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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Move master/media/TL to different rack

Hi All, We need to Move master/3 media servers/TL which is connected to master to a different rack. Below points i need to confirm for this activity: 1. DC team will do this activity(un-cable master/media/TL from old and re-cable to new rack) .Is t...

lovee by Level 5
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Hardware config for RHEL

Moving our Netbackup ES from AIX 6.1 to RHEL 6 running Netbackup 7.7.  Current config is 1 master and 4 media servers.  We will keep three media servers on AIX 7 and replace the master server with RHEL.  Any suggestions on hardware config wou...

jlc7f by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7.7.x RHEL Server and Client package/binaries

Planing to install and configure NBU 7.7.x on Operating System RHEL versio 7.0 64 bit. Presales has given  the package "NetBackup_7.7.3_zLinuxR.tar.gz" . I have checked in the same blog and found it is for "zLinux is for IBM z series machines". The p...

Resolved! Stopping all netbackup services.

Greetings,        This week I need to stop all backups (Data center maintenance). I know that I can use the bpdown -v -f commands. However will I also need to do this on any Media Servers as well or just the master server?   thanks for any input. ...

VM backup is failing

Hi All, NBU VERSION: - 7.6.1 OS - 2012 One of my vm client backup is failing with 156 and Vm team able to create and delete the snaps manually and system writers are also stable on the server side. Error from detail job summary :- Vmware_freez...

john10 by Level 6
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master server moving from AIX to RHEL

Our NBU master server will be moving to RHEL in the near future, to allow us to upgrade to 7.7+. Our libraries are Quantum i6000, fiber attached to multiple media servers.   Question, will the new RHEL master server require an HBA to contr...

psvines by Level 3
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Resolved! Checking Size of Backup Images on Expired Tapes

Hi, I have customer where they want to IMPORT an Image from Expired Tapes. All is good so far and the IMPORT of an Image is taking long (which is normal). The Only concern i have is there any way to check the sizes of the Images? so that i can impo...

Kernal by Level 4
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Resolved! Activity monitor failure

I m getting the following error while accessing activity monitor and etc.., can anybody suggest how to resolve this   Getting following error while stopping services: saem as while starting.     NetBackup 7.7.1 -- Shutdown Utility Shutting ...

Disk Space Differences Between Replicating MSDP Pools

Hi All, We have a netbackup MSDP pool which replicates all our 28 day retention daily backups using SLP.  The destination is another disk pool of identical spec.  This config has been in place a couple of years now, and I've not seen this particular...

Resolved! Creating Netbackup User with read-only access

  Hi Techies Can Anybody Help me, I want to create a new user in Netbackup such that the user must have only Read-only access. i..e. He Should be restricted to make any changes in the policies and configuration and he will be able to see all the c...

Netbackup for VM

How can i get POC for Netbackup virtual environments, Below are the three tools we sorted. we will have to find a better backup solution for virtual environment. can any one help us to find a better solution with proper POC.   Netbackup for virtual...

Resolved! netbackup daily health check script

windows server : 2008 NBU : 7.6 Hi ALL, I am using below script to have my daily health check. SCRIPT: @ECHO OFF bperror  -problems | findstr /c:"ERR - failure reading file: System State:" bperror  -problems | findstr /c:"WRN - can't open ...

Resolved! what is "Active Directory Application Mode" directive?

NBU i made BMR backup of my AD servers using the "All_Local_Drives" directive. then i saw this "Active Directory Application Mode" directive. was my BMR backup useless then? should i have used this AD directive to do the BMR backup?

manatee by Level 6
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Netbackup with Linux NFS storage backend

Details:  Veritas Netbackup (Master & Media Servers)  Both on RedHat Enterprise Linux  6.5.              NFS server : RedHat Enterprise Server 6.5 --> NFS version - NFS3 or NFS4  Hi , I need your help in configuring my Netbackup infrastruc...

TJAD by Not applicable
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Resolved! Server Status: Communication with the server has not been initiated or the server status has not been retrieved from the serve

Hi, in our enviroment we have one WinMaster 7.7.2 in Win2k8Stnd and three NBU 5220 2.7.2 as a media server. Yesterday we notice that the oracle policies (10 policies) has problems with status code 6 in the NBU, but looking the logs messages at the c...

Breaky_08 by Level 3
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Failed to get list of data file-systems from "hostname"

Hi all  I've a big problem   When i try to create a policy for ENIQ_STATS_ONBLADE_DATA_xxxhostnamexxx-e1-1 i receive the following error:   => Adding Backup Selections (i.e. what to backup) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

qeialto by Level 3
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