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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Hyper-V Linux Integration service

As we starting to get Linux VMs on Hyper-V, I have looked at the docemenation for Hyper-V Linux Integration Service or LIS for short. Installation if not already built into the kernel and activation seem straight forward.But have not be able to find ...

NetBackup VMware policy restore error ( 2820)

Hello:I have problems with restore job, the message is :NetBackup VMware policy restore error (_2820_)The Vmware is 5.5 and netbackup 7.7. If i try to recuperate a image executed yesterday, i dont have problems, but when i try to restore a older back...

Npalma by Level 4
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Resolved! Incomplete backup moving to done state

Hi Team One of the backup went into incomplete state and it remained in that state till its time,if it goes into done state is the backup successful ..?? Can it be used for restore..??As we have storage crunch we were helpless expect to remain backup...

Resolved! Duplication failing with does not match the fragment

Windows Master Media 2008 R2 SP1Duplication from LTO1(Using LTO3 Drive) Tape to LTO4(using LTO4 Drive) tape failling with below error message.I troubleshooted and found that it is failling it only on 2 drives. When I mad...

sksujeet by Level 6
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Performance for SAN Media Server.

Hello,Environment details :Master : RHEL 6.1 running NBU : 7612Media : NetBackup-HP-UX11.31 (SAN MEDIA Server) with 5 LTO6 drives.$ cat SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS262144$ cat NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS32Need your advise on performance issue. Curently backups ...

PatS729 by Level 5
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Configure SAN Server on SPARC T3-2

Hello,Can we configure a oracle SPARC (64 bit) T3-2 machine as a SAN server? The requirement is to write a 7TB database backup and it would be better if we can connect a tape library to the server itself and use it as netbackup destination. I have ch...

tbhatty by Level 2
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NBU 5230 questions - data to tape & ZFS filer backup

Hi Everyone,I have some newbie questions here, as I just inherited an NBU 5230 appliance and need some help.How do I write current data that's on the storage shelves to tape for archiving?For ZFS Oracle filer, is there an additional license needed or...

ple_skh by Level 1
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Netbackup support for Windows 2016 Nano?

Hi,We are currently setting up a Scale-out file system with Windows 2016 Nano. I was wondering if there are any information about if/when Netbackup will support such operating systems with backup clients. Anyone?

322621021 by Level 3
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first time - NBU install/DR exercise

i've got my test VM, obviously with lesser specs but i've managed to recreate the same partitions/folders that existed in my production NBU master/media server.i'm installing 7.6 GA now and the screen has been like this for several minutes now (see b...

manatee by Level 6
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Slow SLP Duplication Jobs

hi ,Im using SLP policies ( backup to disk -Local Disk then duplicate to tape -IBM TS), recently duplication jobs take a lot more time to complete ( around 10-12 hours for each) when i check Netbackup i can see it will find right media right away and...

mgmasterv2 by Level 6
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Vault backup and catlog to the same tape

So I'm working on setting up our offsite backups.  Our backup needs are very small and we back up all our data to disk (we have lots of it).  I'm looking at implementing our offsite backups, retained for 3 years, using vault to a small tape library w...

Resolved! which takes precedence: expiry date or retention period?

nbu've been extending the expiry of some backup images that are already on tape. i managed to do that when i noticed, in the "Images on Media" report, there is a "Retention Period" column. it says one month. however, i've extended my backup ...

manatee by Level 6
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Issues backing up/restoring VMware VMs

Hi all,First of all, I'm ready the NBU for VMware admins guide but it's 300 pages. Asking here too in case I missed somethingSo, I use NBU with standar client licences, and we only backup windows machines. We are trialing the advanced client, which a...

Resolved! Netbackup / Backup Exec Tape Reader

I have a customer who currently has Netbackup Appliances (V2.6.1.2) installed and will shortly be upgrading to V2.7.3.  They also have a legacy Backup Exec environment (V12) and we are looking to maintain access to the historical Backup Exec produced...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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