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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! List Disk details with datastore name before Restore

Hi Team, We are working on restoring VM using command line. For this we are quering whether backup for the source client is available and then restore those backed up disks into new VM. Everything we are trying to do in command line. We end up in a...

Resolved! List Images On DiskPool Before Phase I Import

Is there a way to query a diskpool to get a list of images on it before I initiate a Phase I import?  I am hesitant to run the Phase I import until I have time to finish the Phase II import as I have been burned in the past where NBU will expire the...

Resolved! Upgrade to

I had a question in regards to this upgrade. I am currently running in two different environments. One of them being DR so I replicated via AIR from one to the other. My question is can I upgrade one without upgrading the other or do they bot...

Resolved! 118 VxSS authorization failed

Hello everybody, I have configured last two years a DataDomain storage with OST integrated with Netbackup.  At this moment when I try to deleted expired backups "nbdelete -allvolumes" --> Image cleaning job i got the error (118) VxSS authorization f...

blanco_adalbert by Level 5
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Resolved! netbackup causing high cpu during sql backup

We have several 2003 and 2008 servers running netbackup and when netbackup tries to backup SQL dbs it causes extreme CPU spikes. We had this same issue with but were able to get an EBB (3342502) patch that fixed it in that version but...

Resolved! Backup failure with error 2074/2106

Hello All, Have anyone faced backup failure with code (2106) Disk storage server is down ) /1: (2074) Disk volume is down where Destination target DataDomain Our DD model is : DD670 DD Os is  - NBU version is : / Solaris 10 ...

rVikas by Level 5
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A workaround AIR imported images with wrong mediaid

We have had an issue with some images imported with the wrong mediaid, actually a 14 write error from db_end() They couldn't be imported through the GUI as the mediaid was wrong, attempt gave 2067 EMM Status: Disk volume not found The images in que...

Resolved! Oracle redirected restore failure

Hello Team , I'm trying to restore Tru64 database restore to another server  While i'm trying the restore its falling with below error   channel ORA_SBT_TAPE_1: reading from backup piece TED_885919731_1_145680 ORA-19870: error reading backup pie...

Resolved! SLP report

Hi All,  We do some important backup using disk (Data Domain) then using the SLP this backup will be replicate over to anoghter disk (also Data Domain) to the other site. The auditor ask how we make sure that the replication is running fine? Did we ...

Resolved! Requirements Backup Host Windows 2012

Hi, We will install a new Backup and Recovery Host on windows virtual machine and my questions are the next: Requirements for the Backup Host on a Windows 2012 server are the same that Windows 2008 server?It's Compatible Netbackup on window...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Resolved! Windows OMBS backups fails due to port 1556 being unusable

Windows backup fails even though the backup vlan is pingable from ombs to the client and vice versa. On further investigation it was found the port 1556 had two sessions in CLOSE_WAIT and no more new ESTABLISHED connections was possible. Please see ...

Resolved! Netbackup replication Director for Vmware NFS support with

Hi Team,   I need help for below statement which is mentioned in release, Actually we have requirement to configure Replicaiton Director backup for Vmware NFS datastores. We have our master and media with and upgrade is not possible...

Priyeranjan by Level 4
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Resolved! Encryption on UNIX machine

Hi, We have veritas server 6.5.6 on windows server 2k8 enterprise.We take backups of both UNIX and windows boxes. Backup is working fine.We have enabled encyption and set passphase for windows boxes. The windows boxes backups are working fine with...

Resolved! Install agent linux netbackup 7.6.1 on ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Hello All, I need to install agent linux on Ubuntu OS 12.04 LTS, but i don't find a correct file for agent linux Ubuntu on for download, I have find just this files : thank's a lot for your help :) BR,

Mavericks_SYS by Level 3
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Resolved! where is the ip address stored for tape library

NBU, master and media on same server where can one find the ip address of the SL500 tape library that the NBU is using to communicate with the robot? the SL500 and NBU was installed by vendor and the ip address details wasn't documented. unf...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Do-able? Automate : Client->MSDP->Remote MSDP->TAPE

Currently got a small remote site which backed up to a MSDP media server and that data gets replicated back to HQ (via the WAN) to another MSDP for DR.  That all working nicely.  Now the requirement is to archive data to tape.    The tape archiving c...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! ddboost plugin no longer working

We have netbackup media server (Windows Server 2003 SP2, Netbackup Client 6.5) which is backing up to a DataDomain 640 appliance (DD OS version 5.1.1). Our Netbackup environment is running on version 6.5. The backups were working before but it failed...

mike231 by Level 3
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