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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Error Backup Snapshot Vmware

Hi FolksI know this issue was very stressed about troubleshootings here, but unfortunately I didn't find any solution in my searching in VOX or web.First of all, my environment is NBU v10.0.0.1 and Vcenter and ESXI are VMWARE 7.0 U3, I put credential...

Reporting Now Available for Veritas Alta Recovery Vault!

Hi Friends, I've got some GREAT news for you!  Veritas Alta Recovery Vault just got better!  The amount of consumed and available Veritas Alta Recovery Vault storage can be easily observed in the Alta View user interface available to all Veritas NetB...

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GNeil by Level 4
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Add client via REST API

Hello, I am trying to add a client to an existing policy via REST API. However I always got a respond code 130:{ "errorCode": 130, "errorMessage": "system error occurred", "attributeErrors": {}, "fileUploadErrors": [], "errorDetails": []}Can som...

Sadfad by Level 3
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S3 server activation on NBU and 5350HA

Hello I'm trying to configure and test the S3 server for the MSDP storage provided in NBU 10.3.0.x. I've followed this guide but I've some doubts (I'm working on a 5350HA appliance, FlexOS4, media server

Resolved! Windows Oracle failed to recover to a different machine

一、Environmental Information:1、Linux NBU sever version:9.12、windows 2016 + oracle 193、Host mapping has been added to the hosts file4、recovery conditions:二、Recovery controlfile failed:    

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lzm by Level 3
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When it comes to SECRETS, how secure is your application?

Introduction Enterprises running various heterogeneous workloads ranging from on prem applications to applications spread across various cloud service providers, often struggle to manage credentials securely. We’ve seen a lot of technical debates abo...

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Resolved! Primary server EEB installation from WebUI

Hello colleagues,I'd like to ask you if it's possible to install EEB update directly for the NetBackup Primary server (version from the Web UI -> Deployment management?I'm not really sure how it works since it should restart the Primary ser...

Missing information using bpdbjobs

Hello,I'm trying to get some information about errors occurred in the last month.I've used the bpdbjobs command with all_column parameter and I have copied the output in an Excel file, but after I created a pivot table I noticed that the lines relate...

Resolved! Netbackup Redhat Linux 7 -- in place OS upgrade

Hello----------------------------current environment:RedHat linux 7 Netbackup Master/Media physical server--------------------------Is it possible to perform an in place upgrade on a RedHat Linux environment for a netbackup master ser...

bc1410 by Level 5
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VMwaare SAN Backup / Port 902 es necessary?

Hello,Please support me with this query, we have a Flex Appliance platform with 3 instances: Primary/Media/Worm Storage Server.The media server is a backup host and has two fiber ports assigned in VMware SAN Transport mode.The respective zones have b...

rafanto by Level 4
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PostgreSQL issues during the configuration

Hi,I try to do testing deployment on NetBackup for PostgreSQL. Below are the specs details.(1) Master ServerHostname: fa-vm-rhel-nbu01-drOS: RHEL 8NetBackup Master: 10.3(2) PostgreSQL ServerHostname: fa-vm-rhel-psqlOS: RHEL 8NetBackup Client: 10.0.0P...

ikmalj by Level 2
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Resolved! The backup failed to back up the requested files

Hi!I'm running netbackup 8.1.1.This message only appears for one vm backup. I can backup another vm on the same datastore without a problem. Mar 19, 2024 12:52:35 AM - Info nbjm (pid=6784) starting backup job (jobid=38578) for client tp-gmp-budgetpl2...

Resolved! SMTP nofication windows 2K master/media server.

Hi people,Regarding this integration using BLAT questions are1- if you don't want to use BLAT just the SMTP feature of modern windows, there is an integration guide written?2- If I set up our...

NetBackup REST API - How do I do a Restore / Recover?

I'm using NetBackup 10.2 and in the UI I typically go to Backup, Archive, and Restore, click on the Restore Files TAB and set my start and end date appropriately and then I can Restore files from a recent backup.   I've recently started experimenting...

JC_Exa by Level 2
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NFS backup performance degradation.

I got NFS backup throughput 3.2 GB/s with version Netbackup 8.2 but after installing of the new 9.1 on the same hosts I get 2.1 GB/s only. I backup 4 TB of the same files all the time with 4 Media servers(1TB per server) and 40 streams (10 steams per...

Offline and online tape cartridges

Hello all,Just I need to list the offline and online tape media cartridges. How can I list which of my medias are available in the library and which of them went for offsite?Thanks in advanced,

Check Backup size

Hi,i've configured a windows client backup for disks C: D: E:, and on backup selection policy are separated, but on log backup the size is unique.I would check the backup size only for disk E:, and i tried for bpflist and bplist commands with option ...

DR procedures with duplicated backup images

Hello everyone.I have the following scenario in NetBackup 10.3 environmentPrimary Server (FLEX but now BYO for testing): Fails in a disaster.Media Server 1 (FLEX but now BYO for testing): Located in the same environment as the primary server; also de...