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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup support Disk types

Dear guyz Hope you all well   I have a query regarding disk types. please anyone help me that Is Netbackup support disk types like GPT and MBR? Your kind response is highly appreciated.     Regards Zuhaib Siddiqui

Resolved! Netbackyp Java login issue

Hi All, Observed Java login issue in one of our master server post upgrade from 6.5.6 to  Both Java GUI login and jnbSA reporting same error.  For some reason it is resulting the configured port is 0.  Attached the error screen shot. # cat...

MG1989 by Level 3
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VM backup slow

We had moved VMs to 2 new hyperV host with Windows 2012R2 NIC teaming. Teaming mode: Switch Independent, Load balancing mode: Dynamic and all adapters active. We using teaming for HA purpose. When performing VM backup using master server, it takes 2...

Low by Not applicable
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Looking for feedback on NetBackup

As former users of Backup Exec we'er looking for a solution to a problem that I'm sure many companies experience these days; a backup repository that has become maxed out far sooner than anticipated. The maxed-out devices are Data Domain 640s used wi...

tech43 by Level 4
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Resolved! client backup failed to read the file list(67)

Hi Backup was failed with error code 67. When i tried to select the backup selection tab its showing a error message unable to connect netbackup host. Could you please some one provide me the troubleshooting steps. How to resolve this issue.

Resolved! Set SLP final copy expiration date after SLP cancellation

Hi, I have followed to cancel further processing on an SLP managed duplication (Backup to AdvDisk1, duplicate to AdvDisk2,duplicate to tape for long term retention) as the final copy had been ...

Alun by Level 4
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Resolved! Need to get Backup details

Hi All, Please help me to take the entire backup setup details from backup server. as i am new to the setup and no one is there to give the download. So its my duty to prepare a KAP for entire setup.        

lthomas by Level 2
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Resolved! Need to get Backup details

Hi All, Please help me to take the entire backup setup details from backup server. as i am new to the setup and no one is there to give the download. So its my duty to prepare a KAP for entire setup.        

lthomas by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup IMPORT jobs are using different media server

Netbackup IMPORT  jobs are using different media server My SLPs STU is poiting to correct media server - which  I am expecting to take & run for import jobs - But in my case the Import jobs are taking different media server. I can see one setting i...

Resolved! How I restore Hyper-v VM in a different location

Hi all, I do not understand how perform a restore of a VM Hyper-v in different Hyper-v server. I have two cluster "SYSCLUHVP01M" (source) and "SYSCLUHVP01S" (destination) and each cluster has 2 node: SYSHVP01M01 SYSCLUHVP01M S...

stucci by Level 6
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Resolved! NU - BMR with KMS encrypted Backup Image

Hi,   I am using NBU and I configured KMS on the master server with the help of this manual: Backup images created for the ENCR volume pool were ok ( I can see the encryption tag) bu...

Resolved! Oracle Backup is failing with 58

 Error bprd (pid=) Unable to write progress log </usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/dbext/logs/ on client CLIENT1. Policy=POLICY1 Sched=NONE Error bprd (pid=) CLIENT CLIENT1 POLICY POLICY1  SCHED NONE  EXIT STATUS 58 (can't connect to client)   Ne...

ravin_a by Level 4
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Resolved! (15) file close failed

One of my backups for exhange is giving this error. This DB6 were with all the other DB and id did give the same error, so we did make a new policy for DB6, but still getting error 15. 11/26/2015 05:38:21 - Info nbjm (pid=4304) starting backup job (...

NBU VMware policy restore error (2820)

I am trying to do a restore on one of our VM servers, I am getting this error when I am trying to do restore 11/25/2015 21:41:23 - begin Restore 11/25/2015 21:41:23 - restoring from image 11/25/2015 21:41:2...

Hyper V backup failed with error code 156

Hi Team, Hyper v backup failed with error code 156. Hyper v backup failed for LINUX VM client Netbackup Version : 7.7 OS of master server:  5.11 11.1 sun4v sparc sun4v   Job Details:   11/25/2015 23:53:26 - Info nbjm (pid=24140) starting backu...

dellas by Level 2
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Resolved! Restoration automation- Monthly tapes

Hi,   We are having around 150 servers as a netbackup clients and i m planning to do the restoration drill automation via scripts , can any one have the same script please share with "how to "   Thanks ,   Deiva Sigamani k

Resolved! Image import failure - client process aborted(50)

I receive the following when I attempt to import different images from tape.  Some images are on a single tape and others are on multiple tapes. On the multiple tape images the first tape seems to read until completed and then fails when the next t...

GHas by Level 4
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