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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Virtual Media Server / Backup Host + Hot Add OST over FC

Hi guys, do you know if OST over FC is supported for virtual Media Server/Backup Host in VMWare? The only note I found about this is in the NetBackup-7x-in-virtual-environments_Feb_03_2016_update documentation: Virtual media server The NetBackup m...

25 TB Windows Drive Backup

Hello All We have a physical Windows 2008R2 server with a 25TB hard drive and it is just about full.  I was reading that best practices would be to carve that drive up into separate policies based on directories.  So drive S: has 12 directories and ...

erose by Level 3
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Resolved! SLP Duplications

Hi everyone, Is there any chance to use an SLP that duplicates data to different tapes using Backup image in a disk  suppose i have a basic disk where I am taking Backup and later i have added two Volume pools for duplication. Here the problem is ...

Warning : old TIR file is missing??

Hello, We have some Windows Server 2008 Netbackup clients (version of server 7.1 installed on Windows Server 2008 R2), that their backup jobs end with a warning about True Image Restore . I precise, that these backup jobs are BMR jobs, which means t...

Netbackup logs

How to create the  legacy and unified logs in windows  environment and how to convert unified logs into redable format?please provide some commands for windows environment

Netbackup 7.0 LTO7 Hardware Compatibility List

Hello everybody,   I want to clarify some doubts. I have a customer who have a Netbakup 7.0 Domain. He is planning to upgrade their Netbackup enviroment and migrating historical backup on a old tape drives such as SDLT to new LTO tecnologies.  He w...

RMAN Validating Backup

Dear All,   Our DBA is facing the error below when run the validate command on RMAN on the same Database Server [Client]:   Command: Run{ allocate channel t1 type 'SBT_TAPE' maxopenfiles 1; allocate channel t2 type 'SBT_TAPE' maxopenfiles 1; ...

Netbackup with several Vcenter

Hello, I use netbackup 7.7.1 to backup Vmware Vcenter. We have several differents Vcenter (5.1 and 5.5) and It appears that if one is unreachable (crashed for exemple). The scheduled policy of the others Vcenter are also not able to run. Apparently,...

yaja by Level 0
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Alternate method to remove SRT in LOCKED_WRITE state

# bmrsrtadm Select one of the following options: 1. Create a new Shared Resource Tree. 2. Create a new CD image based Shared Resource Tree. 3. Copy an existing Shared Resource Tree to a new location. 4. Import a Shared Resource ...

Chris_W by Level 4
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Regarding VMware Backup Policy

Hi All, Anybody is having insight about the VMware type policy using the VIP query method as I saw in a technote but now I am not able to found .   Kindly route me any technote regarding this    Rohit

RohitNayal by Level 5
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NBU force expire

Hi All,   Good day! Seeking for help on my issue on netbackup. Our msdp storage is almost full at the moment. And since we have a duplicate copy of the backupfile on the other msdp storage, we're planning to force expire the old backup on the prima...

tpautoconf -replace_drive doesn't stick

I replace drives in my SL8500 library. These LTO5 drives are shared with SSO over three or four Solaris media servers. Historically, I run tpautoconf -report_disc and the drive shows as missing, with a new drive at the bottom, and the missing and ne...


I'm doing a backup over SAN using end to end 8gb fiber and getting throughput of 56,000 KB/Sec.  What is the best rate I  should expect or is this a good rate, it seems low to me.   Thanks  

Ivano by Level 2
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sharepoint grt restore issue

when we try and restore from a document share we arent able to see the documents only the older versions are shown and only as the user that did the last changes, and with a size of 0 bytes. The grt backup completes successfully. This was a known is...

hammers09 by Level 4
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How to get all clients version report from opscenter

Hi All, How to get all clients version report from opscenter ? currently i am using below script to do this. please confirm is it correct. ./bpplclients -allunique | awk '{ print $3 }' >> cl_ver2 for i in `cat cl_ver2` ; do /usr/openv/netbackup/b...

lovee by Level 5
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NetBackup status code: 5402

Hello everyone,   can anyone help me out this code? 5402, i've done this :   Confirm that the credentials are properly set. On Windows, you may need to replace a process level token. First, select start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Local...

Hamza_H by Moderator
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Resolved! Problem adding new LTO drive to Library

Hi, I just added new LTO7 Drive to my library HPE MSL 4048 I'm having problems to configure it because NetBackup recognizes it but I do not know how to force some tapes to load in LTO7 and another ones to load in LTO6 I created a new volume pool t...

MikelSS by Level 3
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