 

Can NBU and BEX work together

All,We have a BEX master server and a NBU master server on same site. We have to take one folders backup which is on BEX through NBU and for this i have to install NBU client agent on this BEX server. Now my question is can these 2 paly together? Wud...

lovee by Level 5
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