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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup SAP online Backup issue

I have problem to take SAP online backup thr error 130 8/26/2015 3:13:51 PM - Error bprd(pid=6704) Unable to write progress log </usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/dbext/logs/vxbsa.1440583811.5872.prog.pcb_std> on client ecdci001. Policy=ECD_Online_...

backup completed with status 1

Hi All; I am seeing the errors during backup on windows 2012 client. 08/25/2015 22:04:26 - Error bpbrm (pid=3283) from client shdadc01wps: ERR - Error encountered while attempting to get additional files for System State:\ 08/25/2015 22:04:26 - War...

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! Behavior of failed duplication job

Hi, NetBackup 7.5 on Solaris. We back up from data source to VTL and then it gets duplicated to tapes using SLP. Scenario: Prior to a duplication job starting, current tape status are: Tape 1: has images from the previously successful duplicatio...

NB-OPS by Level 4
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Netbackup 7.7, AIR, and Cloud Storage

In the press release it mentions that the AIR feature is now supported for cloud storage with Netbackup 7.7. I'm curious if anyone who has upgraded has tested this and been sucessful. Also, is the data being sent to the cloud fairly close in size to ...

Resolved! move unexpired tape to different pool for restores

Can anyone suggest a solution for this issue please: We have an unmanned site where Iron Mountain do our daily Vault changes. We write our duplication jobs to a Pool called OFFSITE and the daily Vault_Eject job then ejects tapes from this Pool. In ...

Media server losing connection randomly

Hello, We are using Netbackup with 2 media servers, all of them are on a windows 2008 R2 server. Randomly, one of the media server lose his connection (always the same), and all the backups fails with error "disk media server is not active"...

panthony by Level 4
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Resolved! Changing Storage Unit within an NBU Accelerated Policy

Hi, We have several Netbackup Accelerated Policies that backup to a Netbackup 5230 MSDP pool Unfortunately, the backup unit on the NBU appliance is too full, so we have to change the policy to use another Storage unit (HP StoreOnce Catalyst) capabl...

NBU, OST, HP StoreOnce: Accelerator not working

Hello,   I have an issue in that I can;t get Accelerator to work when I tick it in my Policy; here is my setup. NBU 1 x Master Server -  Windows 2008 R2  (Virtual Machine on Vmware) 2 x Physical Media Servers - Windows 2008 R2 1 x HP 62...

Resolved! Backup job failed with status 96

Master/media server and client is one machine: W2K8 R2, NetBackup ver. Tape lib: Scalar i500 Multiplexing enabled. Hi All, Each weekend I perform weekly full backup on five LTO5 tapes and have dedicated volume pool for this.  Number of w...

bashek by Level 2
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Resolved! Add tapes with old Labels

I have Symantec NBU  Windows 2003,  pool in standalone tape drive  with the currents  labels:  A00000 - A00028. Tape drive is not tape library. I was given from other organization six  tapes with  labels:  S0000 - S00005. Information from th...

Resolved! Netbackup Agent 6.5 base version

Dear all,   we are running linux 32bit redhat 2.6 it requires the old verison of netbackup agent 6.5 to take rman backup   please to share the 6.5 netbackup binaries link   thank you 

syedzeeshan by Level 5
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Resolved! Test restore rman backup

Dear guru, 1. Masterserver (Linux) - NBU 7.6 2. Mediaserver (Linux) - NBU 7.6 3. Client (Solaris) - NBU 6.5 Scenario: 1. test OS backup - OK. Backup and restore verified working 2. test RMAN backup - OK. Backup working, My question is how can ...

kkhoo by Level 5
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Resolved! Backup SQL with AlwaysOnGroup Setup

  Hi,   We're backing up SQL 2012 transaction log. From the activity monitor, i can see that the backup completed successfully.   but the SQL admin said that the disk keep getting full due to the transaction log not being truncated after the ba...

Aris56 by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU ports discussion

Hi, Here i am coming with some sort of confusion in NBU ports betwen backup server and client. it would be great thankful if i get answer for the following questions.   1. Whats are the ports required to be enabled between media server and client?...

Resolved! Where can download Netbackup Client 7.0 for SUSE linux 11

I have bought the Netbackup client 7.6 licence recently but currently my NBU master server is 6.5 which is not compatible to this version. So in order to install a client version that compatible with the master server, i will need to use Netbackup cl...

yew_hwa by Level 3
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Resolved! Exclude file from being backup Via HyperV

  Hi,   I've 2 server which being backup via hyper V. i wish to exclude some files from being backup. since it was hyperV backup so the client werent listted on the client host properties.   Is there a way to exclude files for server that are ...

Aris56 by Level 4
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