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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Need End of Support life for Netbackup

Could anyone please let me know the end of support life for Netbackup have found the below link. But I guess this is not giving me exact information   Regards Sowjanya

Resolved! Duplicate fragments in parallel

Hello   I have got some very large backups which result in a number of fragments. I have plenty of bandwidth available and I would like the SLP to Duplicate the fragments in parallel. For the time being it looks like is doing them sequentially. I...

rento by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup enhancements in Windows 2008

Hi, i would like to know NetBackup enhancements in Windows 2008 and it will be very useful if i get a response. Kindly let me know what are all the NetBackup enhancements implemented in Windows 2008 for the version above 7.1 also.  

Resolved! single netbackup sql policy backing up multiple clients

hi is it possible for netbackup 7.6 to backup multiple sql servers with one sql polcy? will that work? or do i have to resort using one policy one server. If I have more than 10 sql servers (dev/test/prod), then we are looking at least 10 backup pol...

Resolved! How to use a script to update the client configuration?

In our environment,there is no dns server,so wo used the /etc/hosts to resovle server and client,now We have added four servers,We need to add the resolve to all of the 300 clients,who can provide me the script?thank you  ! the script must effect: ...

Error status 23 - VixDiskLib_Open() error: 13

Hello,   Master and Media server with Netbackup version: installed. My VM have 5 datastore, I don't know why It is only one datastore [MB1-ARCHIVE]  --> vdOpen() succeess, [MB1-DB01] --> VixDiskLib_Open() error: 13. And then Calling closeL...

ndt by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup LAN free backup

Dear All My customer's backup system as follows 1) Win2012 (master, media in a single physical server) 2) Netbackup 7.7 3) Solaris 10,Solaris 11 clients and VMware setup 4) FT Tape libaray directly connected to Master, Media server 5) MSDP pool...

manjula by Level 3
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cannot create disk MSDP for NetBackup 7.7

Hi All, I want to create disk MSDP from NetBackup 7.7 but error "netbackup login credentials verification failed for server" and I try to deleted configure > run script "PDDE_deleteConfig.bat" but have error "the system was unable to find the speci...

Resolved! Backup to HyperV

Hello, NetBackup Standart OS Windows 2008 64 Bit Windows Server 2012 R2 HyperV When sauvragarde of HyperV machine cold, it ends successfully, but when I run the VM sauvrgarde hot error message "Incorrect configuration snapshot method or s...

fouzia by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle backup is failing with 6 error code,

Oracle backup is failing with 6 error code, In the detailed status I can see this error: Error bpbrm (pid=2845) from client xxxxxxxxxx-be: ERR - Script exited with status = 126 <NB database backup header is too large, too many paths specif...

Resolved! Restoring Mail Box

Hello, I am trying to restore mail box one of my user from Netbackup from date 1/1/2015 to till date, but it's showing a blank data on a perticular mail on a restore menu box. i got the image on tape which import and duplicate to pure disk ...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! Is possible to do a track log backup ?

I have a policy with accelerator on, but I'm doing backup the only one folder in this server. Have any solucion do not do the backup full again if I need to recreate de server. Is possible to do a track log backup ?

rfmonteiro by Level 3
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Turn off attempting to de-dupe on a per backup job basis?

If I have a backup job, which I also want to replicate using AIR between NetBackup domains, but I already know in advance that it will never de-duplicate... then is there a bakup policy selection directive which can be used to instruct MSDP to not at...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! VSS question

Hi, We get intermittent 156 errors on windows backups relating to open files and the Volume Shadow Copy service. I've read this doc about it - - but have a few questions.  I understand that ...