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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! VMware Permissions

So I have found this link and used it to setup the initial configuration... My question is whether or not this is the latest and greatest? Are there other permissions that have been proven ...

Resolved! Upgrading Solaris clients

Hi All, I am upgrading Netbackup Solaris clients, as i have only 512 Mb space in most of the servers, which cannot be expanded further. So i downloaded software in client and chnage below parameter in ./install script TMPDIR=${TMPDIR:=/tmp} to TMP...

rVikas by Level 5
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Resolved! Best way to view backups of a client

Guys, is there any way in the console to view all backups from all policies that have been assigned to a given client? I know I can use the 'Back,Archive and Restore' button but then I have to select the client, select the policy etc. is there a way ...

shocko by Level 4
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Resolved! Where can I download NB_7.1.0.4.winnt.x64.exe ?

Hello,   I am currently running Where can I download NB_7.1.0.3, was thinking to upgrade to NB_7.1.0.4, but could not find the download link for this patch? Do you know where can I download it?   Thanks, Ed

Resolved! Netbackup client 7.6 on windows server 2012 R2

Hi, I have an environment of 25 server, where netbackup 7.6 is used to take backup of the servers. I wanted to know if there is any possibility to initialize the backup from client server(data resides on that server itself) and restore from client s...

bava by Level 2
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Resolved! OST troubleshooting

i have some doubts regarding OST. 1..we install OST plug in on media servers/master servers. we need to install OST plug in on DD server also? 2.DD boost plug in and OST plug in is same? where we install DD boost plug in? 3. we have installed OST ...

Resolved! Backup selection in Windows client

Hi   I will be taking backup a windows client with below  backup selection while keeping “maximum datastreams to 1” for that client. Will it ensures that the backup is being done in the order? Is there any possibility that order jumps incase of any...

Resolved! Client side de-dup issue

I backup many clients all have a similar config. They use Client side de dup and backup up to a centralised puredisk pool. Two clients are giving me the same error and I am having a lot of trouble backing them up. They are windows 2008 clients. Th...

gustav by Level 5
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drop in restore of netbackup 7.7

Hello all,   I want  solution for  restore  taking time  from seconadry storage  to solaris machine (on solaris machine, we  installed the  latest netbackup 7.7). we tried some  option  such as  reduced fragments size; setting on solaris  machine ...

Resolved! is Advance disk supports on netbackup 7.7 ?

Hello all,   I am trying to run backup using advanced disk but it command stcuk inbetween.command is mention below:   root@cxt03:~# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdevconfig -previewdv -storage_servers cxt03 -stype AdvancedDisk |grep "/mnt/te...

Netbackup Restores (VM, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange)

Hi All,   Does a vm has to be shutdown for a full vm restore?   Are there any good  pictorial/screen shot instructions/blogs  for VM restores (full/incremental), Hyper-v Restores (full/incremental) Exchange DB restores (full/incremental) and (SQL...

Resolved! bpclntcmd -pn is failing

bpclntcmd -pn is hunging Our Master has 2 ips, I want the client to communicate with master with one only one IP from where client can communicate but the problem is cleint is pointing to the second ip of master server. GOOD IP : ( I hav...

Resolved! Netbackup Client installation Error

hello, i'm trying to install Netbackup Client 7.5 on a Windows 2003 -CITRIX- server, but i get error  :     Netbackup client 6.5.5 was installed  already so i remove it and then re-try to install 7.5 but i get the same error  in the applicatin...

Resolved! Backup failed with EC 58

Hello All, Kindly help me to deal with the client netbackup installation issue, I have installed netbackup on windows 2008 R2 *64 bit  client, previously the backup was running successfully, Just yesterday onwards backup failed with EC 58, Also i ca...

shreek by Level 2
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Resolved! What about an ISO for 7.6 client install on RedHat 64bit

(not a linux guy) Our organizations Linux/Unix administrator was attempting to install NBU Client on a RedHat 64bit server. He mentioned something about a size issue of the install and asked me if there was an ISO available for installing. ...

pmc214 by Level 5
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Resolved! Accelerator for VMware with HP StoreOnce

NetBackup VMware vSphere 5.5 StoreOnce 4500 with OST PlugIn 3.1 Since it was announced in this article, we are waiting that the HP StoreOnce supports the Accelerator option with VMware. Iinitially the VMware Accelerator support was listed ...

m_rieder by Level 3
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