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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Moving data from one VTL to another

Dear Community,We have a VTL to be decommissioned, backups already go to a new one.Now we need to migrate all data from the old one to the new VTL.I guess I will need Catalog -> Duplicate but I want to schedule this, like giving it a startup window, ...

J-B by Level 1
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Netbackup 7.7.3 Policies workign slow

Good dayi am running netbackup 7.7.3 on windows 202 R2 with 32gbRAM and 8 core processor.i got very very slow and error 195 when i change or add anything on Policies specially i cant change policies as its comes with error 195 or its show loading for...

Resolved! unable to create RMAN script in Windows

first of all, someone should fix the "Operating System" selection when creating new posts. this is for Windows Server 2008 R2 server.i'm following to try to create an RMAN script in Windows but ...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Volume pools media list

Dear Friends,We have quite a big infra to take the backups. And my jobs failed now and then with error 96, "no media in the pool". Kindly suggest any script or command, where i can get the free and full media list for each volume pool. We have almost...

Resolved! Unable to backup data from SAN mounted disks

Hi,We are having issue backing up a few clients with SAN mounted-disks. We try to backup the SAN mounted disks..the SAN mounted moint points folders were created but there was no file being backup..Tried various options1) Explicitly put in the mount ...

progress.jpg SAN mounted disks.jpg SAN-mount-point.jpg

Expiring tapes.

Hi,we recently upgraded the Netbackup Entreprise server from 7.0.1 to 7.5 and to, i observed, that the tapes already content images expired, even the image cleanup passed successfuly.the Master server is in MSDC Cluster and Netbackup clust...

MagMan by Level 3
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Reassign density to media

Hi.I just configure my new backup device in order to backup another kind of information. I would like to reuse some test tapes (used in HCART3 density) in my new jobs using HCART2 density but net backup do not allow it to me.I tryied to expire and de...

MikelSS by Level 3
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Vault script very slow to duplicate small images

Hello,I have a query around Vault, I'm sure this has been asked several times already, but no harm in asking again...We have configured our backups of various SQL Server databases to be written to a disk storage unit.  We then use Vault to duplicate ...

FTL - socket write failed

Hi All,Need help/advise. One of our backup failed with FTL - socket write failed error. Please see attached for the complete logs. Client is running in Windows 2012 while the master run in Solaris SPARC.Thank you. 

Resolved! using crontab to do 15-minute backups

i already have a backup policy for SQL Server transaction logs that runs every hour. DBA requires every 15-minutes which the management console cannot provide.can i, instead, trigger the existing backup policy using crontab? if yes,what is the NBU co...

manatee by Level 6
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2074 - Disk Volume is down

Hello,We've created a new "DiskPool" after it crashed earlier. However backups on the pool fail with Error code 2074.Tried to follow these KB articles 000008526 & 000017160 however the status of the disk volume still remains DOWN.Any help would be mu...

Resolved! backup policy cmd

help i need make to backup of the policy netbackup for import this in other vm virtual

Resolved! Vm restore failed with status 2820

Hi dear all,I am on vm restore, restore failed with status 2820Thanks.................09/05/2016 19:00:13 - Info bpVMutil (pid=3172) INF - vmwareLogger: GetObjDetails: SYM_VMC_ERROR: FAILED_TO_GET_MOR_BY_NAME.........09/05/2016 19:02:37 - Info bptm (...

Resolved! what will "bpplschedrep" hit?

NBU have a requirement to backup SQL transaction logs every 15 minutes. problem is, in the backup policies "Frequency" the lowest that can be selected is an i found this links:

manatee by Level 6
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Configuring Amazon S3 in China (Blog)

(This isn't a question, just documentation of how we fixed an issue I couldn't find an answer to online. I have no doubt all of this is in the Cloud Admin Guide, I just decided to take the long route and skip that part )My company has a handful of r...

Netbackup client for Linux on Power PC

I need the agent to install VNB on server Linux RedHat 7.2 , this server are install on Server IBM Power E880, I have an error when try to install the linux Redhat agent.The roadmap for VNB has a software for Redhat on PowerPC?

Read tape media from another Backup system

Greetings all!I have a NetBackup 7.5 master server with an LTO5 supporting Tape Library attached.I was recently presented with an 'external' LTO5 tape media, which includes images from a remote branch/site.I cannot provide more details as to which wa...

SLP maximum copies

Hello Experts, I need to know how may the below setting may affect the SLP in backup destination and Duplication. As far as i know we can have  max 4 backup destination on a lifecycle. So how many duplication can we have on a lifecycle ?  If we incre...