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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL script restore error

SQL version: 2008 R2 NBU version: I am task to restore sql db to an alternate location. I have created the script using usual MS SQL client gui & move template. ( I have done this countless time to restore alternate client request without i...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.7 Hyper-V snapshot certain Drive on VM

I was wondering if it's possible to only snapshot one drive on the Hyper-V Vm when performing a backup through snapshot.  I have a partition on the VM that stores realtime data which doesn't need to be backed up.  Is there a work around to performing...

Resolved! MS SQL Restore Error

Hi All,    I have NetBackup Master in Symnatec Appliance 5230. I could run FUll Backup , Differential and Transcation log Backup successfully. When we are testing the restore, i could able to restore the Full Backup successfully. But when i...

Anushi by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.7 SLP and Vault

I'm starting a small Netbackup environment and have a requirement to store data offsite for 90 days.  I'm having a hard time understanding the Vault process to move tapes offsite.  I have configured an SLP to do a full backup once a week with a 3 mon...

Resolved! script to get Netbackup exclude list for OS Linux & windows

Can you plese help me to give a good script for netbackup which can get the exclude list details of all client configured in the Master. I have two platforms  1. Linux 2. Win 2012 3. Win 2008 R2 Netbackup versions are , ,

Resolved! Migrate data from existing pure disk

    Hi everybody,     I need help.Running netbackup version 7.7.I had some failure of server and im stuck with strange situation which i cannot solve.I have storage that is atached to server and i see that storage as D disk on my server.Initiall...

Resolved! NDMP

Hi Experts, I have been reading about NDMP as its going to be introduced in our Environment soon. I have few Queries. I had gone through to the admin guide but did not understand much. We have 2 Netapp box, 1 Master server 7.6 on windows and 1 med...

belse by Level 5
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Resolved! restoring sybase database with different database name

Hi All, We are using NBU 7.7 to backup Sybase databases.  Now we are doing restore tests of Sybase databases. We can restore database with same database name with the following LOAD command. load database mydb from "sybackup::SYBASE.mydb.D.0.14693...

evo by Level 4
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Exchange 2013 GRT Calendar Item Restore issue

We've noticed that it is impossible to restore a Calendar Item which was in Inbox during backup. Following error is generated in restore log: 11:45:27 (823236.001) MNR - error writing file: %1 11:45:46 (823236.001) INF - GRE EXITING WITH STATUS = 0...

Resolved! Netbackup Troubleshooting steps

Dear Seniors   I am not very well troubleshooter. So, I found this plateform helpful,  So Therefore, I just wanted to know that what steps should I follow for effective troubleshooting to diagnose the issues correctly in netbackup and Backup exec....

missmatch on filter between flat and hierarchical view

As we recognized through the update to NetBackup 7.7.1 so we have to use the Java version of the Administratrion Console now, there is a discrepancy between the filter settings of the flat and the hierarchical view. When you set a filter an switch t...

m_rieder by Level 3
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Resolved! I have exported bpimage data

I have exported bpimage data to a text file and then imported into an excel sheet but when trying to sort the backup or expiry date in ascending or descending excel sees a large number approx 60% of the data as text rather than date. I have tried all...

App_cluster(media) does not follow active cluster node

Dear All       I need your help. Master Server Netbackup version: Media Server Netbackup version: Master Server and Media Server OS type: SunOS 5.10 when I fail over from node2 to node1 but nbu still connect to node2. 1. What i...

munday by Level 3
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Rman Backup failing with EC 13 and EC 23

Hi All backup going through hsprod51 media server Few streams are failing with EC 13 and EC 23 after writing some data, Found that their was some connectivity issue with media server to client. Got the below output from hsprod51 media server. $ ...

Anil_B by Level 4
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snapshot compatibility list : Local vs. Shared Disk

Hello,   in the Snapshot Compatibility List ( ), there is a section "Disk". I see that it reports supported snapshot combinations which are independent on array vendor. But can somebody explain difference betw...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! client side dedup issue

Hi there, First of all let me explain you our Backup infraestructure. We've got a Netbackup 5230 appliance ( with 25TB cabine in the main site. Copies in the same site are working with no issues. Now, we've got a remote site with a VMWARE E...

Restores fail when restoring to different location

Hello everyone, I've noticed that every time i try to restore a folder or file to a different location i get the messages below. 10/1/2015 4:27:13 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=4880) connect failed STATUS (18) CONNECT_FAILED         10/1/2015 4:27:13 PM - I...

Resolved! Setup SAN CLIENT

Hi Folks I'm trying to instal SAN Client and some issues appears. 1.-  Is posible to install SAN CLIENT with emulex card lpe12002e? into HP 380 GL, linux redhat  2.6.504 as the master server. 2.-  It is posible to setup FT SAN MEDIA server on the...

Wolaf25 by Level 4
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