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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Archive backup failing with error code 50

HI ,Archive backups using windows client through UNC path failing with error code 50 .Please find the detailed status.01/18/2017 05:21:14 - Using resilient connections01/18/2017 05:19:50 - Info nbjm (pid=3716) starting backup job (jobid=5451851) for ...

karthis by Level 2
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Netbackup Media server - Windows vs Linux

Hi ,'I'm new in netbackup area. I'm curious which OS i should choose for netbackup Media server?Does anyone describe this situation? i'm really confused which OS should i pick for Media servers?I would appriciate for your inputs.many thanksak 

dpx_99 by Level 4
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Resolved! bppllist -l description

Hi Everyone, I am looking for bppllist <policy name> -l output description, the 7.6 command guide doesn't give complete info like sched and all, so i want complete details of what does each field mean, so i can use it for scripting, as doing it with ...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Resolved! Catalog Backup partially sucessful

Hi,I have moved the db images to another filesystem and Created the symbolic link. Below is the process what i have done.Stoped all netbackup servicesStep1: cp -pr /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images /db/netbackup/db/images/Step2: mv /usr/openv/netbackup/...

sagar666 by Level 5
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VM Intelligent Policy

Just migrated several servers to using VM Intelligent Policies. Noticed that large xml files are being generated for each Parent job. The xml files are eating up space on /usr/openv directory. Is there a way to reconfigure the vm queries to lessen th...

bprestore command from master server

Hi,i am in starting face(netbackup 7.5 unix )I have taken a backup of window client D:\id backup from netbackup mannually backup done successfully.i want to restore to its original location via command line bprestore(from BAR Gui i know how to restor...


Hi All,Where do I find simple netbackup for dummies from A - Z tutorial ?Kindly share with me any links for it. Thank you and have a nice day ! 

VM backup failed with status 6

Hi dear all, for VMs backup I added vcenter in virual machine backup section in NBU, I have 20 ESXi server, all backups was ok before 10 days ago, when I changed ESXi 19 network interface card (FCOE) all machine hosted on this server failed with stat...

Netbackup 7.7 client

Hi , I need help in getting Netbackup 7.7 client self extracing file to deploy it through IBM TPM tool. Do we have the self extracting version available?  Could you please help me in getting the same?Thanks,Kunal Doshi

MSSQL Error 5402

Hello everybody, I would like to ask if you know about the error 5402 on the MSSQL server client. I have setted up the Netbcackup client Service with a user with SQL Rights. Iam getting the error 18:32:20.937 [4796.9544] <2> logparams: -sb -rdbms sql...

Resolved! robotic path changed following library reboot

Hello friends.  Following a reboot of one of our libraries (Quantum Scalar i6000, 26 x IBM LTO5 drives)  after a repair, I see that although the RHEL host continues to see all the drives, the robotic path changes.<IO card failure on library TLD(0)>Ja...

Getting frequent media frozen (around 100 tapes)

Master/Media - Linux ( NetBackup-RedHat2.6.18 )I have unfreeze all the medias (3 days before) but again today i am seeing around 40 tapes are frozen.Pls suggest

A_3 by Level 4
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number of open file descriptors

i'm preparing to finally upgrade to 7.7.3 from and running the sort script to check the master, one thing it says isNumber of file descriptors  Limit of number of open file descriptors is too low for a Master Server or Media Server installati...

manatee by Level 6
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Windows backup getting partially completed

Hi Friends,Windows backup are getting partially successful.Can anyone suggest what should i do that backup should complete successful.The file is imp & i cant skipped or exclude the file. Please let me know whhat is the best way to troubleshoot the P...

ACSLS with clustered master server

Moved to new post from have one ACSLS server with two NBU Master Servers and both of them are clustered. Meaning:Master1-Logical-IPMaster1-PhysicalNode...

clearing space on master server

Hello,the space on my netbackup master server is running low. my master server is windows, (and my media server is netbackup appliance both version 7.7.2)most of the space is consumed by "c:\program files\veritas\netbackup" (198Gb)I know I shouldn't ...

gkman by Level 5
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Resolved! nbrestorevm with a shared temp_location

HI , can i use a shared datastore "like datastore for source VM" in  temp_location  directive of the nbrestorevm  command or must i create a new one .N.B. : DS for original VM is a shared DS that have other running VMs

hytham_fekry by Level 4
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