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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Error 1935 when installing netbackup agent on window server 2008 R2

Dear Folks,I'm facing error 1935 when installing netbackup agent on win server 2008 r2 (64 bit). I has tried some work around which posted on this communities but no luck. Anyone could advise me for this solution?Thanks you in advance.Wishing Very Ve...

zymn by Level 2
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Restore problem - NB 7.7.1

HelloIn my company  backup system consists of  one master server,one media server and two Data Domain 2500 .master and media server are  on windows.  For the test I made a backup  some folder  where  one DD 2500 is disconnect  from network. The backu...

sh1212 by Level 2
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FYI: Exchange 2013 changes

Hi everyoneThis is just to let you know if you are having troubles with backing up Exchange 2013 DAG.My backups were running great until the exchange team applied CU11, then all jobs failed.Microsoft changed a basic function within exchange which cau...

Exchange 2010 backup to cloud

Hello to all.I have a couple of quick questions please, which I'll open in separate threads so they can be closed off easily.I’d like to understand the impact of storing exchange data in the cloud.Our plan is to provide a GRT enabled Exchange backup ...

TrekOn by Level 2
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Resolved! Exchange 2007 backup failt with status 71

MasterOS: Windows 2012 R2NBU version: 8.0MediaNetbackup Appliance 5240NBU Version: 3.0Client:OS: Windows Server 2003 x64Microsoft Exchange 2007NBU Version: 7.6.1Problem: Backup job fail with status 71,even having an exchange account admin. I set this...

Thiago_Ribeiro by Moderator
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Failed to get status code information 2850

hello i have problem in restore tape(2850) Failed to get status code information28/12/2016 12:16:47 PM - begin Restore28/12/2016 12:16:47 PM - number of images required: 128/12/2016 12:16:47 PM - media needed: Q205L628/12/2016 12:16:48 PM - restoring...

Netbackup - MSDP licence

Hi All, I would like to know how to find whether the added licence in master is having MSDP dedupe feature or not ?I am trying to configure MSDP storage server in my master but its giving RDSM error!Errors below from dsm and rdsm log:[RemoteDiskServi...

Master configuration lost

*** Moved to new discussion from Marianne ,For Same Master and Media Server::::----When I was taking the Health Check of Master Server , Suddenly EMM serve...

Resolved! how do i reverse the results of bplist?

NBU sure in RMAN what this file is called "bk_uu8roh9ue_s968_p1_t931702734" but i managed to get a list of it using./bplist -t 4 -C <client> -s 12/27/2016 -e 12/28/2016 -l -R /now i need to know how to find out if that file (and the rest o...

manatee by Level 6
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How to presenting robot and Drives on i500

**** Moved to new discussion from **** Hi, How to presenting robot and Drives on i500. Thanks

xkinanx by Level 2
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Resolved! Deleting "pack" directory in AIX

Hello all,My customer having disk space issue in /usr and they as me if they can delete one of these directory:[AIX_server]:/usr/openv>du -sg * | sort -n1.44 pack. packWhere in pack., they have:[AIX_server]:/usr/openv>cd pack.7.6.0....

tarmizi by Level 5
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query to exclude disconnected clients

there are multiple VMs in disconnected state i would like to exclude them from backup is it possible via query ? since they are in powered on state it is included in query and stays in queued state for a long time, this affects the other VMs too....d...

kaey by Level 2
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Backup of Exchange DAG via SAN Client

Hello,I need some advise here,I have read in SAN Client Admin Guide Page 17 that backup of Exchange DAG is not supported over FT.Can someone advise, what could be other better ways to backup 6 TB of exchange database?Please note, we are not consideri...

PatS729 by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrating Netbackup 7.7.2 cluster to new hardware and OS

We have two Netbackup clustered master servers on windows 2008 R2 and we want to migrate to new hardware with windows 2012 R2 installedwhat is the best way to migrate all clients, policies and storage to new clustered master server?

Amgad by Level 3
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catalog import issue using AIR

Hi Dear allFirst I will describe environment:we have 2 domain in diffrent location with 2 master server NBU 7.7.3 and 2 DD 2500 running ddos and OST Plugins are Configured Netbackup AIR, and a SLP on master A that take backup on st...

Adding a schedule to a exisitng policy using command line

Team,Need your help on adding & editing a schedule to the existing policies.I have almost 150+ polices where I need to create a new schedule to all the polices. Instead of GUI I though command line would save my time and also I believe that is the wa...

Vamsi1 by Level 5
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