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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Does AIR require matching hardware on both sides?

We're looking at revamping our kinda-sorta "DR site" and moving to AIR at the same time.  This'll be built on NB v9.1 most likely.I've got Data Domain on both sides right now and am simply using duplication via SLP's right now.  We'd like to move to ...

Slow DFS backups

I am experienceing very slow backups of DFSIncrementals are backing up around 870000 files and 45Gb or data, but are taking around 5+ hrs, reported speed at the end of the backup is 2395KB/sec, all other backups run with out issue and complete in exp...

need command for NBU

Hi ALL, NBU 8.1.2.I have 1000 clients in the environment. I want to know that what all client dont have full backup ran in past 3 days. I am using below command but it is showing me all clinet names in the file. I need to know the command which can g...

nikenbu by Level 2
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Resolved! NBU Client software problem

Dear Community,There is a problem related to NBU Administration Console. when l click the eject volumes from Robot the Software is forzes. What could be the problem related to? The Quantum i40 library is working. Need to restart NBU Appliance Master ...

Tabriz by Level 5
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Protection for Multi-node SAP HANA on AWS using NetBackup

To help backup SAP HANA databases, SAP provides a backup interface called Backint for SAP HANA database. This utility allows third party backup vendors to connect their products to the backup and recovery capabilities of the SAP HANA database. Backin...

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NetBackup - Preview Media

Hi Experts,Is there a way to see "preview media" when restoring in the client side for MS SQL? How about in the NBU Web UI?Preview media is only available in (NBU Java) BAR for File/folder level and VM level but you can't see it in MS SQL (policy is ...


Hi everybody....I hoper you are fine.I copied a file into a Universal Share several times ...the file is allways the same.This information shouldn´t be DEDUPLICATED?In my case the number of containers GROWN and the space was increased every time that...

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SLP Duplication Status 191 and 227

Hi! we have a Duplication Job that fails with status 191 and on the job details, it shows:cannot add fragment to Image Database, error = no entity was foundInfo bptm EXITING with status 227.When we checked the NetBackup Catalog, the images being dupl...

Resolved! Unable to log into Admin Console

I'm new to NBU. My first installation of NBU on RHEL 8.x went without difficulties, thanks to the wonderful documentation. Alas I hit an issue, where I'm unable to log into the Admin Console. The error I get, is " Error 506".Steps attempted -...

br_ram by Level 3
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Sperate backup traffic for AHV cluster

Hi,as ISCSI transport mode is introduced in netbackup 9.1 we have the below scenario and want to verify with the experts . the goal is to sperate the backup traffic to one interface in AHV nodes1- AHV nodes has 2x management and data interface (VS1) ...

mz88 by Level 1
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Resolved! NetBackup 8.3 not writing to tapes

We have an issue where all off a sudden the Media/Master server Netbackup we have will not write to any tapes.It fires off the job, it says it has selected a tape to mount, I see the tape move in the library into the drive (Can see that on th...

jpope by Level 3
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Restore Sybase DB from Policy backup type sybase

Hello, I need restore a sybase db from a sybase policy type (linux server), but i dont know, i see the next link: but I don't know how to get the following data exampl...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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Netbackup Agent 8.3 installed failed

We use the Netbackup agent 8.3 , install on the AIX 7.XThere are some error when installed package    Package VRTSpddea found.NetBackup Deduplication preinstall check passed/usr/sbin/rpm_share[483]: /usr/opt/freeware/bin/rpm:  not foundInstalling VRT...

wong224 by Level 0
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Netbackup appliances are 5 years old

Hello Experts,we have 4 netbackup appliances(5330) configured which act as a media servers. 3 out of 4 appliances are 5 years old.I have heard that after 5 years hardware starts giving more issues. Is this true?Should we replace the appliance after 5...

Dav1234 by Level 5
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manual-backup API

Is there an attribute for the manual-backup API equivalent to the -w switch for the bpbackup command ? Thanks  Steve

SQLSERVER 2019 AlwaysOn and Netbackup Not working

I have a 2 node sqlserver 2019 AlwaysOn build running at the moment. I have had netbackup configured on the servers and the following parameters set in the bch file. Sensitive info has been substitutedBATCHSIZE 1OPERATION BACKUPOBJECTTYPE DATABASESQL...

Raz2 by Level 0
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How to change CloudCatalyst local cache directory

Hi all,A customer wants to change the local cache directory of a configured CloudCatalyst server.Is there a procedure to change the properties of the cloud storage server?  MSDPCLD:storagepath MSDPCLD:spalogpath MSDPCLD:dbpath By the way, the backup ...