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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Regarding duplication

HiI am manully duplicating imagesI have 2 active tapes however duplication getting failed with error 96

VMWare Backup

it is possible to take the backup vm gust meachine which is more that 2 tb either using of san or nbd or hotadd transprot

Archiving file files of Image catalog

Hi All, I have just ran the command bpcatlist -online to check which files are capable to archive from image catalog database.Now I want to archive those files to my tapes. Should I just create a policy of Windows type and put folder of the files fil...

Security of DMZ media server - hardening and limiting capabilities

What I need is to turn an internet facing DMZ media server into nothing more than a simple data mover without the ability to run commands that could be a security risk if the master server is on the internal network. If possible I want only apply sec...

Bob_- by Level 3
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NBU 7.7 compatibility with lotus notes

Hi Team,I referred the DB and agent compatibility matrix and couldnt find any thing about Lotus notes 9.0.1 32 bit being supported.Is this supported on windows 2008 R x64 OS with any NBU Version. Please advice.Regards,BShet

BVshet by Level 5
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NBU differential backup

Hello I thought that full differential in NetBackup only compares to last full? So how VMware backup (vss updating the Last Backup Date field) can affect backup chain?  Regards Maciej **** Moved to new discussion from

pure disk

my question is related to pure diskpure disk is used for dedeuplication purpose.for supose other ost technologies like (emc,netapp) recivies the data form client and starts the dedeuplicats ,but in the netbackup level how it deduplicates the ...

Resolved! Cannot browse the Netbackup MSSQL Client

Hello everybodyWhen I click to start the the Netbackup MSSQL Client from my Windows 2003 Client, it doesn´t open.My Netbackup server is 773 and the client is 77.The log C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\dbclient stops here:15:03:20.907 [4664.23...

Standard Backup Wildcards Doesn't Work

Hello, we have many windows server with the following path "k:\*******\BasesDatosAudit" and there are other folders on "K:/" that I don't need to backup , on each server the name of the first folder is different but it is always 7 characters, I need ...

Resolved! unable to list policy update

NBU made changes to a policy (changed the backup time) and issued "./nbpemreq -updatepolicies" from master/media server. did a " ./nbpemreq -predict -date 10/13/2016" to make sure it's not listed. ok. then did a " ./nbpemreq -predict -date 1...

manatee by Level 6
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Volume Pool Option - Max. number of partially full media

Hello,I'm just unable to understand the "Maximum number of partially full media" option in Volume Pool. I've read the description from the admin guide but couldnt get it.My understanding is that with this option maximum number of partially full media...

Deleting images of backups that are aborted

Hi TeamWe are using basic disk for backups with the use of LVM concept.Recently we cancelled 6 backups which almost written 1TB each after cancelling we have observed the space in the LVM has not claimed.WE can see LV is still occupied with the backu...

Netbackup Disk backup failing with 50 error

Backup Backup failing with error code 50 Maser server:windowsMedia server:WindowsClient:linuxVersion:7.7.2All other backups are working fine.Only system backups are failing.Below are the log generated in details tab:Info bpbrm (pid=51628) from client...

NMV89 by Level 2
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Disk storage unit is full(129) after duplication

Greetings dears!In NetBackup 7.5 Master Server, I have a Storage Unit with:Type: DiskDisk Type: BasicDiskHigh Water mark 90%Low water mark 80%In Staging Schedule:storage unit: Tape_Libraryvolume pool: Full_PoolThe Storage Unit is 9.1 TB in size with ...

restore error 2800

hello,.I'm new user of NetBackupI founderror 2800 15:31:45 ( INF - Status = Standard policy restore error.can anybody  help me or whetevrer anybody experienced with this error?

helek by Level 1
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Resolved! Change LTO Tape Expiration date

HiI want to change the expiry date of  LTO Tape. We are using Netbackup software with Redhat Linux 6.5 Operating System. Also, is it advisable to keep the expiry date of a tape to infinity( 2038 year)RegardsGirish