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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Hello Everyone,     I am having an issue because of my lack of skills in recovering Exchange Servers:   I have the following issue: I want to recover a DB to anothe folder but the option is grayed out.           So the question goe...

manol4ik by Level 5
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Accelerator for CIFS

I've got a customer with HDS HNAS (Old BlueArc) and moving to Isilon for CIFS/NFS workloads.   As an NBU customer (windows master and MS), NDMP was the protocol of choice for years, and has worked fine, albeit long Level 0's.  But with 7.7.x, now as...

Resolved! Synthetic backup failing with error 87.

  Hello All, Synthetic backup is getting failed with error 87. Backup is using MSDP as storage unit. Below is the snippet of error: 06/20/2016 07:32:05 - Critical bptm (pid=20018) sts_close_handle failed: 2060011 offset invalid for object or conte...

NetBackup needs to be upgraded

Hello all, I have a few customers which are running NetBackup (Windows). They also have vSphere 5.5 and would like to upgrade to vSphere 6.0. Since NetBackup supports vSphere 6.0 from version, I would like to hear your thoughts to...

Resolved! NetBackup & OPS center Database level backup

  Does we need to take backup of netbackup master server/media servers & OPS center database level Backup. If yes? how we will proceed for that or we need to clear any transaction logs or etc.., in this.

Resolved! Linux KVM image level Backup

We have an SUSE Linux12 Physical Machine, In which few KVM's are created. is there any chance to take Image level Backup for these KVM's like Hyper-V and VMware.   Master server was windows server 2012 R2 netbackup ver:7.7.1 if not possible how w...

Hyper-V 2012 - SnapShots Error 156 - VM Linux

Hello,  I wish shared a solution for status error 156. When you have a VM Linux not certified for hyper-v support, like a "Centreon applicance", and the integrations services cannot run, as in my case, I disabled the backup service offered by Integ...

Qotsa_95 by Not applicable
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Netbackup behaviour with new files, after backup start

Hello. This is not a problem, but just a question. When netbackup create a list with files for backup? In the very beggining of the backup? Folder by folder, when the backup is just in the beggining of every folder? Or something else? What will b...

nbdeployutil Not showing info from all Media Servers

I'm trying to find out what is using up all of the space on my 2 netbackup appliances. One master/media the other just a media server. I've run nbdeployutil on the master server and the resulting report says capacity totals "97.47TB" which is pretty...

Unable to communicate with client server with status 25

Hi All, Master server: OS: Solaris 10 Netbackup: NetBackup   Client server : OS: AIX Netbackup: NetBackup 7.5 I am unable to communicate with a client server. When tried doing bptestbpcd for the server, I am getting the mentioned erro...

Move master/media/TL to different rack

Hi All, We need to Move master/3 media servers/TL which is connected to master to a different rack. Below points i need to confirm for this activity: 1. DC team will do this activity(un-cable master/media/TL from old and re-cable to new rack) .Is t...

lovee by Level 5
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Hardware config for RHEL

Moving our Netbackup ES from AIX 6.1 to RHEL 6 running Netbackup 7.7.  Current config is 1 master and 4 media servers.  We will keep three media servers on AIX 7 and replace the master server with RHEL.  Any suggestions on hardware config wou...

jlc7f by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7.7.x RHEL Server and Client package/binaries

Planing to install and configure NBU 7.7.x on Operating System RHEL versio 7.0 64 bit. Presales has given  the package "NetBackup_7.7.3_zLinuxR.tar.gz" . I have checked in the same blog and found it is for "zLinux is for IBM z series machines". The p...

Resolved! Stopping all netbackup services.

Greetings,        This week I need to stop all backups (Data center maintenance). I know that I can use the bpdown -v -f commands. However will I also need to do this on any Media Servers as well or just the master server?   thanks for any input. ...