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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Duplicate job with one tape drive failed 2001

Hi all, I have a problem with a job that need to duplicate a copy to two tapes in one tape drive. A second copy of tape finish with error "status 2001". I founded this fix in veritas web site but didn´t resolve.

Resolved! Cataloge information looking for an old backup

Dear All, I am looking for a backup that was put down to tape many years ago. It's not in catalog if I check on master server nbadcm.Since that backup which was put down to an lto3 tape, our tape library has changed to a new one. When the library ch...

kabacsk by Level 3
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Resolved! Problem with synthetic's backup

I try to use synthetic backup for an ordinary windows file server. I've created MS-Windows type policy. Checked attributes "Collected true image restore information" and "with move detection". Сhecked the presence of the flag "OptimizedImage" for ...

Ziggy1941 by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU detecting 3 tape drives with 3 robots

Hi, We are currently configuring our Tape Library (IBM TS3100) in Netbackup, though we are seeing that there are 3 robots in one of the media servers. Could someone please let me know if this is correct, or if there should just be one robot for thes...

mariz_c by Level 3
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Resolved! VMWare VIP Policy - Multiple vCenter, Duplicate Cluster Names

VM Admins are building their new vCenter 6 environment.  While discussing backups was told that the cluster names in the new vCenterB would be the same as the old vCenterA for a short amount of time until migration is complete.  My VIP queries are ba...

Resolved! couldn't find NBU 7.7.1 Java console

We are upgrading our Veritas enterprise server to 7.7.1. Surprisely we couldn't find 7.7.1 Java console. Does anybody know where i find it? thank you !

FlyMountain by Moderator
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Resolved! BMR - P2V : cannot browse anything

Hi,   I just wanna testing BMR to convert physical to virtual machine, but when I select the server that have a (iso) from vmware, I can´t browse anything. I tried on Master server Linux, and I create a Media server too, the both machines I put lik...

Resolved! Quires about Netbackup VMware Backup

  NBU Version:- OS: Solaris 10   Currently we have configured a VMware backup using the automatic selection in the policy and the selection is based on the datastore name. Here My question is 1. how to exclude a particular VM server bac...

Resolved! Accelerator on Dell R730xd?

Hello, I just inherited a responsibility for NBU infrastucture in my company. I am planning on adding a couple of new media servers Dell R730xd w/ 12 x 6TB NLSAS drives w/ PERC H730P HW raid ton an existing domain running NBU The plan is to...

putama by Not applicable
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Resolved! MSL4048 LTO6 Library

Hi to all!!! We recently have adquired a new MSL4048 library (LTO6) to use with netbackup, the media server sees the library without problems, all drives are ok, aparently. When we try to configure a new or old backup definition to use the new libr...

Shoghi by Level 3
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Start Netbackup client services on solaris 9

Hi, We are using symantic veritas 6.5.6 to backup all unix and windows servers. Our backup server is on win2k8 enterprise 64 bit. We recently come across issue where backup of One sun server is failing.OS details of server is as below. [sun1280@ro...

Resolved! Netbackup Issue - status 25 when opening the policy in GUI

Hello Experts, We have been using Netbackup on Windows 2008 machine. Of late we have been experiencing issue while opening policies it gives us 3 errors before opening the policy in GUI. 1:- Unable to fetch data classifications status 25 c...

Resolved! name the netbackup servcies

Hi All,   Could be able to help me in naming the netbackup Services   I know the below are the Netbackup processs       Your help is greatly appreciated     Thanks  

Jim89 by Level 3
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Services in netbackup in Linux

Hi All,   May be this question be silly for you guys, but just want to knwo what are the servives in netbackup   I came to know below are the process   NB Processes ------------ root     14057     1  0 23:07 ?        00:00:00 /usr/openv/netba...

Jim89 by Level 3
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Resolved! VERITAS Netbackup license upgrade to 7.7

From long history, we have all different Netbackup license keys from 6.5 to 7.7. Some of them even discontiued. Is there any way VERITAS/Symantec can help to upgrade all Netbackup to the same version and new names? thank you !  

FlyMountain by Moderator
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Images not expire in media server

I have the same problem, images will not expire. I've tried everything, bpimage -cleanup -allclients, nbdelete -allvolumes -force, services NetBackup admin logon, but I still can expire. I can duplicate manually, but not expire. fragment log BPDM 5...

Resolved! mysql restore show no backup dates

NBU master server, client the client is a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, freshly installed but using the name hostname as the failed server. SQL Server 2008 R2 was also freshly installed. i configured the NBU SQL Client correctly as ...

manatee by Level 6
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