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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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different backup speed

Hi all, the speed of my vmware backup differs as a function of time. I start the backup of a test policy with only one VMclient (not the initial backup)  and get for example 5MB/s. If I restart the same job, I get up to 50MB/s. Do you know what I ...

graeser by Level 2
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Netbackup in windows 2008 always keep writing when doing backup

I'm using 3 physical machines running windows 2008r2 system to do some Netbackup7.6.1 test work. I installed master server/media server/client server separatly in these 3 machines.And now I meet some problems. when I create a policy to do some file...

liusibo by Not applicable
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How to backup huge SAP Database?

Hello, I am looking for new solution for backup big SAP DB 17 TB / 300 GB changes/per month For now we are using customized scripts using flashcopy from DS8000 (source for this DB). Flash is being mounted via media server and goes to tapes via SAN ...

r4mzeso by Level 3
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netbackup configuration in MS failover cluster

Hi, pl. advice if i am wrong.  environment detail listed below windows2012, netbackup 7.7.2,   Name= host A, Name= Host B, NFS drive: D:\   Qurom disk: E:\ under a MS failover cluster Virtual Name= HostAB, 192.16...

mnakhan by Level 5
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Resolved! Backup fail because (48) client hostname could not be found

Hi All,   Backup for one windows client is failing agin and again. As i am new to netbackup, i am not able to resolve it. Kindly help me with this. Backup is Sharepoint daily/weekly backup, where backup runs with File List/Path : Microsoft SharePo...

Resolved! NBDISCO on MASTER server

Whilst I enjoy OIP , I dont enjoy the nbdisco process swallowing resources. So my question is simple: can the nbdisco process on the master be disabled and if so is there a recommended method to permanently stop it from executing? Solaris 10 Sparc /...

Resolved! Where are located Client Properties in NBU Database?

Hello, i use table JOBD_Job table of NBU database to create reports of our backup jobs. It works fine and i can get running job, status, client, start time and end time. I would like to add in our reports Drives that are backuped, or Excluded, per...

BW20 by Level 2
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Resolved! KMS and Key Retention Policies

I am going to setup KMS in NetBackup 7.7.2.  I understand how this works and have successfully tested backups and restores to a DR site.  My question is with the retention periods on the keys.  I want to encrypt my offsite duplicated tapes only.  The...

terryd3 by Level 4
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Lotus Notes incremental restore failure

Hi All,  I have an issue with Lotus notes restore.  - I can do full restore to alternate client but when I try to do incremental it did not work. The job does not show any failures or report any warning.  - there should be no restriction issue as ...

Arsalan_2k by Level 4
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data expired media not moving to Scratch pool

i have this media that have data expiry of 7am today (it's almost 3pm where i am) and it's in the Daily pool. i was expecting it to be moved to the Scratch pool but when i checked after 12pm, it is still in the Daily pool. so what i did was to manual...

manatee by Level 6
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bppolicynew: Action succeeded but auditing failed

I am creating new policy using bppolicynew command /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppolicynew policy_new -verbose bppolicynew: INITIATING: version NetBackup 7.7 created: 2015062002 bppolicynew: Action succeeded but auditing failed bppolicynew:...

Boot Server

Hello, After performing the operation below I do not see a boot server. The execution of the order on the server is correct and I do not understand why I do not see it listed Master : / Usr / openv / netbackup / bin # ./bmrsetupboot -register [In...

Resolved! Expiring tapes.

Hello All, Can somebody please suggest how to expire multiple tapes at once. I am tired of expiring them one by one from commandline, when required.   Thanks.

Implement Deduplication on NetBackup 7.5

Hi, We have got NetBackup running on Windows Server 2008 and currently backing up data on SAN Storage. I want to enable deduplication on it. Could you please provide me the best practice procedure to do so ? Where the deduplication should...

Tfaraj by Level 4
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Linux client reboot during Full backup

Hi, We have one Linux client that randomly reboot during full backup and always 1st attempt, the second attempt after the reboot will work 99% of the time. We have increase the logging (verbose = 5, added the "/netbackup/backup_path_tr" file, we ca...

JNO_123 by Level 4
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VM Diff backup fails sometimes with status 84

Hi, - Netbackup version 7.7.1 - Mediaserver 2.6.32-431 - VM policy with noquiesce  - Some of rhel5 & rhel6 clients frequently fails with status 84. Some more often, but there are also succesfull Diff backups. No failures with Full backups. Error...

w_alker by Not applicable
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