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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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How many scripts?

Hi In NBU for SAP Admin guide, it is mentioned to specify the scripts in backup selection (while creating SAP backup policy). My question is, A. If we have 6 nodes SAP HANA setup then how many scripts would require to secure complete setup??,  B....

Dgo by Level 4
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Netbackup 7.1 skipped exchange 2010 .edb file without error

Hi, I want to take exchange 2010 backup. but netbackup 7.1 skipped exchange databse .edb file.   here the logs... 04/15/2016 11:20:40 - Info nbjm (pid=6120) starting backup job (jobid=644228) for client x.x.x.x, policy MMS_TEST, schedule Full 0...

amits1 by Level 3
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FREEZING media id A10004, Medium identifiers do not match

Hi Team, I got this error messages in netbackup 7.7.1, after doing long troubleshoot I got the actual solution found by using my skill sets. The error I got was:-   04/13/2016 17:09:02 - mounting A10004 04/13/2016 17:11:11 - Error bptm (pid=7967)...

Replication Director -NDMP/Netapp

We currently run Replication Director and have been using it for Netapp SnapMirror operations. We manually deleted a source volume and the associated mirror that was part of a "backup" using Replication Director and now our Replication Director backu...

tomb_IAS by Level 2
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Netbackup Accelerator

Hello, I am experiencing confusion with the netbackup accelerator and how to configure my policy to the solution I've plotted in my head. My goal is to take a full backup on Sunday, duplicated off site, do incrementals 4 times each day throughout t...

adam_p1 by Level 2
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Reporting/Monitoring is required

Hi All, We have 6.5 and 7.1 mix versions of netbackup round 15 remote sites. We have solaris 9 and windows 2000/2008 backup master servers. Master/ Media are same. We need to have reporting these sites like alerts/monitoring/reporting. Do we have...

NBU Unable to remove VM snapshot SYM_VMC_SOAP_ERROR

Hello, After upgrading NBU master from version to latest version 7.7.2, snapshot created by NBU for VMs Backup (called "NBU_SNAPSHOT Master xxxxxx") are not removed automatically and I need to delete them manually. Master server and vCenter...

gtnz by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7.7.1 - Drives Down

Hello All, We are using Netbackup 7.7.1 on Linux box with SSO, From last three days I was observing that most of the drives are not working as expected. We have total of 16 drives. and only 2 of them are functional right now. We dupe the Images fro...

query AIR replication

Hi All, Have questions to ask about AIR .   1) Do we usually backup catalog to MSDP or Advance disk pool in N5230 ?   2) both configure as MSDP , Can i AIR a NetBackup Master (N5230) at production site to NetBackup Master ( windows 2012 R2 ) at ...

VM retrieval fails during backup query

We have a number of VMware policies within our NBU 7.6.x environment which query vCenter for string matches in the annotation field. A test query I ran today returned ~415 'includes' and about 1100 'excludes', which is  accurate. But here's what's ...

Resolved! Netbackup FULL backup

hello,    this could be basic question - how NB Handles process of files/dir which are added during full backup ? during incr its arch bit. Assume i have a folder of 3 files and NB started and in progress and it backup 2 already and at that time i...

Raju_la by Level 5
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Import of images fail on Replication Target

Hi Forums, Here are the details of my environment before I get started. Please let me know what logs you need and what are my steps to resolving this issue. Details: Replication Source: NBU, Server 2008, Master/Media Replication Target: N...

Large oracle restores fail through windows Media Servers - 2801

Hello, We are having an issue where large oracle restores fail through our windows media servers, restores through Linux Media servers are succesful.   Netbackup Not an alternate server restore KeepAliveTime set to 2 hours on windows med...

gpar by Level 1
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Informix OnBar Restore on Linux Redhat Not Working

Have been using Informix 11.70 on Solaris with Netbackup ( currently 7.7.2 ) for a number of years without issue We are currently migrating to Informix 12.10.FC6WE on Linux Redhat 6, backups are working perfectly however cold restores are not workin...

DecKy by Level 4
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Import physical tape with error 172

Hi team I'm trying to import 3 physical tapes (LTO3), master is NBU 7.5 over linux redhat, using IBM ts3100.   The tapes was created using this configuration Backup was made with Netbackup 7.0, using VTL DL4100. EDL4100 duplicate the tapes i...

Wolaf25 by Level 4
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Pre/Post script commands for backup

Hello,   Pre/Post script commands for Solaris backup   We need to freeze the “Data Store” on a backup via a pre-script command    How would this work?   the application “Data Store” needs to be placed in a read-only mode prior to any backups...