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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Rac Backup Unable to Duplicate the data on tape

Rac Backup Unable to Duplicate the data on tape.Master Server Name:- Domain_Name_NetbackupO/S :- Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bitNetbackup Version : Server:- Domain_Name_NetbackupO/S :- Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bitClient Name: dm01...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! Reg Intelligent SQL policies

HI Team,If we use SQL intellignet policy is there a way to start backups from the SQL server end using scripts and using iSQL policy in scripts.Please advice.Reagrds,Bshet

BVshet by Level 5
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UNC share DR-location

General: Setting up an DR policy so it save the DR file to an offiste location.  The Setup: Netbackup 7.7.3 on a Windows Server 2012r2 (updated to latest greatest)Policy storageNBU_Catalog (which is a storage Units \\shareip\shareProblem: Cant write ...

PoNuts by Level 3
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Netbackup/VMware Integration

Hi Guys, I am hoping someone can help me understand what can be offered with a Netbackup solution for a VMware environment. If we assume the following:- VMware cluster of 10 nodes in a cluster consisting of the latest version of ESXi- A VCSA Applianc...

Drive1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Best practice to backup CACHE DATABASE residing on a VM

ALL,I have a requirement to STOP the CACHE DB ,take a snapshot using NBU VMWARE policy type and backup the data from snapshot and START the CACHE DB once the snapshot is taken.Since i am using VMWARE policy type i cannot use the bpstart & bpend scrip...

Script for knowing the backup speed

Hello Everyone,Do we have any script or command to know the backup speed of particular policy and that can be sent to our email id?For ensuring we have good speed for that particular policy.Any comments and inputs highly appreciatedRegardsKishore  

NetBackup 7.6 Duplication Error

Hi,I am fairely new to Netbackup Solution and having some issues that i am looking to get some answers from the community would really appreciate if someone can advise on this.I have configured a Disk Backup for AD granular recovery with an SLP to du...

unable to backup system state or shadow coy

NBU, Windows Server 2008 R2i have a backup policy for a DFSR enabled drive. i have finally isolated the causes of my previous backup errors and now for two days i have backup status of zero. however, in the detailed status i'm still getting t...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup Accelerator for ISILON DEVICES

Is Netbackup Accelerator supported for ISILON devicesHCL for Netbackup 8.0 says the below"Incremental forever" backups are supported with this device via the "LEVEL=10"environment variable. For more information on environment variables, see the devic...

Resolved! SuSe (linux) client install problem

Hello  All, We are trying to in the suse Linux client and we are getting the error below. We are are using the Suse client. spp-vub-web1:~/strg/NetBackup_7.6.0.1_CLIENTS2 # ./install Symantec Installation ScriptCopyright 1993 - 2013 S...

vCenter Plug-In for NBU V8

WIndows Servers @ 2012R2NBU @ 8vSphere @ 5.5vCenter is runing as an appliance I am running NBU V8 in a test environment and so far have done the following successfully:Install 1 x Master Server on W2K12R2 VM - Server AInstall 1 x Master Server on W2K...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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SQL backups slow, jobcreation takes long

Hi, we use NetBackup 7.7.3 with a DataDomain 990 and try to start with SQL backups which are now backed up as dump to disk.Our DBA has demanded transaction log backups every 10-15 minutes for a few db's and every 1 hour for the rest.I now have 4 test...

Netbackup Full system restore Win 2012 VM with RDM Luns

Hello Veritas,Netbackup master : Win 2012 R2 , NBU 7.7.1Netbackup Media: Win 2012 R2, NBU 7.7.1Client: Win 2012 R2, NBU 7.7.1.**********************Enquiry******************We are planing for a DR site for the production site recovery. Backup method ...

is there like a DAG backup for Oracle nodes?

NBU, Oracle 10/11, Solaris 10/11in Exchange, i do not have to worry if one node goes down as i am making a backup of the DAG. in Oracle nodes, is there such a thing like when node1 goes down, NBU will backup the remaining node?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! log backup for sap hana

Hi everyone,I have managed to configure full backups for sap hana, using the admin guide and these two guides: I am trying to configure ...

gkman by Level 5
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Resolved! Tape Ownership

I have a Storage Unit Group that has 6 media server and Round Robin selection.   That means that when a tape is allocated, a media server is assigned (because each storage unit is setup to have the media server as the owner.)   This has caused many a...

Mudabo1 by Level 3
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AIR scheduling

master server- linux 7.7.3 question: can we schedule replication to run on specific time? can we limit replication jobs to run at a time?  

lovee by Level 5
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NetBackup 7.7.1 with Enterprise Vault 12.1

We are going to implement Enterprise Vault 21.1 for Exchange and File systems but we have NetBackup 7.7.1 but documntations says its not supported to backup Ev 12.1 backup is supported only with Netbackup 8 and we don't have a plan to upgrade soonWha...

Amgad by Level 3
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