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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Authentication failed

Professionals, a newly installed NBU 7.6.1 Java GUI uses the wrong certificate to authenticate to the Master Server. In the log I can see: not_ok 15:19:10.863 [66715856] <16> session_dispatch: Request count = 0 tag = 510 15:19:10.864 [66715856] <...

mchrist by Level 3
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Resolved! Migration from old DD to new DD which is integrated with NBU

Hello guys, there is one old setup DD890 integrated with NBU7.5, DD890 has almost reached max capacity and no more expansions can be added, So customer baught new DD7200 with double the previous capacity. DD was configured as VTL and integrated wit...

Resolved! Using DD as VTL related query

Hi all, I have one question.... In which scenarios we can use DD as VTL. means what is the significance of doing this. I have one scenario like: if in ur env. BW is less like you have link of only 1Gig in that case u can use DD as VTL. can someon...

lovy by Level 4
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Resolved! change storage unit to replication source

Hi All,  we have 2 netbackup domains (N4, N8) with 1-1 DataDomain attached to it.  I'd like to setup Netbackup AIR between these two domains. is it possible to change the currently used storage units mode to replication source? or do i have to crea...

Resolved! Multiple Schedules in SQL backup policies

Hi, We're using NB7.5 writing to Data Domain disk storage and to tape. We run daily, weekly and monthly backups on live SQL databases. We have a policy for a specific backups, and following the support doc here -

Resolved! Debian compatibility 8 Netbackup

Good day, Netbackup is compatible with Debian 8???? for VM backup. I did a test, the backup processed normally, the normal restore backup ok. The virtual machine restore submitted error (2820).

Resolved! Scratch pool in NetBackup Administration 7.5

Hello, I'm new to the NetBackup, need to clarify how the NetBackup working with DataDomain. The DataStore pools have 1140 virtual virtual tapestapes, Scratch pool have 487 virtual tapes, ToRemove pool have 207 virtual tapes. But DataDomain is strugg...

Thirun by Level 2
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Resolved! LotusNotes Trans/staged backups.

We have a company here helping or Lotus notes admin build a new Lotus notes farm including the domino server, Archiving server etc.   There are all VM servers running server 2012 R2There are 6 drives on this server   I can handle most of this but...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.0 supports AIX 7.1 on IBM Power System S814

Hi, We have the following:- 1. Symantec Netbackup 7.0 running on Windows 2008 R2. 2. AIX 7.1 running on IBM power System S814 Now, as I have check the compibilities where it says that NBU 7.0 do support AIX 7.1 but with the below notes. ********...

Resolved! License Information for NetBackups

Hi, My company wants to procure NetBackup 7.6 with capacity license of 5TB. Can someone please share the SKU (Product ID) for Symantec NetBackup Platform Base - Complete Edition (v7.6) - 5 TB capacity license. Thank you.  

Ali_Tariq by Not applicable
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Resolved! SQL 62 Timer expired

Hi,   So we got this sql 2012 srv on win7 64bit with sysadmin+dbcreator+serveradmin roles. Netbackup client services running with the same user as sql. Netbackup SQL Agent is connected with SQL Server DBS. The NB Env. master server it`s ...

Resolved! Upgrade: NBU appliance 5220 from to

Hi we are planning to upgrade our NBU appliance 5220 to version from It is being used as media server and some tape drives are also attached to it. I have download the patch of on my applaince. It total capacity is 40 TB a...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU Cloud

Hi, Customer can't access Admin Console.

nbuengr by Level 5
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Resolved! NetBackup Duplication Status 150 and 191

Dear all, Duplication Status 150 and 191 (Could not get raw segment -  no such object. Refer to the replication logs on the source storage server for more information. V-454-105) We are experiencing duplication status 150  for duplications to from ...

m_karampasis by Level 4
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Resolved! BMR full backup partially successful.

Hi, NetBackup master/media/BMR master/boot server  OS:redhatlinux65  ( one physical machine ) SRT redhatlinux65  six NetBackup clients  redhatlinux6.6 KVM on top of redhatlinux6.5; NetBackup client software was installed on each V...

Resolved! netbackup lto5 tape stored data capacity

Dear Forum, I check how much data can be held on a single lto5 tape with netbackup. I made some backup and now the bpmedialist says that I have backup data on one tape 2323751Megabytes. This is more than the tape 1,5Terra uncompressed data capacity...

kabacsk by Level 3
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Resolved! NB Client Installation is failing.

Client Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit.   Here is the installation log. ( *** Moved to attachment *** ) Error in log: 05-19-2015,13:16:36 :  DEBUG: Error 2738:  Could not access VBScript runtime for custom action  05-19-2015,13:16:36 :  ERROR: I...

Resolved! Error after upgrade to netbackup 7.5

We instaled Netbackup 7.5 on a Windows 2008 server.   We got the message " Installation Complete "   Whe the box came up to add additional License Keys, we hit Finish, and then got the following msg The NetBackup Access Controll upgrade failed and m...

mudabo by Level 4
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