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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Error 2810 & 5 when recovery exchange 2010 items using GRT

Hello, when I try to recovery message item from full backup I get error 2810. I restore using GRT. 31.12.2015 10:54:41 - begin Restore 31.12.2015 10:54:45 - restoring image krs-vsnk-dag01_1451474113 31.12.2015 10:54:45 - requesting resource @aaaao...

opo by Not applicable
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Resolved! Slowness of Netbackup Java console , high I/O only on Saturday

Hi ALL, Version 7.1 Redhat 6.1 Master server We have issue with netbackup master  every Saturday . Java console is very slow. High I/O wait on server. Backups which are through FC backup speed is normal. On Saturday no big backups, just small ar...

turguns by Level 5
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Resolved! Getting error :status 77: Unable to connect to the EMM Server

Hi   I tried the solution given however unable to get a solution   I am using windows 2008 server and have MHVTL however I am unable to connect to masterserver (testmasterserver) MHVTL & Master server are able to ping each other.   Unable to po...

SAP backup failing with EC 6 After writing some data

Hi, SAP backup is failing after writing some data with exit status 6 on netbackup master server. It is a application media server (HP-UX) netbackup Below are the job logs: 01/06/2016 02:59:25 - Error bpbrm (pid=26090) from client...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Windows Virtual Master Robot Control Host

Master Server - Virtual Windows 2008 R2 (2) Media Servers - Physcial Windows 2012 R2 Netbackup Version 7.7.1   Has there been any change with supporting FC tape librarys(HP MSL 4048 LTO6) connected to virtual master or media servers? If I can't c...

rbkguy by Level 4
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Resolved! v2.7.1 Release Date

I was speaking with Veritas support and they advised me that this was due to be released the 3rd week on Decemeber on GA. I cant seem to find anything on it as yet and getting no response from the engineer. Anybody have any ideas?

Resolved! Planning for upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1

We are planning for upgrade of netbackup master server from 5.1 to 7 and more . Can someone help me with the step, can i directly upgrade it to 7.1 or more?? Hardware windows 2003

sac08029 by Not applicable
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How to restore HCART3 tapes with HCART2 density drives

Hi,   We have recently moved to new IBM library TS3500 with HCART2 density drives.(IBM drives) This library is currently in use for backups with HCART2 density tapes. We had taken the backups in previuos IBM library TS3500 with HCART3 density dri...

Resolved! track_journal.v1.dat Are growing to large

Hello, I have 2 "web" server both running AIX 7.3.4.  We are also running NB 7.7 master It looks like there are 4 versions of the "track_journal.v1.dat" file. I understand that the tracking file is tracking the changes for the acceleration. If I ...

dphelps by Not applicable
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Resolved! LTO3 to LTO4 Tape Migration

Is there an easy way to do an LTO3 to LT04 tape migration ?  In other words, if I have over 400 LTO3 tapes that I want to duplicate to LTO4, is there an easy way to do that ?  Thanks.   Ryan

rweiss by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup Silent Upgrade ?

I have Linux NBU appliances that are my master backup servers and my media servers. I help support backups for over 4,000 servers with a good mix of AIX, RedHat Linux, and Windows. I'm working a project now to get all the backup clients upgraded to a...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Resolved! Help with new Hyper-V intelligent policy

We've been running VMware intelligent policies for a while; but this is the first Hyper-V one I have set up. It was working ok for a couple days; then it came up and said "snapshot error encountered," and that's about it. According to the Windows ad...

spitman by Level 5
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Resolved! VMDK Backup without SQL Server Recovery Option

If we do VMDK backups of our servers, and do NOT have the "SQL Server Recovery" option enabled, I believe my only option to "recover" a SQL Server database in NetBackup is to do a complete image recovery. Is that correct? If I handle SQL Server back...

A_J_A by Level 3
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Resolved! Cannot restore linux files error 2800

Hello,   We are having a problem with restoring files from a linux client. Currently we are running an a solaris 10 master server and two solaris 10 media servers. We can restore files from windows and solaris boxes but not the Linux. We cannot ...

Dsss by Level 3
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Exchange GRT and DD Restore Fails

Hi, I have followed the very helpful guides on this community to successfully perform an Exchange GRT backup and restore to a BasicDisk (did take a while though getting everything right!) I then tried to perform the same backup to our DataDomain ap...