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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Java console (7.7.3) does not remember printer settings.

I've marked this as under Windows 8 even though I'm running this under Windows 10. Does anyone if there is a way to force the Java NBU admin console to remember printer setup changes made after closing out the program and restarting it? I've even tri...

j_kang by Level 3
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Doubts on Zoning and Addition of LTO library

How Zoning Works? and how netbackup treats the zoning..?>if i add additional tape library in the array, Existing LTO5 new LTO 7..What are all the changes i have to do to make it to work in a perfect way?I have Media server connected with SAN and Tape...

Multi Stream creation automation on unix with EMC via NDMP

I need to create lots of streams for the contents of a directory within a nas. I have tried configuring NBU with a wild card but it says the path is invalid I can create manually new streams but at the rate they are created this is a problem.I have t...

determining media server count for nbu domain

looking for some documented practices for determining how many media servers (not nbu appliances) will be needed for a given environment. Some mentors over the years have advised 80:1 (client:media server), although i cant find any docs from veritas ...

Enable timestamp in NDMP and VMWARE

Hi guys.I come again to this platform that helps us so much!I need to set up a policy type backup "VMWARE" and a second type "NDMP" from "archive bit" to "timestamp". How would this be possible if I do not have the server available in "Host Propertie...

Netbackup San Backup.

Hi allI am trying to run a backup on a San storage but the backup speed is quite slow.  The San is very large and the max speed is around 5.5MB a second.  .  To try and speed up the process there are multiple jobs (one job backing up files that start...

Tev by Level 2
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Can I migrate an AIX backup master to become a Linux backup master

I want to migrate our current AIX backup master and have it become our new Linux backup master.  The hostname and IP would stay the same. I need to do a catalog recovery so I can preserve the backup history.I know if I wanted to switch between Unix/L...

sclind by Moderator
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Resolved! Migration of DB2 HPUX to Windows

Hi Guys,Im completely new about this one.Our client is planning to migrate their DB2 HPUX Servers to Windows 2012.I just want to ask if we need ''new licenses'' for windows after they migrated those db2 hpux servers to windows. Or there are such thin...

Jess01 by Level 3
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List of Netbackup clients

Hello, people...I have upgraded our Netbackup from to 7.7.2.I need a list with all clients with agent installed( to upgrade it) , but the GUI only shows part of them.The clients in policy with qVMware Intelligent Policy query are not in the l...

Kayser by Level 3
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does duplication jobs wait forver?

NBU have a lot of duplication going and never noticed this. does all this duplication job goes on forever, without timeout, or there is a pre-defined value wherein it gives up because the tape drive is too busy? if so, ,where can that be fou...

manatee by Level 6
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VMware_thaw: Unable to unlock virtual machine:IP

Hi Friends,Vm backup are getting partially successful status per TN: checked Roles of Vspehere account used for V...

Resolved! Move catalog images from drive c: to d:

Hi, people...I have the Netbackup (7.7.2) catalog in the drive C: (system drive of Windows 2012). It is increasing fast, and I can´t expire images or reduce the retention. I have already read the article with the instructions to make this, but I have...

Kayser by Level 3
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vault schedule not running

himaster server : version  OS AIXI had a old vault policy for ejectig tapes which should eject tapes alternate days as per schedule set in policy but was ejecting tapes daily. so i deleted old policy and created new policy as per my requireme...

lovee by Level 5
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