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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Lotus Notes Cumulative Incr is running as Full backup

Hi, Cumulative Incr backup for Lotus notes is taking size like full backup. I have searched and found the article based on the article i have enabled the archive style logging on client, even ...

Resolved! Issue of after replace a new LTO-5 Data Cartridge

Dear all expert, I am just a beginner at netbackup .. first at all thanks so much with you guys to save my life when reading my post.. I am usuing netbackup and I just found a tape have problem after inventory. Therefore , I release the or...

imskim by Level 3
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NDMP restore: Error bpbrm (pid=5768) could not open event Global\NetBackup BPBRM Media Ready Event 8284, The system cannot find the file specified.

Hello, Any help or hint to troubleshoot will be greatly appreciated. I have the error while NDMP NAS restore. I have the following setup: NDMP NAS configured on a AIX 7.1 master server Netbackup NAS is HNAS 3100(Hitachi)NDMP backup/res...

Resolved! Issue with Shadow copy backup (client process aborted(50))

I'm unable to backup a client Shadow Copy backup. The disks are working fine but it's failing on the shadow copy. Here's the error: 2016-03-13 19:25:18 - Error bpbrm(pid=15748) from client server1: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy...

PureDisk backup restoration on another Master server.

Hi, Current Media server is Deduplication , every full backup duplication backup done on offsite storage via SLP policy. All disk is PureDisk. Need to restore/move media (Name: M1Media) server (PureDisk) from current master server (windows 2008 R2...

Resolved! can you have more than one OST Plug in on a media\master server

    Good Day Hope all is well I Need some assistance   We have Netbackup 7.6.1 loaded on a windows server 2008 connected to a datadomain OS: DD690 (Current Datadomain) We want to add a new secondary data domain OS: 5.7.0...

NBvwcPlugin Install

Having the same problem as and tried all the above methods and failing Environment Overview vSphere 6.0 u1b PSC External Appliance vSphere 6.0 u1b vCenter Server Appliances (Two) vSphe...

Windy by Level 2
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Resolved! unable to install netbackup software on my win 10 machine

Hi All,   I tried to install netbackup 7.5 on my lapppy its having OS win 10 with 64 bit OS. while installing it get install but at vxpbx it gets roll back and fails. need help how to resolve below is the error.Below is the error   VxLogServer ...

asp by Level 2
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Resolved! Timeout when setting credentials vor VMware Virtual Center.

We have a Virtual Master Server on Windows 2012R2 and upgraded from NetBackup 7.6.1 to 7.7.1. All VMware Jobs worked fine after that. Them VMware Jobs are done through vCenter vcenter21domain. Now we wanted to attach a new (second) vCenter Server vc...

Georg_Kabas by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup issue registering SQL Server Instance

I am getting the following error:   Erring validating credentials.   Status code: 61 Credential validation could not be performed due to an internal error. Error Code: %1 Error Message: %2   Click 'Yes' to save the changes anyway, or click 'No'...

Neumie by Level 2
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Need assistance with building new deduplication pool

I have installed a new media server and am looking to create an associated deduplicaiton pool for it.  I have never done this before and would like some assistance from more experienced users. Media server OS:  Rhel 6.7 NBU version: Enterprise 7.7....

bsims2015 by Not applicable
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Resolved! NDMP backup

Hello, we backup many shares on EMC VNX, by a ndmp policy. but, when there is a problem on a share, all the backups fail.   is there any way, to continue backuping the next share, when there a problem on a one or many of shares ?   thanks in adv...

issmag by Level 5
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Resolved! how do i add media server to an exisiting storage server.

how do i add media server to an exisiting storage server. I have configured storage server with 10 media server. now i need to add another media server  to the exisiting storage server. i tried ./nbdevconfig with no joy. Stype = Quantum  

ngarart by Level 3
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need help setting up Netbackup ndmp backup alerts

Hello    We are using NBU which is our master and media server same and backing up NDMP servers. Our Team has decided to configure email alerts for the ndmp backups and here are requirement mentioned below.   We have 4 departments and hav...

Error code 58 - cant connect to client

Hi All, We are facing issue with one of the newly added to backup client error code 58. The port connection everything looks fine , but still getting the error .Can you please suggest how to solve this issue. We have already rebooted the server but ...