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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup / Backup Exec Tape Reader

I have a customer who currently has Netbackup Appliances (V2.6.1.2) installed and will shortly be upgrading to V2.7.3.  They also have a legacy Backup Exec environment (V12) and we are looking to maintain access to the historical Backup Exec produced...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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MaxDB backup type.

Dear all,Could you help please, what policy type is useful for Max Db database (used with SAp Content Sever) ?Netbackup 7.5 MaxDb 7.9

alt_smg by Level 3
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Resolved! VM Backups failing with 156 error code

Hi Everyone,I would like to  share the issue that i had faced today.Since 2 days we have been encountering backup failures in our environment, which is a small envirnoment with limited of 600 clients (mostly vmbackup).All the backups were faling with...

Resolved! Client count difference in netbackup

Hi All,Could anyone please tell me the difference, i see the total number clients as 578 (unique) in summary of policies and in the host properties of the client is just 137 clients.In the master server properties i see only few clients, should i hav...

Resolved! How to restore files with specific pattern in their names

Dear All.I need your support to find a way to restore fills with specific pattern using command line on UNIX server, noting that I'm full aware of this post and I'm using it with files I have their exact names :

AIR (automatic image replication) using NAT-ed IPs

Dears,I need your support on this:We are configuring AIR (automatic image replication) between Main and DR site, so no client backup will be done between site.Kindly advise if we can configure AIR between sites using NAT-ed IPs, if just master server...

Bckup error 811, 37 after uograde to 7.7.2

After upgrading clustered master/media server or servers with multiple interfaces to Netbackup 7.7.2, one can beging to experience error 811 and 37 which are related to connectivity. Running ./bptestbpcd -verbose -debug -client completes with status ...

Peteror by Level 3
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Resolved! Backups not triggered.

Hi,I took a full backup of three clients manually yesteray at 05:30 PM. The policy is set to run daily incremental.I am observing that the cumulative incremental backups of today which were scheduled to run - Monday, 12:30 AM have not been triggered ...

Resolved! bmr for master/media server

NBU have prepared a hyper-v vm for doing my test upgrade of my master/media server from to 7.7.xthe master/media server is running on Oracle Linux Server 6.3i will have the install ISO for the linux but i'm also looking at if i can d...

manatee by Level 6
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how can i get failed job backup selection info

Hi TeamWe have unix client backup daily. In that multiple backup streams running. some times backups failed with 84 on data domain due to high load on DD's. Need get those stream and created new policy and taking backup on tape. how can i get command...

Desh by Level 3
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Resolved! Large restore challenge

I've been asked to complete a restore of multiple user drives, across multiple servers, over multiple years....I know...sounds like fun, right? Here are my challenges...1. Generate a list of files to be restored. I have the user list, but they could ...

Resolved! NDMP ClusterAwareBackup to Tape Netapp cdot

Hello , so we searching after upgrading to 7.7.3 a Solution we has open Tickets against support but now for more than 1 Month and nothing helps ... The Setup  InventoryNetbackup 7.7.3 on Redhat Linux 6.Netapp 4 Node Cluster.svm on the cluster for cif...

Resolved! Costing of GRT backup & restore

For snapshot backup of DB (DAG, etc.) of Exchange we require license i.e. costing.Is GRT included in the same license or different costing is involved?

Resolved! BUG REPORT: NDMP incremental backup running as a full backup

We have the same error reported in the article, is there any solution already known to fix the problem?Information about my backup:- NetBackup version 7.6.1- Full backup performed on Saturday fi...

Resolved! Restores run forever, don't lay files down

Hi,Here is the background- we backup about 80 NFS shares (off a VNX) through a single media server. The bulk of these gets staged to an Isilon, then copied to tape. We also scrape up daily RMAN-created backups off a seperate VNX and spool those to ta...