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NetBackup 8.3 product videos

Continuing with the product videos initiative that was started with NetBackup 8.2, the NetBackup documentation team has come up with 3 new videos for 8.3 security features:NetBackup CA Migration External KMS support in NetBackup Configuring SSO in Ne...

Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Begin Writting

Good morning , I have a little problem when I'm backing up a policy on a particular server, even when starting with Begin Writting status , it takes 2 hours or more, and soon after he began to write , someone knows tell me what It is?as attachment

erro netbackup writting.png

sql backups are partially successful

Hi to all.I have an sql backup that partially succeeds (ends with status 1) . in the details of the job I can see a list of all the failed databases:07/27/2016 12:19:21 - Info dbclient (pid=3868) INF - The following object(s) were not backed up succe...

gkman by Level 5
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Resolved! VMDK Backups

HiPlease assist we running VMDK backups on 200+ server, one of the server snapshot not deleted after backup completed and casued VM offline.what are reasons for not deleting snapshot after backup takeni did confirmed below* Datastore space is moretha...

AIR setup with NBU 7.7

Hello I am trying to setup Targeted AIR with NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 (selection not avialble on the post, dropdown box at the time of writing).As per the Adminitration guide, all I should do is:1) Add a Trust relationship between source and remote ...

rento by Level 2
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Resolved! Can netbackup run on media servers with different OS's

We have netbackup 7.7.3 and one of our sites is being upgraded but they have built a windows 2012 r2 server.I know this is compatible with 7.7.3 but can netbackup run ok with media servers running different OS's? The rest of our backup servers and Op...

Resolved! Getting error while install DPA agent on linux master

Hi All,I am getting error while install DPA agent on linux master version 7.7.1'No Java virtual machine could be found from your PATH env. variable. you must install a VM prior to running this program.'Thanks   

lovee by Level 5
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sql transcation log backups

Hi folks,my question is related sql transcation log backups. 1)while takeing of full backup of SQL DATABASE it takes transacation logs also for backup but it can not truncate why?2)it is possible take only database for backup instead of  logs. after ...

java 773

Hi GuysPlease assist with attached error.



1.what is the differnece between NBU server & NBU Enterprise Server License?2 if I have 2 Media Server do I need 2 NBU Server License and then can I add the option of Master server with it? or do I need to buy Enterprise Server License to use the Mas...

Resolved! everyday backup to difference tape

Hi Team, i wanted to automatics backup to different tape in everyday. is netbackup can be done?exampleset schedule --Monday backupset to tape1, Tuesday backupset to tape2, Wednesday backupset to tape3 ......?? ThanksYip  

migrate clients from old to new nbu server for load balancing

hello,we migrate some clients from old to new NBU server for load balancing. now we have to change master entery for every client. We can do in 2 ways:1. change bp.conf of every client2. do a change of addition server entry in host properties of ever...

lovee by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup licenses

I have 2 sites Site A(Primary Site) & Site B(Disastar Site). I have 600 FETB both sites included. I will be having 1 Master and 1 Media Server on Site A and also 1 Master and 1 Media Server on Site B. Questions:1. If I Buy 600 FETB OF PLatform Based ...

Resolved! NBAC Configuration

NetBackup - server - Windows 2012 R2 Standard x64I have run bpnbaz -setupmaster command on one of our master servers which completed successfully. I restarted NetBackup services but when I do the Administration console reports the follo...

Synthetic backup getting failed

Hi,I am getting the below error for all the synth backupsError ACEMsgTran::getData_u (pid=4005) read failed from INPUT socket, errno=Connection timed out(110)Someone could help me.ThanksRajesh  

Repilcation Failed with Status 191

Hi All, I am performing, AIR, but as soon as backup is finished, replication fails with error code 191.Please see the below bpdbjobs status.JobID Type State Status Policy Schedule Client Dest Media Svr Active PID FATP...

NetBackup configuration does not exists on windows registry

My NetBackup 7.5 Master server running on windows 2008 R2 gives following errors as I open the nbconsole EMM Service will not start, getting status 334EMM interface initialization failed in Windows or Java Admin Console or status 77Unable to connect ...

prasannad by Level 3
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Resolved! pure disk

Hi Guysis it possible to create a puredisk storage using external storage mounted on my master+media server.Server details as followsLinux Server SuseMaster+Media90TB File system mounted

Install NBU Java Admin Console Windows

HiI need to install java administration console on my windows PC can someone tell me where can i download software and what all the things required to download it.Netbackup Version: ThanksSandeep

Sybase backup success with no child

Hi dear all, I create a sybase backup script on windows client when I run backup mannual backup successful with no child and no kilobyte written. this is client bphdb logSYBACKUP_SERVER = masterSYBACKUP_POLICY = policy SYBACKUP_SCHED = sybase-policyS...