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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Cannot launch the Netbackup MSSQL Client

Hello everybodyWhen I click to start the the Netbackup MSSQL Client from my Windows 2003 Client, it doesn´t open.My Netbackup server is 773 and the client is 77.I´ve done the Netbackup client downgrade to and the Netbackup MSSQL Client don´t ...

Resolved! what's the diff between "retention period" and "expiration date"?

NBU of all, apologies if i'm not selecting the right OS and version as i find it always reverts to AIX everytime i reply to a post.anyway, i'm just about to change the retention period/date for a backup done last night and i noticed that...

manatee by Level 6
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Error in System_State backup

Am unable to take Complete system_state backup. 10/18/2016 3:08:53 AM - Info bptm(pid=219346) backup child process is pid 21935910/18/2016 3:09:16 AM - Warning bpbrm(pid=219345) from client WRN - can't open object: System State: (WIN32 ...

zama by Level 3
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BAR GUI Not Retaining VM After Search and Select

Figured I would try here before opening a case. I am running 7.7.1 on Solaris 10 and have noticed an issue with one of my sites. When we go to the BAR GUI and select VMware and then do a search the VM we search for comes up fine. From there we hit Se...

Resolved! Removing a particular DB of a DAG from backup

Hi,Recently due to some issue of one DB of a DAG I had to stop its backup. It was letting all backups of other DBs to fail. As in a policy - the clients to be backed up is selected as DAG name and the backup selection as Microsoft Information Store\*...

VSS and Log Truncation

Hi,We have DAG configured in our infra. Using NBU 7.7.2 we have scheduled the snapshot backup daily incremental and weekly full. But logs are not getting purged after incremental backups. I checked and found that the backup is Cumulative type in NBU,...

Oracle db fails with error 13 and 6

I had a successful oracle db backup prior to NBU upgrade from to 7.7.3. archive backup or file system are working successfully.Now db backups  child job is failing with error 13. NBU master/media server - Redhat 6.7 - NBU 773, NBU client - Re...

Migration to another domain

Hello community,we have a Netbackup-configuration that comprises of a separate master- and media server and a library.Our backup-scope comprises:-NDMP (from our NAS)-VM's (from our NAS) that are controlled by EsXi-servers and managed with VCenter.-Ph...

moving dedup to client

NBU, Windows/Solaris clients, Linux master/media serveri'm troubleshooting a performance issue with my backups and someone suggested that I:Allow multiple data streamsEnable client-side deduplicationi also need to set in the master server/cli...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Generate License for NetBackup Upgrade 7.7.*

Hi Experts,I've noticed to perform upgrade for all latest NetBackup need to re-generate the license. I checked from Veritas Customer Portal, the license need to re-generate for all purchased features of the NetBackup including Shared Storage Option &...

restore sybase backup failed with status 2850

Hi dear all, I get a successful sybase backup, for restore I want to restore individual file on client, I can browse backup in BAR, but restore failed with status code 285010/16/2016 14:15:43 - begin Restore10/16/2016 14:15:44 - number of images requ...

Resolved! Regarding duplication

HiI am manully duplicating imagesI have 2 active tapes however duplication getting failed with error 96

VMWare Backup

it is possible to take the backup vm gust meachine which is more that 2 tb either using of san or nbd or hotadd transprot

Archiving file files of Image catalog

Hi All, I have just ran the command bpcatlist -online to check which files are capable to archive from image catalog database.Now I want to archive those files to my tapes. Should I just create a policy of Windows type and put folder of the files fil...

Security of DMZ media server - hardening and limiting capabilities

What I need is to turn an internet facing DMZ media server into nothing more than a simple data mover without the ability to run commands that could be a security risk if the master server is on the internal network. If possible I want only apply sec...

Bob_- by Level 3
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NBU 7.7 compatibility with lotus notes

Hi Team,I referred the DB and agent compatibility matrix and couldnt find any thing about Lotus notes 9.0.1 32 bit being supported.Is this supported on windows 2008 R x64 OS with any NBU Version. Please advice.Regards,BShet

BVshet by Level 5
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NBU differential backup

Hello I thought that full differential in NetBackup only compares to last full? So how VMware backup (vss updating the Last Backup Date field) can affect backup chain?  Regards Maciej **** Moved to new discussion from